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I’m excited to see their bromance in the future episodes. I was soldier, and promoted to the rank of officer exactly the same with Kim Hang Ah. He calms down and gives Shi-kyung ten more minutes to get him through to Bong-gu. A huge smile is painted on my face right now. Gets ya good in the gut. I just read it Oh, her back and arms make me jealous. So both Jiwon and Seung gi have backs to die for!

He advises that Jae-ha stay calm, cold, and rational, and act decisively. Ha Ji Won smiles with a needle in her hand. LSG is so great!!! Always reminds me of the type of acting we see in school plays when any one of them comes on LSG is such an excellent actor! Secretary Eun warns him to be careful of Club M, especially right now, and Jae-ha asks bitterly why—did he give them something else? And reading gf’s recap of how she counted down all that Bong Gu had taken from her ‘Jae Kang


Not of Seung Gi Saima May 10, at 9: Shi-kyung says that another kidnapper was caught on film, but only from the back—she had a barcode tattoo. Baek Gyeong Yun is not only becoming the guidance for actors in North Korean language, she is active as the accordion heartts, and served as a university professor.

What’s going to happen next? I cannot even comment, I am so emotional raw! I just wanna break his neck!! Oh, her back and arms make me jealous. But he asks th one thing… Shi-kyung… Aaaauf.


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You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I just hope the station’s end of the year awards particularly the daesang will be based on merit and not on the drama’s ratings. They know epusode kidnapped them.

epiosde Jae-ha taunts him with that one thing Bong-gu will never have, so he deals that blow to Secretary Eun. Must prepare ourselves for a wild ride for the rest of the drama.

The King 2 Hearts

I can do it. I am dying to watch the next episode. Actually, this is a question I’d like to ask anyone who lives in a country with a constitutional monarchy – apart from sentimental reasons, why would you still want the royal family? Iing advises that Jae-ha stay calm, cold, and ,ing, and act decisively. I love this actress. Lots of great moments, and great acting here, as we head into the final dramatic arc.

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Madame Tussauds should take note. Thanks for the links! Being able to catch a glimpse of North and South Korea relations through this drama in a way that’s not in-your-face obvious is wonderful.

I swear to god this drama knows exactly when to insert the right soundtracks at the right time. You can see the fear, the struggle to maintain dignity, fpisode the anger.


Rashell – I agree with your reading that: The moment I went gaga in this episode was when earnest was singing. I think you are the best drama. She totally chastises him like a child, for blaming his parents for his own flaws, for claming a rough childhood when most people who endure hardship are better for it.

You are a strong and smart King. Prev 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 Next Page 70 of Sorry babes, I laughed before I read episide ‘don’t laugh’ warning. But now Bong-gu hits him at his very weakest spot – he never wanted to be king in the first place.

Pic of HA in white gown showing off epidode back, super toned yet not muscular arms and tiny waist is gonna be my motivation for getting off my butt and hitting the gym more regularly. Will the unlikely duo overcome their initial animosity to find common ground?