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She knew she had this illness all along but did not want him to worry. Three Little Wishes Fire Up. Younger version played by Ivan Lo. Yaozong was afraid of inviting trouble and slogged his guts out but still didn’t meet the expectations of his boss. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Anna encourages him to keep selling the product and even if police ask , Youting is responsible for this thing. She cries in the arms of Huijing Darren Lim who tries to comfort her, but is seen be Yaozong.

He finally finds it, leaves some things for Shanmei, and takes a look at his family before leaving the house. Nevertheless, she leaves him with 3 coins for his wishes. Archived from the original on He rushes home to celebrate her birthday but Shanmei collapses and is sent to the hospital. As things do not go well at work, his wife, Shan Mei Huang Biren and three children are always worried about him. Zhao Xiaomin lost her two legs in return for his wish. He would die if it was used. Yaozu stop selling health product as it is harmful.

The duo starts to suspect whether the wishing coin is fake! The drama revolve around rice and make up of a casy story in every episode When Xiaomin awakes, she blames herself for causing trouble for her family. Yaozong is afraid the wishes might harm the other family members and refuses Xiaomin.


Did not use the last coin. The mediacodp began production in June and made its debut on 27 October Anna encourages him to keep selling the product and even if police askYouting is responsible for this thing. Yaozu decide to stop selling the product as it has been block by the custom.

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Views Read Edit View history. Mandarinwith English subtitles. Yaozong and Youting beats Junhao in anger, Xiaomin is so sad that she faints. Yaozong hides from his family that he secretly used the wishing coin to save Ah Gong.

She bribed the old woman to lie to Yaozong. What will mediacor; predicament be?

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The greater his wish, the greater the price he will have to pay. Yaozong is elated but Shanmei feels uneasy about this incident. Anna kidnaps Chenglong and Yaozong asks Shanmei to use the coin to save him.

Yaozu stop selling health product as it is harmful. He tthree with her and invites her to the house to be a maid.

Yaozong misunderstands and confronts Huijing. However, if he were to ask for more wishes, the next 3 wishes will be granted in exchange for something else. Xiaomin steals a wishing coin for Youting, Yaozu rushes over to try to steal the coin from him.


There Goes the Internet! All the other shows can stand one side suck thumb.

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Anna fakes prengnancy and invites Yaozong’s mother to move in with them. Strange images start to flash through Yaozong’s mind and his head starts to hurt badly. Views Read Edit View history. Yaozong has three children.

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Yaozu moves into Yaozong’s house to try to steal the wishing coins but the same coins in Yaozu’s pocket was found out by Yaozong’s mother. His mentor was retiring and he thought that his chance had finally come only to see the place snatched away by a foreign horse trainer, Enlai. After Shanmei recovers, she wants him to believe that the miracles were not caused by pure luck so she arranges for him and the old woman to meet.

When the whole family goes to Kusu Island to make wishes, he meets an elderly woman who sells him tissue packets with wishing coins inside. Although still sceptical, he decided to make a wish.

Before Youting leaves, Xiaomin passes a wishing coin to him.