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Wingmen When word arrives that his old friend Mo Jackson has died, Granddad and the boys embark on a trip back home to Chicago for the funeral. As the mourners argue over the late man’s legacy, Granddad uses the occasion to tell Aunt Cookie how he never forgave Mo for having stolen away a girl that he thought he might have married someday. Use the HTML below. The Boondocks season three. Jimmy Rebel is a parody of real racist Cajun singer Johnny Rebel. The Hateocracy Colonel H. Rationing what little food they have left, Huey grounds his younger brother, but has to go to great lengths to keep him from sneaking off.

Share this Rating Title: One-Punch Man, Season 1. At the hospital, Gangstalicious tells Riley that, rather than the work of Eat Dirt’s crew, the latest shooting was carried out by some gang members he owed money to from his days as a drug dealer. After learning that he has a cancerous tumor and only six months to live, Uncle Ruckus has a vision of a heaven where the white man is king. And even though Huey embarks on a campaign to convince the staff and diners that it’s a health hazard, the food’s addictive qualities make the Itis a big hit. Finally, after the crowd and the police turn ugly and burn the stand the ground, a cold snap puts the ever-optimistic Jazmine right back into business selling hot chocolate. As the mourners argue over the late man’s legacy, Granddad uses the occasion to tell Aunt Cookie how he never forgave Mo for having stolen away a girl that he thought he might have married someday. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Boondocks, Banned and Almost Banned. And as Riley delightedly joins the guest of honor to check out his weapons collection, Granddad joins Wuncler for a drink, leaving a stunned Huey in the hands of a local thugnificetn.

Not without a talk show paternity test A German documentary filmmaker follows the Freeman family and other Woodcrest residents from the election to the inauguration of America’s first black presidentas flashbacks resembles the coverage of the documentary, including their expressions and personal reactions: Granddad Dates a Kardashian Granddad co-stars on a reality show when he begins dating Kardashia, a long lost Kardashian sister.

Thugnifjcent The Freemans find that Eddie Wuncler’s new slavery theme park “Freedomland” may be a bit too authentic, when they are trapped there and forced to be slaves. Though Huey and Tom try talking him out of it, Granddad goes ahead with the fight and not only wins, but kills his blind and elderly opponent.


So, after accidentally killing the dove that was released with the late boonfocks ashes, Granddad cannot hold his tongue boondoocks longer and proceeds to tell everyone how petty, immature and selfish Mo really was. In Huey’s dream, instead of being killed by a gunshot incivil rights leader Dr. Meanwhile, in order to make sure Tom doesn’t join him, Granddad orders the boys boondokcs tell him that he’s out on an errand.

As the danger of the situation becomes apparent, Riley discovers that, contrary to his tough public image, Gangstalicious is a coward. Granddad meets a young black woman named Ebony who meets all of his high standards and they have a date.

Charlie MurphySamuel L. Huey and Riley’s constant fighting has Granddad thinking about taking a vacation to get away from it all. The season three episodes “The Story of Jimmy Rebel” and ” Pause ” were pulled from general rotation and no longer air in reruns. This was the final thuugnificent that was written by Aaron McGruder. The Boondocks season 1. tyugnificent

Ignoring Huey’s warnings, Granddad hopes to make the school board pay dearly with a discrimination lawsuit. But following a visit from the ex-funk music star-turned-publicity-hogging talk radio host, Reverend Rollo Goodlove, Huey finds he has an ally in his fight.

It may not be meth, but the explosive hair product the Freemans are selling is just as dangerous. The series also airs in syndication outside the United States and has been released on various DVD sets and other forms of home media.

The Story of Thugnificent

After a fight with Granddad goes viral, Stinkmeaner turns unto an instant celebrity. Ooberwitz, Huey agrees to direct his school’s annual Christmas play.

Because of their addiction to the food, the diners lose interest in everything except getting their next meal, turning what was once a prosperous upper class neighborhood into a crime-infested slum. As the news plunges him into deep despair, Ruckus finds it impossible to get out of bed, creating huge problems for his new TV show.

The Boondocks season 4. Yet, following the debut of his new music video, “Homies Over Hoes,” the rapper suddenly starts sending Riley free samples from his new fashion line that look suspiciously like women’s clothes.

Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Jazmine Dubois voice credit only Snoop Dogg By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and are agreeing to our terms of use regarding the storage of the data submitted through this form. Netflix in America doesn’t air either episode nor has the episode appeared in reruns, but the complete DVD set of The Boondocks and the Canadian feed of Netflix have the missing episodes.


Kelly and his ilk. Not if he can help it. However, after he is bested by Stinkmeaner, Granddad faces some harsh thugnnificent from the boys when they point out that the old man is blind. King is greeted as a hero and offered lucrative book and movie deals to chronicle his life. The Boondocks, Season 4. Granddad finds a Black woman so beautiful and charming not even Ruckus can hate her.

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After he’s offered complete artistic control over the project by his teacher, Mr. At Tom’s suggestion, he considers Costa Rica where, in his fantasies, he’s being fawned over by a bevy of exotic women.

When Huey points out that he doesn’t seem to be very sad over his old friend’s passing, Granddad notes that Mo was disloyal and did something that could never be forgiven. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind. An unseasonable February heat wave that’s settled over Woodcrest has tempers flaring on Timid Deer Lane.

After a health scare, Granddad discovers the amazing life benefits of medical marijuana. The head honcho of NUBI, his specialisms include visual aestheticism and long-term hat wearing. Return of the King In Huey’s dream, instead of being killed by a gunshot incivil rights leader Dr.

The Boondocks season 4 – What the hell happened?

But once they arrive back in their old neighborhood, Granddad is stunned to discover that, along with what he’s being given in the will; Mo has left specific instructions for him to deliver the eulogy as his ashes are placed into Lake Michigan.

Full Cast and Crew. The Boondocks season 3. Yet, as Riley suggests that he consider adopting a more streetwise name, Granddad discovers that what started out as a little white lie has spun out of control when a crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition arrives to build a new wing onto the “blind man’s” house, one that Riley has claimed is also a homeless shelter.

In addition all episodes from season three are available on iTunes.