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Banisky, the reporter that Colvin put off earlier remarks to a colleague that he could have broken this story a week ago. McNulty espouses a theory that the major case unit contains the best investigators in the entire department. Sergeant Landsman catches Bunk working on the murder case when he is supposed to be looking for Dozerman’s weapon and prevents him from bringing in Bruiser for a statement. When Cutty returns to the car Gerard and Sapper are taking cocaine. Burrell is true to his promise and places the blame firmly with Colvin. Bunk cuts detective Crutchfield’s tie as part of a running joke in the homicide unit – detectives sleeping in the offices have their ties cut in half. He admits taking four cases, but denies breaking the seal; Frank is unconcerned. Shamrock and Slim Charles accompany them and the party is packed with women and drugs.

McNulty is left alone in Washington. McNulty makes Brianna feel guilty by telling her that no one cares enough to look into it further and he also brings up her role in convincing D’Angelo not to turn on Avon. Colvin, Roman and the deacon meet with someone from the school of public health to bring him into Hamsterdam to provide facilities for the people there. Meanwhile Officer Colicchio has picked up Bodie Broadus. Smith tells him there is no one looking at high end drug cases because Rawls is directing their efforts to street work. Cedric Daniels meets with the detail on Monday morning.

Western district Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin attends a town hall meeting in his district. Tosha poses as a mother looking for a lost child and gets close enough to disarm Gerard, the guard at the front door. Under Taylor’s command, the Eastern district has made only sixteen felony arrests in a month and confiscated no handguns while four homicides occurred in a five hour time period.

He decides to admit his involvement and face the consequences. He hands them all the detail’s information so far and also engages them to try to recover his surveillance van. Justin reminds him of the consequences of striking a juvenile and then leaves the gym.

Major case unit McNulty and Detective Greggs want their informant Bubbles to check the lay of the land in the Western District particularly where the Barksdale crew are now working.

Major Colvin finds his district safer with honest people back out on the corners again, but the reality of the tolerant zones sidreel shocking. Instead, McNulty asks to meet her kids. McNulty espouses a theory that the major case unit contains the best investigators in the entire department.


Seeason then suggests he can use his political influence to get the first district to vote Burrell in and realizing Valchek’s nature, Burrell then asks what Valchek wants in return. Most of the old enforcers Avon knows are unable or unwilling to work with him. Season 5, Episode 9 – Late Editions Apr 29, Stringer lets Avon up from the ground and Avon walks away and sits down, speechless.

Phelan continues to flirt with Pearlman throughout the meeting. Shamrock reports the shooting to Stringer and tells him wkre Brianna reca; been calling looking for Avon.

Bodie and the others are skeptical fearing a trap and Colvin tries to reassure them. He notices one resident remaining in the Hamsterdam zone.

McNulty thanks Colvin for the information on Avon and tells him that Stringer is dead and Avon has been arrested. Bubbles Bubbles and Johnny argue about the morality of acting as a police informant to make money as opposed to getting out of trouble with the police.

Prez refuses to go and when Valchek insults him he lashes out and punches him. Snowfall Season 1 Episode 4: Cutty tracks Justin down and finds him eating chips.

Seasn confesses remorse for shooting the store clerk. Bubbles spots Johnny in 111 of the houses, Johnny is looking the worse for wear but refuses to leave. Watkins meets with Cutty and puts him in touch with Marla Daniels. Ott then comes in complaining that the police are ticketing their cars.

Over drinks with Bunk Moreland, McNulty complains that the state police spoiled the investigation.

They remind Stringer that one of the aims of the Co-Op is to reduce violence as it brings eoisode attention.

They discuss their relationship difficulties and McNulty mentions D’Agostino.

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They plan to put a camera on Stringer Bell’s copy shop, Copy Cat. Nick drowns his sorrows in a local park and is found there by Prissy, an ex of Ziggy’s. He reveals that he has been feeling guilty and Butchie says that this a ploy that Bunk is using against him.

Stringer leaves Avon asking once more about women, he returns soon afterwards with a girl Avon had noticed at the party and another blonde one. As Avon Barksdale walks across the exercise yard to talk to them, play stops to allow him to pass.


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When he does talk with her he courts her interest in becoming his campaign manager but she tells him he has little chance of success. He asks Carver for a list of names of all the mid-level dealers on his corners. Russell suggests that Sobotka would talk if she approached him and Pearlman gives her the OK. Bodie reminds Stringer of his problems with Marlo. Stanfield Organization Marlo catches a girl watching him in a club and approaches her. Drac is likely to get the position because Proposition Joe is his uncle.

Barksdale eposode Bernard delivers a new batch of disposable phones to Shamrock at the funeral home. Bubbles tells Kima about the gunfight and the two dead Barksdale soldiers on the corner of Mount and Fayette. He calls for backup before moving in. He is supposed to approach Marlo Stanfield siderreel upon approaching Jamal, a episide level Stanfield dealer, he learns that Marlo is nowhere to be found.

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Homicide Omar Little visits Butchie to discuss Bunk Moreland’s recent lecture about the loss of morality in their neighborhood. Bubbles asks if he can keep the drugs and Greggs tells him he can not. Carcetti asks for Colvin’s side of the story to counter Burrell’s explanation.

McNulty and Greggs meet with Annapolis State’s Attorney Kendall Sfason to discuss reopening the D’Angelo Barksdale case based on medical examiner Frazier’s findings that it may not have been a suicide. Bunk says recwp the sense of community in their neighborhoods and the concern for the dead is all but gone.

Politics Major Colvin and Lieutenant Mello attend the weekly comstat meeting. Carcetti moves on to the witness protection problems the city has been having and Burrell tells him there is no funding.

Politics Marla and Cedric Daniels attend a political event. Finally they reaffirm their loyalty to one another. Carver and Herc take over from Colicchio and Truck on watch in Hamsterdam. Omar tells Kimmy to let him handle the police.