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MY just wanted to stop suffering, he was always selfish and even in his death he was selfish It seems that nothing has changed except we have all the second leads die. Kim Soo Hyun deserves all the awards. I have to say your after thoughts comments were spot on,I was really wondering if people were watching the same drama I was. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel anything when Seol died. And so, I even desired your throne.

Until, that is, a surprise contingent of troops swarms in, having waited for their moment to catch the insurgents off-guard. Need to erase the image Yang-myung. There were so many wasted characters – sigh They had so much potential tho they had a hard time manifesting it due to the script shortfall. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel anything when Seol died. She had to die in the arms of the man she loved ever since he gave her her name, and she never get to say the love she held for the other man before her last breath.

It’s not like javabeans and girlfriday are expecting each drama to satisfy every single element though.

And about the Park brothers’ loss. The ending is so-so. Go ahead and take swing because I have to unashamedly say I love sappy happy endings. Hopefully they can pair KSH with an actress around his age who can actually act and have crackling chemistry with him.

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Fitting punishments will be doled out to the guilty, while the falsely accused will be cleared. That’s pretty much my entire reaction to this drama now.

Episode 4 by Regals. The court lady reaches to help him out of his robes, but he rears back and warns her away: The final is exactly the same like the novel, that Yang Myung is dead and Bo Kyung too. Joyce April 20, at 8: Does he perhaps have another woman hidden away in his quarters? Thank you both very much for your recaps! It proves lest we forget that this has always been, first and foremost, a romance drama. I see the ratings but it doesn’t affect whether or not I’m going to watch it. She thanks him for the same.


Please enter your username or email address. Now I will be the cause of no more chaos. Thank you guys so much for recapping this drama!! Another example of a wasted character: I think the main reason would be how the casts chemistry worked really well that you could even see it off camera.

Seol could’ve even had a loveline with Woon for goodness sake!!!! Yang-myung drops his sword and awaits his fate. He holds out a hand to Yeon-woo, then pulls her toward himself, sliding her across the floor. To be fair, there was basically no competition, with a Drama Special on one rival station and a Salaryman special on the other.

I think the only reason why most of us can say we love this drama is because the casting was done well.

The moon embracing the sun episode 20| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달

Your recaps are certainly so much better than the actual epsiode. I wish I can learn to play piano so I can use this guy piano score: And between I love you girls!! Good thing she loves the King enough to be shut up in the palace all day tbh sigh. Lost interest many episodes ago, can’t remember.

He tells Hwon not to cry: Ahh, What could’ve been. The fight commences, with Woon and Yang-myung joining the fray together. Anyways, for my take I am a fan of your site and hereafter, will be a dedicated reader of your recaps, views, insights and comments.


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What is your true identity? She was willing to do anything, even act as witness to the first curse, just so she can have Yeom.

Regardless of whether they were tied in logical ways, thqt is. No depth, the acting I am sorry uber TMETS fans kind of sucked but like you said it was an enjoyable watch and disappeared from your memory the episoce you finished. I feel like Seol got her heroic death as an afterthought, because what else were they going to do with her? Bo-kyung, too, got knocked off because the story needed the queen out of the picture and death was a convenient way to do it.

Hulk angry, keyboard smash. Nok-young and Jan-shil look up at the sky to see two suns converging. She berated the future king at the age of six, had the wisdom strength courage and love. They were young, idealistic, and had wide-open possibilities.

I was screaming at the screen “Dude! They stuck quite loyally to the novels, which, uh, was their downfall I think.