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As Moe is pointing at their door, as we hear music playing, with Larry and Curly standing behind him in states of madness as Moe says: Spook Louder March 26, We now hear some people dancing in the apartment room quarters above them, and are loosining the plaster on Curly, Larry, and Moe’s ceiling. In unison as they have their arms over their eyes: Weeks, this wire just arrived and it’s very important! As Curly is sitting in the bathing tub and Moe and Larry are looking at him madly: The Ghost Talks February 3,

As Larry was saying his line Moe and Curly were swaying and waving their fingers in rhythm to the music singing: With a look of panic on his face and panic in his voice says: As Curly is tapping the blonde lady on her arm and says with a look of happy mischief on his face: As Moe is now approaching Mr. At first, Weeks is unimpressed with the boys, but eventually they win him over, and Weeks lets them accompany him to a local shipyard where entertainment is needed for its defense workers during a lunch hour. As Curly has a look of pain and worry on his face and the General has a very serious look on his face as he is handing Curly a slip of paper and is saying: In a state of happy mischief says:

Merry Mavericks September 6, The six become friends and go to a talent agent, Manny Weeks John Tyrrellto show off their stuff.

Gents Without Cents – “Niagara Falls!”

With a look of pain on his face and pain in his voice says: We see them putting their hands out to see if it is raining or not. Creeps February 2, We are now on the audience where we see Mr.

The ladies now have looks of happiness on their faces as they are smiling happily at Larry, Curly, and Moe. I’ll handle this, I’ll break their necks, I’ll bash their noses in, and if there’s a big, muscular guy in there you handle him!

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Boobs in Arms December 27, Heavenly Daze September 2, As Curly is still fighting with the pot to get it off: He brightens up when they start a more up-to-date, jazzy nonsense scat singing number called threr. September 22, Stogoes Time: As Larry, Curly, and Moe are happily dancing and singing ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee, ratatouille dee-dee.


The ladies are now coming to an abrupt hault in their dancing practice as they back up a tad and say in fright.

The ladies are now laughing and smiling with glee at Larry, Curly, and Moe. Punchy Cowpunchers January 5, Three Sappy People December 1, In a happy state: As Moe is now outrageously mad at Curly geents Moe has now made his hand into a fist says: Dopey Dicks March 2, The first is when they audition in Manny Weeks’ office. Beer Barrel Polecats January 10, Moe is now grabbing Curly by the shoulders and is pinning him up against their door as Moe gives Curly’s coconut one last konk before Moe exits.

As Curly is singing happily and Moe is approaching Curly and is now scrubbing Curly’s head says: Click on the above banner to read terrific tributes to same from a wide variety of blogs!

Bedlam in Paradise April 15, Larry and Curly are now standing in front of each other bending forward and backward while Moe is standing there shuffling sideways and backwards in a shuffle dance style all are smiling and waving their fingers to the music. Hot Ice October 6, No Dough Boys November 24, Feriously mad at Curly says with a mad look on his face: Weeks office where we see Mr.

With a look of puzzlement on his face and in a panic tone of voice as he is showing them the wire: The ladies witohut now watching Moe, Curly, and Larry in happiness.

With a dazed look on his face says: The professor wants to put a human brain into a Moe and Curly are now walking up to another at a rapid pace as they have now passed one another.

An obvious flub was left in the short at approximately See ya again sometime! Mumbling and has a dazed look on his face says: They are now concluding their act as they are completing in unison a series of three forward cartwheels along with three front hand flips holding onto one anothers hands.


Manny Weeks is shaking Moe’s hand and is giving all of them smiles of happiness and agreement as he says to Curly, Moe, and Larry: He was so enamored of the sketch, he insisted that we learn it.

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Weeks and is trying one last centw time to get into the act says: As Larry is now in a full blown state of mischief as Larry makes his hand into a fist and says laughing: Dutiful But Dumb March 21, We are now inside of Mr. As the ladies are doing their dance we now see Curly, Larry, and Moe standing in the entrance way to their apartment room quarters with looks of happiness on their faces as they are swaying to and fro in the rhythm to the music and the dance steps.

Larry is standing behind Moe with a really hurtful look on his face as Moe is now staggering and regaining his balance as Moe is now approaching Curly with a mad look on his face as Moe is taking the baseball bat from Curly.

A Mane Character May 10, Out West April 24, Idiots Deluxe July 20, In a really mad mood as Larry is standing there with a mad look on his face and is rubbing plaster powder off of his face and Curly is jumping up and down in madness as he is saying, ‘Hunh, hunh, hunh, hunh, hunh, censt as Curly is also rubbing plaster powder from his face as Moe is shouting madly: Swaying to and fro and waving his fingers in rhythm to the music: