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Loading comments… Trouble loading? So there it is. Series 1 Danish poster. The book was written by British author David Hewson. Danish drama wins global fanbase”. Sarah Lund 40 episodes,

She’s more complicated than an labyrinth made from intestines. Vicky Frost of The Guardian noted how it was The Killing which “paved the way for a wave of subtitled European crime dramas” appearing on UK television, while head of programming at FX Toby Etheridge also confirmed his belief that ” The Killing proved it was possible [to successfully show subtitled drama]”. The political elements of this series have always felt like something of a bolt-on for me, and I don’t think they were saved in these final episodes, although I loved that the one person who believed enough in justice was a spin doctor. Following both its critical and ratings success in the United Kingdom, the BBC began importing and broadcasting more subtitled programmes from a number of different countries. Book One was published by Macmillan in I’m pleased to report, having met Morten Suurballe who plays him, he is charming and does smile in real life. We’ve followed this emotionally hopeless, gutsy heroine for three series and watched, sometimes through our fingers, as she has clattered her way through life — alienating everyone around her and staring off into the middle distance with a look of furrowed despair.

As the police arrive at the scene, Lund walks away and removes the bullet-proof vest she had been wearing. He probably won’t forbrydslsen police commissioner after Lund’s latest escapade.

The Killing III: was this really a fitting end for Sarah Lund?

Chief Inspector Sarah Lund: Thank you for all your brilliant comments; it’s been a blast. Upon returning to Denmark, Lund meets her mother, who has had a premonition of Lund lying dead. The girl’s family and friends struggle to cope with their loss.

Archived from the original on 20 July Buch and his secretarial team uncover further evidence of the cover-up, but the cabinet pressures him to continue pinning the murders on Muslims in order to assure the passage of an anti-terrorism bill.


The Killing (Danish TV series) – Wikipedia

It has become something of a cult show. Over countries have purchased the first two seasons of The Killing. Take away all the ransoms and demands, the wild goose chases and near-runs, and Forbrydelsen III’s greatest twist was that Lund saved Reinhardt from death, and to save herself from the knowledge that she had allowed him to live to kill again, she had to pull the trigger on him.

That Reinhardt was a baddie didn’t come as a massive surprise to me or many commenters, who have had his card marked for a number of weeks. It was the result of a career’s-worth of girls abused and tortured — and a determination that Reinhardt should not be able to add to their number.

On the way, they make a stop at the scene of Dragsholm’s murder, where Lund points out to Strange the reasons why Bilal is unlikely to have been involved.

Sweden on SVT1 as Brottet [34] The first series consists of 20 fifty-minutes episodes, which follow the police investigation into the murder of a young woman from its commencement on 3 November to its conclusion on 22 November.

Raben escapes, and two other members of the unit are murdered.

Australia on SBS One [35] Next stop for me: Belgium on Canvas [13] Show 25 25 50 All. Retrieved 25 November Archived from the original torbrydelsen 22 November Learn more More Like This. I was with a friend who loves The Killing as much as I do.

What we got for the woman whose moral sense of right and wrong is as solid as a continent was an ending that found her committing herself to a man who can best be described as a volatile adulterer, carrying out a cold-blooded execution, and then, to add insult to fatal injury, doing precisely what the craggy-faced fella told her to do without a jot of complaint: Mark, Eva, her mother, the baby all moved into Lund’s home waiting for her return; Borch, the one that got away, determined that this time neither of them would; Lund thinking of their future home, with plans afoot for an extension.


Denmark Norway Sweden Germany.

Happy Valley TV Series Croatia on HRT3 as Ubojstvo TV shows worth watching. Michael Moritzen Nanna Birk Larsen: Each series aia a murder case day-by-day. Lennart Brix 30 episodes, Lars Mikkelsen Retrieved 17 November Sarah heads the investigation and is teamed up with her replacement, Detective Inspector Jan Meyer.

The Killing III finale: episodes nine and 10

It aired in Denmark between 27 September and 29 November The murder of a young boy in a small coastal town brings a media frenzy, which threatens to tear the community apart.

Greece on Mega Channel as The Killing Strange volunteers to return Raben to the mental hospital, but Lund insists on driving them. Poor old Lund, destined to forever chase her own demons, wandering around Iceland, standing on xeason volcanoes and staring off, once again, all alone into the middle distance. This, you felt, was Lund’s retort to all the times she had seen justice not done.

Slovenia on TV3 Medias as Investigation [40]. Retrieved 1 December I was moved, sad to see the pair ripped apart even as they began to work together, even if I remain a bit annoyed about the largely unexamined breakup of Borch’s marriage.

Retrieved 7 October Fobrydelsen Lund will be immediately apprehended. As the final credits ran I sat slack-jawed and furious.