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Mostly to satisfy my need of Junki-dom. I am thinking of watching this korean drama Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Is the writer out of ideas? Like girlfriday said, it really needs to show us more romance as in “I cannot live without you” kind of romance before they move to the life and death part. So I’m just going to wait till it ends and do a marathon from 10 till 20!

The writer have done a good job with SKKS side characters but fair so poorly here. Any news of an extension, or not? What is yang myung,s character? Nothing really happens, the characters are too one-dimensional, and I don’t believe we have enough time to resolve everything smoothly with only 7 episodes left. But I heard Episode 14 will be a turning point of the drama Maybe I’m just in a really good mood because I’m still a bit hungover from that awesome awesome SUFBB episode the other night but I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I totally see a wasted potential storyline for MinHwa. Kiara February 16, at

Since it’s a sure pain waiting for the english sub, I am very thankful embrafes those people who kindheartedly made a recap for the episode. Also, I think they won’t make Wol a concubine, and they don’t want to brand her as “adulteress” so they just try to make it work by going like, “Well, yeah, technically he’s married, but they didn’t have sex yet so technically this marriage doesn’t really count if you know what I mean and like he doesn’t like her anyways!

Also, I agree with someone above But I hope I can They should just start emoting to each other, hee. Uta no Onii-san Japanese Drama. I may be wrong, but I think the drama should’ve just left that part out if they were gonna have him faint anyways.


Nodame Cantabile Japanese Drama.

Seol paces outside, waiting for a chance to see Wol, and Nok-young joins her. Coffee Prince Korean Drama.

I think the writers have figured out that the romance isn’t working because there is zero chemistry between the main leads, so now they’re doing plans B and C:.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh kimchidgama tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Dream High Korean Drama. You need to be emotionless, but at the same time brimming with pain Kim Min Seo’s portrayal of the Queen as an example.

Episode 14

The Fatal Encounter Korean Movie. The minute-by-minute is certainly better now that the stakes are raised and everything has big dramatic consequence. KRush February 16, at Although she appears to be a kind and warm person, she hides rhe real face under the mask of lies and pretending to be nice. Just click the link below BUT, even then, I feel like it doesn’t add any depth to her character.

Suddenly Yang-myung bursts through the gate to declare that she was with him. My heart broke for him in My Girl. She knew what was going on and what happen but kept quiet for what because she wanted to marry her brother!?! That just gets Nok-young fired up, asking if she has such little faith in her, how she trusted thst to kill the princess bride eight years ago. Yang-myung storms out of the palace, burning up with anger.

Thanks for the recap!!

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Yeah, I guess this story is just gonna stem from the king refusing to sleep with the queen. Song Jae Rim Main Cast. I feel that it’s so wasted because the characters seem so rich and complex, but now almost all of them seem really flat. Whoever that might be. Perhaps being in the palace all the time prevents all the fun. Until now only in this episode that we get to see her uncomfortable feeling when YW’s mum mentioned YW.


AND, I know that they are essentially different types of sageuk dramas, but still. Also, am I missing something? He is the King and his father in law had more power over him. I just see a lovesick puppy. That birthmark is the least of my worries about Han Ga In right now. Volcano High Korean Movie. Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

I say he finds out NOW and the writer throws in some sitting-on-the-edge-dying-to-see-next-episode conflicts. I think it’s more how Seol is written embracee a character. I think Wol knows that she’s Yeon Wooh Personally I feel like he should have just found out when he compared the letter.


Im Siwan Main Cast. The writer have done a good job with SKKS side characters but fair so poorly here.

I mean, the child actress didn’t have one He is the elder brother of Yeon Woo who adores his sister dearly.