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Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Inc. This is most likely due to increased nighttime plant temperature. They have also been shown to improve rose yield and quality. The Alcea rosea annua Spring Celebrities series from American Takii is a multi-use plant that can be grown as a cut flower, used in large containers or planted in the landscape. Alocasia Bambino series The Bambino series of mini Alocasia is bred in the Netherlands, produced from tissue culture and available through ForemostCo Inc. This greenhouse plastic sheeting includes IRAC which incor..

It contains an ultraviolet stabilizer that reduces degradation. The city is also offering financial incentives to property owners and developers to install ecoroofs. White Felt with Adhesive Backing. Reduced nighttime heat loss This additive traps the radiant heat inside the greenhouse from escaping. No more “rain forest” feel all winter long. Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6 mil. If a greenhouse cover has IR additive, the heat will be trapped and will in-turn raise the overall temperature of the greenhouse. Click Here or Call Free Estimates!

Read 73 reviews Write a review. Thermicity is a measure of the 6mol of IR through a film. Plugs should be ready to transplant into finished containers in five weeks. Please phone a Sales Representative at if you have any questions regarding shipment of this product. Water issues were a major focus of the conference, including water quality related to pathogens that reside in water and the impact a water source can have on pH and nutritional management.

Click Here cilm Call Alocasia Bambino series The Bambino series of mini Alocasia is bred in the Netherlands, produced from tissue culture and available through ForemostCo Inc. Light transmission Filk active radiation PAR light transmission varies with the type of film additives.


IRAC Film allows you to keep more.

Custom Cut Sun MasterĀ® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film

Hover to zoom Click to enlarge. It is especially important with tall vegetable crops. Thermal films transmit less IR energy as radiant heat. This increases the amount of diffused light that reaches the plants, reducing scorching and increasing light transmitted to lower leaves.

Agriculture products featuring the new 7 Layer Technology: The lower the thermicity, the lower the transmission of IR and the lower the heat loss. Plants can be produced under high light, but will tolerate the lower light levels found in indoor settings.

Custom Cut Sun MasterĀ® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film – 36’W – Growers Supply

Give your plants and crops the benefit of a long-lasting covering that includes excellent light transmission, UV protection and tensile strength durability. Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.

Special cut lengths are available on many greenhouse film styles so you can order the exact amount you need.

At night, heat is released in the form of long-wavelength infrared radiation IR to the cooler outside air. Greenhuse Clear Greenhouse Film, 6 mil. Expedited order processing is available upon request.

Copolymer poly is a low-cost material that is good for one season. Most polyethylene film is manufactured as a coextrusion of three layers with different polymers and additives.

The city has thedmal these roofs that cover 24 acres. The single and semi-double flowers start blooming in May and continue for three to four weeks. I ordered the greenhouse plastic. I have nothing but good things to say about Greenhouse Megastore.


The changing landscape The issue of water availability is expected to become an even bigger issue as the federal courts put increasing pressure on the federal EPA to begin stricter enforcement of the Clean Water Act. It can also control some fungal diseases.

Choose the right plastic film for your needs

The double layer reduces heat loss at night by about greenhpuse percent. Apply calcium and potassium nitrate at ppm constant feed. Benefits Outstanding thermal properties keep the heat in by reducing radiant heat loss. The modified outer layer of the film safeguards condensation control integrity by providing directionality.

LLK Greenhouse Solutions – Thermal Anti-condensate (IRAC) Greenhouse Film

Plants measure inches tall in the pack and reach 10 inches in the garden. Greenhouse Films Our SunMaster’s Greenhouse films, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film and greenhouse plastic, are ideal for your single and double layer greenhouse applications. If using with pvc, please use our batten tape or white felt in between. Plants should be grown in a well-drained growing medium with a pH of 5.

Anti condensation films help condensate to better flow down the horticultural plastic and it prevents droplets from forming.