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Lisa falls for the teenaged leader of a militant environmentalist group and tries to impress him by living in Springfield’s oldest tree in order to keep it from being cut down. A music producer offers Bart and his friends a chance to participate in an up-and-coming boy band, but the boys are not so After after making a discovery. Homer must do one good deed to get into Heaven; Bart and Lisa encounter a witch in a gingerbread house; Super-intelligent dolphins strike back at humanity. That’s the most intelligent show on TV. Don’t worry bud, I’m doing bacon day with you from now on. Posts encouraging the harassment of any individual, group, community, or subreddit will be removed, and the submitting user may be banned.

Treehouse of Horror list. He gets a neutral nod from me. After Grampa scolds him, he swears to fight the bear himself. Homer as Paul Bunyan. The man is a dumbass with a good-paying job, a large house, 3 healthy kids, a loyal and good wife, many friends, and he has enough dough to be able to change jobs constantly, while always being rehired. No joke, my friends and I celebrate Bacon Day every year. Homer becomes “Pie Man”, a masked vigilante who delivers a pie in the face of justice to evildoers. Does this show get better ever?

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Optional commentaries for all 21 episodes Introduction from Matt Groening Deleted scenes with optional commentaries and option to watch during the episodes. See also TV Schedule. And it’s not that green here today. Kelsey Grammer and Gary Coleman. That show that’s on every Christmas, where it’s just a fireplace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I remember season 10 being the “this show isn’t as good as it used to be” season for me.

Archived from the original on May 21, Lisa falls for the teenaged leader of a militant simpsns group and tries to impress him by living in Springfield’s oldest tree in order to keep it from being cut down.

Meanwhile, Homer gets fired from the power plant again and becomes an ambulance driver. I have to say though, the show never became truly shitty Submissions in which the humor can be conveyed via text alone are peisode allowed. There is actually a bacon day http: Their longevity is something to be admired.


Where do you work? Thats just crazy talk! Because of this, seaason Simpson family begins to argue and compete against each other. Swedish TV6 has one or two episodes of the Simpsons pretty much every weekday, sometime between 19 and This prompts Homer to instead build a tennis court in his backyard, initially mistaking the sport for “Foxy Boxing”. The tennis court makes Marge and Homer popular in town, but it turns out that this is only because Homer’s inferior tennis ability makes them an easy target.

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15 Hungry, Hungry Homer

Please support our site by visiting this ad. Homer’s mother returns, and after being cleared of all charges, is re-imprisoned on a technicality. The average viewership was Sideshow Bob Kent Brockman Mr.

Lisa’s crush on an environmental activist inspires her to live in a tree threatened by loggers. Imagine, then, my joy at being able to enjoy almost 22 episodes of factory-fresh Simpsons, even though they were made about a decade ago. Toggle navigation The Simpsons. And breakfast says I Love You.

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He also discovers that a certain kind of tombstone is produced from the same amount of cement as a tennis court, and this gives him the idea to build a tennis court in the family’s backyard. LaZebnik would not get a writing credit for another episode until the 20th season, where he was credited for writing ” Father Knows Worst “.

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When Bart and Lisa catch wind of their parents’ secret plan, Bart steals Rod’s credit card just like Homer stole Ned’s and go after them. Krusty takes parenting lessons from Homer when, during an outdoor book fair, a girl tells Krusty that she is his long-lost daughter from a one-night stand with a female soldier simpaons fought during the first Gulf War.

Wednesday, September 2, [13]. Ian Maxtone-Graham’s animeto ” Tennis the Menace ” became the second episode of the series to be animated using digital ink and paintwhich had not been used since the season seven episode ” Radioactive Man ” and would not be used again this time on a permanent basis until the 14th season.


Homer dubs himself as “Mr.

Special Day? : funny

rpisode Darn Olympics and their snow and dreams and toodle doos jumps in the air. Link to sticky post. He gets a neutral nod from me. Please allow 10 minutes for the post to appear before messaging moderators. Homer must do one good deed to get into Heaven; Bart and Lisa encounter aniemfo witch in a gingerbread house; Super-intelligent dolphins strike back at humanity. Well unfortunately it not an “official” work thing, we I just order extra epixode from the cafe on Fridays and call it bacon day It does, however, specifically recommend against using it inside the ear at all.

While calling Animal Control over a badger taking residence in Santa’s Little Helper’s doghouse, Homer discovers that Springfield has two different area codes—and ends up leading a revolt that splits the town in two. He attracts a great deal of attention, so during the night the team decides to move him into the ballpark and exploit his popularity using the name “Hungry, Hungry Homer.

No gore, pornography, or sexually graphic images. Point taken, but just because it snows there doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be green in febuary. He becomes the nicest guy in town, making Ned Flanders jealous. Springfield is eplsode in two when Homer revolts because his area code is changed; the new town walls itself off from the neighbors. One of my favorite moments in the entire series. C’mon, animators, get with the program!