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The school play is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This frustrates Gwen, because she doesn’t want to risk their friendship by telling Peter that she wants to be more than just friends. Ultimately averted as his true feelings are for Gwen and he also had a crush on Mary Jane for a while until she told him that she wants to be friends and isn’t ready for any relationship. Peter is in love with Mary Jane, but is rebuffed. Getting Crap Past the Radar: This is fixed in his second appearance. Jonah- stops, Oh, Crap!

As usual for a Spider-Man series. This show is widely considered an Adaptation Distillation of the Spider-Man mythos. Black Cat, but thankfully not her dad, who murdered Uncle Ben and stays in prison despite Black Cat’s break out attempt. Where do we even begin? Glad I Thought of It: Both the Daily Bugle ‘s publisher, J. I was the Chameleon’s right-hand man! Couldn’t Flash tutor me instead?

The fights tend to look really good.

Then here’s a scoop – Peter Parker is Spider-Man! Ricochet is a member psectacular the Enforcers Fancy Dan rather than a teen vigilante like in the comics.

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This goes very badly. Weisman has referred to the season 1 groups as “Biology “, “Economics “, “Chemistry “, and “Psychology “. The creepiest part is that, after all this, Norman claims it was all out of love for Harry, claiming that “he never would have learned to become a man” without it.

You know, instead of “truck”? It Only Works Once: Also, Empire State University although, the fact that it’s a school in addition to having a research lab is barely brought up.

Spider-Man says “Every single blasted fragment of you?!?


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Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus duke it out in the middle of Coney Island, causing chaos amongst the fairgoers. My fans spcetacular a certain amount of quippage in every battle.

This is fixed in his second appearance. Oh, and a few of those mooks are Scary Black Women.

The Green Goblin, of course. Our parents may have died together, but you had your precious zeason and uncle. The whole thing’s Spider-Man’s fault! She’s in your bio classman. Peter briefly considers taking a Power Nullifier and tries to quit the superhero gig.

He Knows Too Much: Spidey’s preferred method of fighting the bad guys is to quip until they get so pissed spevtacular that they lose focus. Norman Osborn voice James Arnold Taylor Also, Kraven the Hunter’s mutation into a more feline-looking form. Norman Osborn and J.

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The Vulture invented his flight-capable Powered ArmorNorman Osborn secretly invented the technology that he needed for his Green Goblin persona after he was presumably driven insane from the Green Goblin formula. Doc Ock, The Lizard, and Mysterio fit as well. The show definitely likes to bring back old villains. Do you ever shut up?! Oh, did we mention the guy writing this episode is Greg Weisman? Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke: Use the HTML below.

Spidey, Hammerhead, Silver Sable, and eventually the Rhino, all throwdown over a disk with technology that will allow the wielder to create their own Rhino-like henchman.

Peter and Gwen hide from reporters behind a sculpture with a heart shaped window that frames their faces. There is also the fact that Jameson really hates Spider-Man, as always. It’s obvious that Molten Man is seeking this as well. Otto Octavius fantasizes about attacking his domineering boss Norman Osborn mere minutes before his mechanical tentacles harness fuse to his spine during a Freak Lab Accident, after which he does it for real.


Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Tinkerer wisely calls his bluff Spidey doesn’t kill after alland Spidey really does drop him, only to save him with a webline at the last minute so he’ll talk.

This show is widely considered an Adaptation Distillation of the Spider-Man mythos. Subtext 16 Mar 7. Curt Connors voice Jeff Bennett It is the first Spider-Man animated series to focus on the high school era where before, every Spider-Man cartoon showed him in college.

Turned out to be a Red Herringbut excellent touch. John Devereaux voice Steve Blum Jonah Jameson is a jerk obsessed with proving his prejudiced belief that Spider-Man is a menace, no matter how much good the web-slinger does. Given the context, a literal interpretation of “blasted” would be quite appropriate.

The Animated Series Spider-Man: In the episode “Shear Strength,” Gwen is being held hostage by The Master Planner, and Spidey attempts to get information out of the captured Tinkerer by dangling him off a building.

Electro is in pursuit of a cure for his powers. Spider-Man’s webshooters and Black Cat’s rope sprctacular. To be fair, it’s probably seriously hard to aim with that placement.