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Meanwhile, Lion-O and Snarf are following the slashed-tree trail that Cheetara left. Cheetara bursts out of the net that has been holding her, but before she can jump Slyth, the jellyfish grabs him in its other tentacle and pulls him out of reach. Edit Storyline Mumm-Ra plots to open a time warp prison and release the evil princess Ta-She, who has the deadly power to control all men with her gaze. The Doomgaze, however, has one crucial if inexplicable flaw: From all of the strange events, Lion-O deduces that only Mumm-Ra can be behind it all. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Audible Download Audio Books. Start your free trial.

Notify me of new comments via email. He sees a big skull-shaped cliff, with a stonehenge-like circle on top of that. This site uses cookies. November 17, at 2: She ties up Slythe and chases off Jackalman. The Doomgaze 24 Sep 8. Seriously, Toshi, what is your deal here? Steve Perry as Stephen Perry.

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I fit that rare Venn diagram of people who are insane enough to write weekly blogs reviewing episodes of He-Man and Thundercats, but are not quite institutionalised yet and are thus free to roam the world and write another blog about travelling. In short, the episode is okay, but no one will ever recommend it. Anyway, Cheetara successfully resists the Doomgaze and sends Tarshi floating miserably back to her stupid time warp prison, while Mumm-Ra senses which way the wind is blowing and does a judicious runner.


There is evidently no room in the Thundercats universe for anything other than a heterosexual relationship. Caught in the power of the doomgaze, Lion-O stops fighting, and the Sword of Omens returns to its normal short size. Mumm-Ra zaps Roberbelle with some more magic, and he gets her tear. The Doomgaze 24 Sep 8. Snarf tries to stop him, but Toshi gets Snarf in the doomgaze, too. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Episode – The Doomgaze – Thundercats Reviewed

The other Thundercats head off in the Thundertank. Season 1 Episode Lion-O shoots a line from the knuckle of the Claw Shield and swings down to save Snarf and get them both across.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Meanwhile, Lion-O and Snarf are following the slashed-tree trail that Cheetara left. Toshi uses her doomgaze on Cheetara, too.

The Doomgaze

Cheetara gets tired of waiting for Lion-O to make a move, and decides to act on her own. Mumm-Ra, as one might expect, wants he to share the secret of the doomgaze.

Search for ” The Doomgaze ” on Amazon. Edit Details Release Date: He again calls upon the awesome power of sight-beyond-sight. View all posts by owenmorton. Coomgaze stung by my harsh criticism, Mumm-Ra leaps into action and gets in touch with Princess Tarshi, an evildoer who controls the power of something called the Doomgaze, but cannot use it because she is trapped in a time warp prison.


Email required Address never made public. We cut to Jackalman, a bit further ahead on the path, and he takes a unicorn down with a bolo. In which there are definitely no gay people on Third Earth. Lion-O is distracted by a big black cloud, moving in the opposite direction from the rest of the clouds in the sky. Now it seems he just wants to beat thundercast Thundercats.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She runs along, leaving scratch-marks on trees, chasing the flying jellyfish.

Fill in episoce details below or click an icon to log in: When it comes to time to stop Mumm-Ra from releasing Tarshi, Liono simply stands there gaping stupidly and not doing anything, despite prompts from Snarf.