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Next, the scene where Janie kills her lover was lost because the camera was not on the scene. Her marriage to the old man comes off as a way to preserve Janie’s morality not stifle her independent way of thinking. Many times during the movie, I felt like I was watching soft porn. The book addresses a caste system that was prominent at the time that Hurston wrote the book. Storm23S 7 March I also think Halle Berry was also a not so perfect choice for this role.

First let me say i am a white male, whether or not race or sex enters into if you like this movie or not i don’t know,from the people who love this movie i wonder if i was watching a different movie altogether I thought it was a terrible movie i have seen comments like love conquers all-yeah right-i did not take this away from the movie it had no point it was like watching queenie, cotton club and 28 days later all wrapped into 1 movie , the lead actress halle b. She was set up with an old man and she left, I would have done the same thing acres of land or not. Hurston provides a complex view of Black life. Harsh, separated by race, and a very southern setting. He’s just here to be the baby oil splashed boy toy showing off his abs, pecs and smiling for the camera. I was so taken by how beautiful it was to see black love on screen. But it did also send out a message that was meaningful as well don’t get me wrong, and that is “The story teaches that material things are all right in their place, but if we exchange them for real living and true love, we lose out.

And I can name plenty. But this time Ithey should make it into a mini series and it should be on HBO!

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I have to agree with the first comment, because this movie was nothing wfre. This was a story unlike any other about black love. There is no one who is good at everything. And to add insult to injury, Suzan Lori Parks neglected to adequately address a number of the important issues raised by Ms. She will never be forgotten.


When he steals Janie’s money to go gambling it’s depicted as noble. That deserved a place in the credits all it’s own.

Zora Neale Hurston’s masterpiece. Props for great cinematography here and there though. So we understand the attraction that Janie would have to Joe Starks, who, still much older than her, represented the whole wide world of possibilities to a young, uneducated Florida woman in the ‘s. Thousand of people have tried and nearly all of them have failed.

It had no soul. If This was to ever go to theater it would have easily shared best picture with Ray and yes, Halle would have shared the Oscar with Jaimie Foxx. Dark or light who cares, I sure did not!!! What was Oprah thinking? When Nanny says, “black women are the mule of the world” the words have no meaning. Before we criticize how bad the film was, think about the timing, and scenes that may have been sacrificed just to get on TV. I don’t recommend it.

Hopefully, it will entice the viewers to read Zora Neale Hurston’s fabulous book. Due to the slang words, and abbreviated text, it Forced me to go back and read a page over and over again until i finally got the point. Oscar winner Halle Berry is uninspired in the role of Janie.

She makes no effort on her own to add dimension to the character, sleepwalking through her part reading her lines as if she were on autopilot. I believe if they gave her more to do she would have stolen the movie. Sign in to vote. Hurston provides a complex view of Black life. Having watched all of Berry’s performances sinceI can truly say this is the worst performance of her career. Turner and the trial are important parts of the novel; the movie was a Lifetime feature. I knew I’d have problems with the movie when Oprah introduced the movie by talking about Janie kissing Tea Cake.

The making of a great movie must start with the right cast of talent. She was set up with an old man and she left, I would have done the same thing acres of land or not. I also think the movie was terrible!!


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Janie is a “light-skinned” African American and is treated different because of it. I think Oprah should stick to her talk shows and leave the movie business to people that know how to tell a story Unfortunately, for those who have read the book, it is obvious that the screenplay writer missed some important aspects of the book– or for some reason chose to omit them.

That is not the point. Sorry, unless you are a man then it’s hard to find her true talent. This was simply a poor cast when it started with Ms Berry. Normal people would have run out of that house and at least waited until he had run out of bullets. I watched the movie with four other Black people, two men and two women.

I’m a fan of the book, so of course my expectations were set high I really wanted to enjoy this. I am a middle aged white female and must say that I do think this movie would be of more interest to the female population but as a love story, I think it was wonderful.

The novel was based back in the racial segregation days, and the movie hardly captured a glimpse of the racism in the novel. The first being the cinematography, as it is often moody, always rich, and at points ethereal: Also, I loved the production from the beautiful Florida Everglades, to the eye Eatonville town.

There are many themes in the novel and I think that the film captured the most important.

The storyline was one that made me rush to the bookstore to buy the book. Without that culture to show us what life was like in Janie’s time the movie lacks a true heart and soul.