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They get her into the imperial suite, but another guest, Shamsher Singh , checks into Vinnie’s suite, so the boys must dismantle the suite in order for the wrestler to check out of the hotel. Shahnawaz Pradhan as Chef Pappe. Shobha – Shobha is a year-old women who doesn’t work for long and doesn’t like to stand for more than one minute. Maan Singh, and the boys’ mother Preeti, who is an assistant manager. Also Rani becomes rich again when Mr. To convince him to leave her in India, she enlists the help of Binnie. Rani and Binnie do community service. Binnie also wants Kabir’s help and bribes him with concert tickets to Purab Pashchim.

Kushboo finds out it is really Karan, not Kabir, on the date, and begins to like him, instead. Maan Singh tells her that her father struck oil in his diamond mine. MannSingh is the manager of the Raj Mahal Hotel, who speaks with a humongous Hindi vocabulary and an urbane vernacular and is often annoyed by Karan and Kabir’s schemes. Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi 5. In the article is a picture of Shobhaji, so Karan, Kabir and Vinnie ask her about it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The director didn’t like anybody who auditioned, but picked Rani because her father signs his paycheck.

On the day of the event, Max locks the twins in their closet, but they find their own way there, with help from Digital. Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi 5. Karan tries to negotiate a better contract for Priti as the Raj Mahal’s assistant manager to Mr. Tejas as Rajraj, Shauki as Mr. Toolkit enters the Hotel Engineers’ competition which is taking place at the Raj Mahal. Sonu as Pahdad Singh. The boys sneak Champak into the hotel and have him stay with Toolkit, but then Champak escapes so the boys look all around the hotel.

Meanwhile, Karan repeats English in summer school, but when Karan discovers he is the smartest student in his karann school class, all the other kids give him three hanging wedgies but in the end he tutors them too which causes them to pass the entire summer school class.

While the boys are away, Priti tries to have free time, but Binnie and Rani keep bothering her about a guy Binnie is dating.


Also Rani becomes rich again when Mr. Chef Pappe then decides to go back to work at the Raj Mahal, where his being in charge assures that the Raj Mahal will get good reviews. Desperate, Karan, Kabir, Vinnie, Rani and Jung Bahadur all imagine what their life would be like if they found the treasure, despite Rani already rich. Tara Sutaria as Vinita Mishra Vinnie 6. But eventually new news comes and Binnie is sad to find out that her 15 minutes of fame jabir over.

Sharma, Bhavesh as Rajesh. While trying to impress girls, Rajraj accidentally steals clothes while thinking that it was ok and that his people will pay for it.

The Suite Life Of Karan and Kabir – Season 2 Episode 42

Shobha – Shobha is a year-old women who doesn’t work for long and doesn’t like to stand for more than one minute. Maan Singh tells her that her father struck oil in his diamond mine.

Titli, the hotel inspector who attempted to replace Mr. Siddharth Thakkar as Karan Jaiswal 3. Aside from her family, only Karan shows up at Binnie’s party while everyone else goes to Rani’s, thus earning a hug. They later get found out by Mr.

List of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir episodes – Wikipedia

Karan and Kabir both run in a school electionand Rani and Binnie take sides: Kabir and Noodle go to math camp for a week, leaving Karan on his own for a few days. Maan Singh so they could stay at the Raj Mahal. Even though the original series had 87 episodes, poor reception led The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir’s cancellation.

The series is set in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and centers on Karan and Kabir, sjite twins who live at the hotel. Karan and Kabir find out that one of the competitors, Sachin Chatturvedi, is cheating, so they try to help Toolkit win. To convince him to leave her in India, she enlists kablr help of Binnie.

This backfires when Rehan and his parents stay another night in Mumbai, and when Karan and Kabir get involved. Namit Shah as Kabir Jaiswal 2. Shaynam Ladakhi as Jang Bahadur 8. At first, Karan was getting more attention by making lies that the students will get ice cream, supermodels and a skate park if he is president.


Binnie and Rani’s 16th birthday parties are scheduled on the same day, even though Rani’s birthday was 6 months ago. Meanwhile, Rani thinks she has spotted a UFO and Vinnie helps her because Rani keeps ordering delicious and expensive food. The French Ambassador and his daughter visit the Raj Mahal Hotel, and both Karan and Kabir develop a crush on the daughter, Weason, although neither of them know French.

Kabir, the only twin that wears sweater vests, becomes paranoid and avoids anything that remotely resembles the astrologer’s vision — even the surprise birthday party that he, Karan, and the other Raj Mahal employees are throwing for Priti. Karan soon starts acting smart, while Kabir starts to have a negative attitude. Karan and Rajraj end up in mall jail. Priti decides to become the “fun” parent while his uncle becomes a responsible one. But Priti tells her that a good friend would help look for it.

When Jung Bahadur is having his fantasy, the symbols on the manager’s counter still have a “R” for Raj Mahal.

Kabir accidentally enters in a beauty pageant after he follows a cute girl Shipra into the dressing room to og her some flowers. Jung Bahadur is accused of a theft after someone’s jewelry was stolen. Rani tells Priti that the brooch is in the trash but she is not looking there. The Raj Mahal staff have to serve their “injured” guest with the best service they have, or risk the hotel’s reputation being trashed by the man.

The Suite Life Of Karan and Kabir -Season 2 Episode 44

Binnie mainly does all the work, while Rani does hardly any except buying him expensive clothing and giving Jung Bahadur the position of a nanny. Kurush Deboo as Mr. Meanwhile, Rani becomes poor after finding out her father went bankrupt from a failed investment of diamonds, so she stays with Vinnie until her father can find a place for her to stay.