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Episodes by odilettante. She blushes and stammers at the thought that the prince might know that it was her, and takes the taffy out to the yard. H cries and says do you know what you did. Seol hears the sound of blacksmiths at work and runs off eagerly, bumping into Bo-kyung in her haste. She says yes and asks who he is. She runs off, not realizing that she dropped it where she was standing, which Bo-kyung discovers with a smile.

In this scene, we were supposed to be watching a king telling his son the young prince how to be a good ruler, but all I saw was a father who was too ashamed to face his son. In fact, I wish this was the way we first met Bo-kyung, rather than watching her being so snide and sly in the Seol-beating incident. The Moon Embracing t Eeeeeeee my new crack is here. Slaves aren’t people, they’re things. H and YW are lying down. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Plus his tandem with Han Ga In would not be so awkward.

My guess is further supported by how aware the King is to the possibility of creating a political problem. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun E18 « Cadence

Finally recap is here! He was also asked if he had more th 10 relationships so far. Not to mention this entire situation Bo-kyung spurred on was because of impulse. Can’t wait for the subs for this!


H asks her to take a walk for a while. Seriously when he cries, my heart hurts. If I take your traitorous neck to the king then how much will I get paid for it?

The moon embracing the sun episode 19| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달

Their love story in that drama was so heart breaking that I literally wanted to shoot whoever made Kim yoo Jung with my own hands! So so SO much love for this drama.

Current MW says back then she only told their father that she didnt know. No, she’s a sociopath. The way he walks around in that Joseon suit is also similar.

But I also understand that the heavier the subjects become, the more critical it becomes that they grow up. RS January 6, at 8: I also read her translation of the book and that’s how I’ve come to know a bit of details. I tried in ep 3 to like her more, I really did. He makes everyone else his age seem like slackers in comparison. You know she will get even scarier when she is a crown princess and marry to King I haven’t started this thhe yet but I’m looking forward to the prettiness and obviously good plot.

Yeom returns to the palace with a present for the prince, from his sister. She asks for a walk together for a while. I wish they would be in another drama were they would be together cause this MoonSun and Fox child just breaks my heart She asks to see them herself, telling the queen that they must be very discerning when bringing people into the palace.


If you leave now I will keep it a secret from the king. Moreover, if Embraxes seem to grasp a word or two from modern dramas, in the historical ones it seems they speak a totally different Korean. Well, more like when he talked to her. S sits and cries.

Prince Hwon fumes and stands up, calling out for his aide. GF you arent the only one torn atm, but i feel for Yang-myung more. D Anyway, I can’t wait for tmr recap: BTW, the dranacrazy female lead was Moon Geun Young but then she declined the offer due to the fact that the popularity and awareness of the main lead actor is not that high: Oh my God, all these child actors are so adorable. So, I’m left to assume that while it’s showing home life it’s also eppisode explain what really caused her reaction to Seol.

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