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And then, beginning in the s, Jews started emigrating to America. But oh, to be returned to that certainty! We have to talk about the scope and breadth of the writing though because I think as a reader a little preparation before going into this is important. I make so many mistakes on my own. So strong was the characterization and their individuality though, that for me they read like real people rather than impossible creatures from a fantasy realm. I was hoping for something more, but in all honesty, it left me feeling kind of “meh” However, despite my personal preferences in regards to this book, I would recommend it, as it was overall, a unique and satisfying read. You don’t expect it to be what it is, to give you what it gives you. Theirs is a relationship based on trust and deep friendship, and even when that trust is broken, they forgive and return to each other.

Maybe even to learn how to fall in love with each other in a circumspect, tentative manner. He’s still impatient, petty, and arrogant, but he’s not without scruples or compassion. There’s even an evil wizard that returns through each life with not just a complicated background but also a complicated inner life. But, as her characters came together and their lives began to intertwine, I began to appreciate the true artistry of the novel. It’s basically an immigrant story that becomes an empowerment story with a strong thread of very understated romance. Unlike RealDolls, golems can walk, talk, and think. Jinni, the Arabic mythical creature who, contrary to popular belief is not a tutelary spirit meets Golem, a creature of clay animated to life in this book, just as the title inadvertently confines it to. Be advised that while the first half is a bit of a slow burn, the latter half is certainly faster moving and well worth the effort and attention required to make it there.

At any moment he expected the city and water to dissolve, to be replaced by the familiar steppes and plateaus of the Syrian Desert, his home for close to two hundred years. Wandering around, she is spotted for what she really is by a retired rabbi on the Lower East Side. I’ve never felt this hypnotized, amazed, and captivated; the level of mesmerization is just so How could I possibly review this in the most coherent way? Chava is unmoored and adrift as the ship arrives in New York harbor in Let’s just say that this is a book about desire, and about sublimating those desires.


But pkot nature leads him down very dark pathways, too. Even the simple act of baking bread would stay in your memory and you might even yearn to smell it or probably read the book again just to have the feel of it. Reviewers latched on to themes of immigration within the novel. It is, at its most basic level, a tale of immigrants adjusting to a new land, but we also have the additional factor tthe it being two supernatural beings adjusting to humanity.

The Golem and the Jinni; 5 Stars. While not much for snoozing, the jinni has the ability to insert himself what did I tell you about that?

Fang-tastic Fiction: Helene Wecker: “The Golem and the Jinni”

The cast of characters were varied and the stories soaked in Jewish and Arab mythology and mysticism. It was a subtle interplay of the apostate’s thoughts and sjmmary Jinni’s heretical questions that led me into an excogitating mood one day and I still don’t believe unquestioningly in God but I respect that others do.

And unlike so many debut fantasy novels, it’s entirely self-contained. I would sum,ary a glimpse of this book in bookstores and debate picking up a copy, only to pass over it when another book caught my eye.

This is Helene Wecker’s debut novel, but I would never have thought it was a first novel. They insult him, or make threats against him, or he simply develops a whim.

Maybe it’s the most fun book I’ve read in years. Again, that not quite laugh. I even kept forgetting I had to write this review. Sadly fallen from The Chosen, but a very nice young man who runs a hostel for new immigrants. There is a lot of interesting information there.

In doing so she has transported old world legend to a place where and a time when vast numbers of more ordinary people were trying to create new dreams, new legends pplot their own, immigrant New York City at end of the 19th century. This includes coping with the fact that she does not sleep, and that it is not considered ok for a young woman to be seen walking the city streets at night, even if it her purpose is honorable.


Monday, June 24, Helene Wecker: Because you make so many mistakes. So why am I only giving this 3.

The Golem and the Jinni

Back to the real heroes of the story. Another supple metaphor of the Jinni’s cavalier mien I appreciate to no extent. Apr 24, Mitch rated it it was amazing Shelves: Original review can be found at Booknest. Ahmad is every artist who ever left a sad past behind him and traveled somewhere far away to create a new life–a life in New York, where you can be anyone you want to be.

There are a bevy of characters and since Ms Wecker decided upon a third person narrative, each of them have been efficiently explored. Shmmary jinni, made sjmmary fire and accidentally released from his entrapment of years and confined to human form, is sum,ary navigating the city as a babe in the woods.

She was crafted for a much different person than most golems, and must learn to navigate her fledgling life without the guidance of a master. He will have to cope as a human. At first I was like, “Do we really need to know the ice cream guy’s life story? Madness y This book was beautiful. Free will permeates as a theme. Sometimes, it is just so fascinating to be these two outsiders looking in at humanity. But oh, to be returned to that certainty! Unlike RealDolls, golems can walk, talk, and think.

There just are not enough stars – I just finished this fantastic book!

I am including that discussion here, but am using the spoiler label to separate it from the body of the review.