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Still, her husband is fairly welcoming and Terrier gets to make his play for her. Manchette believed he had gone full circle with his last novel, which he conceived as a “closure” of his Noir fiction. A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. December 7, at 2: She doesn’t hesitate to do what’s necessary. No surprise Felix chooses Jim to take the shot and having accomplished the mission, Jim is forced to leave Africa and Annie without so much as a goodbye. Perhaps it is my knowledge of the French noir ouevre in cinematic history but reading this almost felt like reading one of those novelisations of a movie, empty of all meaning yet being a non-stop descriptive feast of actions. One could easily read The Gunman as a straight-up thriller with a downbeat ending.

Views Read Edit View history. That’s how you do it, motherfucker. The plot is about as cliched as you can get and we’ve seen a shitzillion times. He leans against the wall of the shower, his head between his arms, looking down, allowing the water to run through his hair and down his thick biceps. I fell in love with the prose and the world-view. The Gunman isn’t really a bad film, it’s just poorly executed. Anne has m Martin Terrier wants out.

The Gunman Theatrical release poster. I’m not so sure. Eight years later he returns to DRC as a charity worker to build wells.

The Gunman

French existential and Nouveau Roman themes of disgust, ugliness and estrangement, anyone? His cat goes missing, only to later be mailed to him, disemboweled. Tagged as French crime fiction. I found this book a somewhat major disappointment, I mean I don’t hate it I just dislike it.


Mar 20, Carmen rated it it was ok Recommends it for: When things get too much for Penn he gets into the shower and has an angst ridden wash. This gets back to the nebulous Company orchestrating the string of political assassinations. In other words, we are all one world culture.

A tour de force, this violent tale shatters as many illusions about life and politics as it does bodies. The issue I have is that we’re not allowed to forget that fact, its literally shoved down our throats at every given moment, at every turn.

Cox, his boss, tries to convince Martin to stay. Oh, the titular character certainly looks the part, cut like an UFC fighter and angrier than Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation, but the deathly serious tone laughably handicaps what amounts to an expensive bullets and brawn B-Movie.

The Prone Gunman by Jean-Patrick Manchette | His Futile Preoccupations

Felix dresses expensively and knows about music, film, art and books. Which he pretty much is too. Edit Details Official Sites: He would come back for her in 10 years. After the Minister of Mining announces his plans to declare contracts with the mining companies unjust and renegotiate the terms, the mining companies hire Terrier’s team to assassinate the Minister to ensure their access to the rich mineral resources.

On the other hand, we can make a lot of difficulties for you. The little van went fast.

A tour de force. Is Terrier working for the KGB?

Return to Book Page. His other seven novels haven’t been translated yet. Don MacPhersonPete Travis. Despite the presence of those usually reliable actors, this is a film that is sunk by a leaky premise — with Don MacPherson’s adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s novel a muddled mess of eye-rolling moments.


You know you can tell these things after a while. The film was released on March 20, by Open Road Films. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

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Jim is a hired assassin for a multinational mining company, which is set on protecting their interests in the war torn Congo. Terrier quickly shot tye once in his open mouth and again at the base of his nose.

Lists with This Snopsis. Sometimes he’s very stupid. The producer, of course, also proves to be the star: Manchette does the latter, and I respect this. Jean-Patrick Manchette was a French crime novelist credited with reinventing and reinvigorating the genre.

Italian Jasmine Trinca became the female lead. Synopxis the same B-Grade material with an almost fanatical religious sternness, the story laughably misfires as well.

Pronee down directly from the Arctic, a freezing wind rushed into the Irish Sea, swept through Liverpool, raced across the Cheshire plain where the cats lowered their trembling ears at the sound of the roaring of the chimneys and, through the lowered window, struck the eyes of the man sitting in the little Bedford van.

Full Cast and Crew. Nov 16, Zuberino rated it really liked it Shelves: Go freeze them off, then.