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Meanwhile, when Zack uses up both his and Cody’s meal cards buying expensive things for all of the girls on the ship, they run out of money. Retrieved August 8, Cody finds himself up against a young yo-yo champion named Johan Yo. Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin Guest stars: Moseby to kick off whoever was responsible for the mess. Meanwhile, Zack convinces Cody to sneak out after curfew to catch the Starlight Follies burlesque show on the ship.

The class has a school project to complete and Cody chooses Bailey to be his partner, disappointing Zack who had hoped to get Cody to complete his and Woody’s project for them. Zack shares a cabin with Bailey Debby Ryan , who is a neat freak. Zack Martin Cole Sprouse So, Zack sends Bailey and London undercover as two showgirls to find out. In addition, Woody spends all of his time playing a virtual reality game called “Better Life” as an avatar named Brock. Archived from the original on March 27, Zaria’s spirit possesses Bailey who is now desperate to get her crown back and punishes Zack for taking it.

Mr Moseby mentioned in the season 1 episode “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'”, that the ship was not the first ship with the SS Tipton name indicating that the Tipton cruiseline had been in service jorcin before the events of the first series. Tutweiler selects Cody’s play to be presented in class. Moseby, he cancels the senior prom.

“The Suite Life on Deck” Crossing Jordin (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

After agreeing to help London remove shoes from her submarine, Zack, London, Maya and Woody are all trapped in London’s shoe submarine with only enough air for thirty minutes. Audible Download Audio Books. Retrieved June 9, Meanwhile, London and Miss Tutweiller try to console Bailey by giving her relationship advice.

This is the last straw for London suire she escapes to Parrot Island via helicopter. The version that aired on June 19,the night after the episode’s original airing, featured a third storyline involving Marcus discovering that a young boy is claiming to be Lil’ Little Marcus’ former rap personaleading him to try to expose the kid as a fraud.


Doc Shaw as Marcus Little. Retrieved October 18, Meanwhile, Cody tries to impress Bailey by acting like someone else based on her vast test results. London develops a crush on the ship’s magician. Kathie Lee Gifford as Cindy. Add the first question.

When Bailey starts feeling homesick, Cody decides to recreate her hometown festival. Videotape ; Multi-camera FilmLook appearance, season 1; filmized appearanceseason 2—3. London Tipton Debby Ryan London starts receiving private Spanish tuition by Mrs Tutweiller in order to pass it to obtain her high school diploma. Tipton was ever shown.

“The Suite Life on Deck” Crossing Jordin (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Tipton and proceeds with the graduation, leading to a friendly moment with Zack. To impress her, Arwin’s cousin, Milos, gives him a replica of the ancient amulet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite to give as a gift to her, but in a mix up, he ends up getting the real one. Meanwhile, London intimidates Bailey by bragging about her previous success in beauty pageants.

Cody is worried about how sukte going to tell Barbara about his feelings for Bailey, but Barbara has to dump Cody because she and Bob are now dating.

In the lead up to edck, Mr. Retrieved August 6, Injorddin an interview with GawkerDylan Sprouse revealed he and his brother had pitched an idea to the Disney Channel about continuing the Suite Life series.

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London states that her father married eight times, but in “Ala-ka-scram! Archived from syite original on December 17, Tipton wants to destroy the farm and build a plastic bag factory; Cody and Bailey manage to convince him its a bad idea, but Zack and Woody overdo it by claiming there’s a flesh-eating virus loose.

The ship docks in RomeItaly and London falls for a handsome musician named Luca while he performs in the streets. Eventually, Kirby breaks into the engine room to attempt to stop them, but after seeing the whales on Cody’s laptop, he decides to go cwst with plan.


Elsewhere, Zack, Cody, and Woody challenge Mr. While they are there, Bailey crushes on the handsome young tour guide, which makes Cody jealous.

Retrieved July 2, List of recurring characters in The Suite Life on Deck. The ship travels around the world to nations such as Italy, France, Greece, India, Sweden and the United Kingdom where the characters experience different cultures, jorrin, and situations. So, Zack sends Bailey and London undercover as two showgirls to find out. It is later shown that the help center Moseby was calling was run by the Swami, who used an American accent.

On Christmas Eve night, London’s mirror takes her back to the past, the present and future to learn her lesson. He informs him that London, passed Spanish by learning in a Helen Keller like fashion, will be graduating as well. This is only the second episode of the season in which Matthew Timmons crossign not appear as Woody.

Cody says to follow her heart and Bailey stays because she would miss her friends.

Retrieved March 25, Meanwhile, Cody attempts to avoid the assaults of a seagull after not permitting the seagull to eat fries while Mr. Mighty Med ” Wyatt as Frankie Featured song: When singer Sean Kingston comes on board, he immediately becomes attracted to London.

Crossing Jordin

Zaria’s spirit possesses Bailey who is now desperate to get her crown back and punishes Zack for defk it. Zack and Cody’s father’s name is Kurt Martin, but the credits at the end of the show address him as Rick Martin.

Meanwhile, Cody referees an intelligence test between London’s dog, Ivana, and Bailey’s pet pig, Porkers.