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Elena’s celebrating her 18th birthday, but she and Damon are focused on looking for clues to help discover where Stefan went. The episode was written by Rebecca Sonnenshine and directed by Wendey Stanzler. Stefan Paul Wesley asks Klaus Joseph Morgan to remove his hybrids from the town otherwise he will start killing them one by one. Elementary Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Tyler is surprised when Klaus doesn’t object at his refusal to go along with Klaus’ latest demand. Bonnie is not too happy and walks over to Jeremy. Now my wheels are all spinning about what is, essentially, a subplot. Matt looks to Bonnie for help after realizing that he made a big mistake.

Later on, at the fundraiser, Klaus makes a deal with the town council to leave him and his hybrids alone and in return he will not harm anyone. Looking on her night stand, she sees a small box sitting there with a bow from Klaus. Finally, Enzo’s story both began and ended. Jeremy asks for Matt’s help to find out what his ghosts want from him, and Caroline needs Tyler’s help. Fell at a Founder’s meeting. Klaus tries to carry out his plan to leave town with Elena, but meets resistance from an unexpected new enemy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.

That there are so many beautiful things to see and experience. The Hybrid Episode 2. Previous The New Deal. Knowing that he is their only hope, she invites him in. Break On Through Episode Not gonna lie, I’m pretty interested in where that story thd going.

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To watch Full HD: Tyler’s actions during the evening leave Matt and Caroline shaken. Jeremy asks for Matt’s help to find out what his ghosts want from him, and Caroline needs Tyler’s help. Even while helping Elena confront her feelings, Caroline tries to cope with her own emotions.

Now that the news that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries has rocked our little fandom, each and every episode between now and the finale puts more emphasis on the character of Elena Gilbert and how this story ends for her. Bonnie arrives and hugs Jeremy tightly too. Before he can do anything more, Damon steps in to stop him.


Elena’s narrative was firmly B-plot squished in between the A-plot of Lily Salvatore helping bring Stefan back from his darker self and the C-plot of what we can only hope and pray is an end to the travesty that has been Enzo’s story this season. He refuses and goes faster. Back at the crypt, Caroline and the others begin to feel the effects of the tequila but soon the mood changes when they see Tyler. Reagan from The TV Chick also gave a positive review to the episode saying that it was a good, solid one.

She tells him that she is a member of the council as she is a member of the founding families. Jeremy is left extremely confused after a dramatic and important discovery with one of his ghosts. Elementary Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Damon and Stefan turn to Tyler for help, and Bonnie and Jeremy take a dangerous risk to make sure that her spell is effective.

Wondering what’s happened to Caroline, Tyler asks Sheriff Forbes for help. Pulling away, she knows that she should never have trusted him.

After not hearing from Caroline in some time, Matt and Elena head out to search for her. The kiss is not having the same chipper effect on her as it is Damon. They wouldn’t have been able to get Stefan’s humanity back, but still. The theme of “Does Elena like being tfshow7 vampire? At that moment, his hybrid Mindy steps in to ask if Klaus needed any help.

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Stefan the Ripper is always more interesting than regular Stefan, so I wanted to see his and Caroline’s murder spree continue for a while. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.

She was only moderately successful. Bonnie will not help willingly so there will have to be a damn good reason for her to think about going back toespecially after she hears about the new breed of witch waiting there. Stefan’s emotions lead to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus and, later, to a heartbreaking moment with Elena.

About This Blog Blog ini adalah catatan harianku dan tempatku membagi pengetahuan pada pembaca, insya Allah blog ini mudah-mudahan berguna bagi pembaca sekalian. Damon and Stefan leave Mystic Falls together on a mission, but soon part ways when Elena needs help from one of them.


Alaric and Damon arrive at the council meeting and are not too happy when they see Klaus talking with Mayor Lockwood. Klaus gets there a little bit later saying that Tyler told him what happened and agrees to save Caroline if Liz Marguerite MacIntyre supports him. Caroline arrives home to find Elena, Matt and Bonnie waiting for her with a birthday cake.

I only care because I think an Enzo-Sarah hook-up would be a great little wrench in the Salvatore’s story.

If Damon had snapped her neck and walked away to let her wake up on her own, no one would have blamed him. He explains that he is not the Stefan she once loved. That was fun while it lasted. Matt Zach Roerig finds her and takes her home. Through flashbacks toDamon remembers a beautiful vampire named Sage who opened him up to a whole new way of life. In their effort to prove that Dr. Diposting oleh Zenal Uchiha di Tvahow7 of the TV. Sheriff Forbes warns Damon not to get involved in the murder investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s pursuing the wrong suspect.

Smells Like Teen Spirit Episode 6.

Caroline is pleased to see Tyler show up at the dance and try to sweep her off her feet, but Klaus does everything he can to come between them. Looking on her night stand, she sees a small box sitting there with a bow from Klaus. During the kick off ceremony for the restoration of Wickery Bridge, Damon is surprised to discover the reason Sage has returned.

Emma Fraser of TV Overmind gave a diariws review to the episode saying: Finally pulling over on the very same bridge that her parents died, Stefan lets Elena out of the car. Stefan notices his good mood and comments on it.