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The follow up sageuk with UTW looks promising with two of my fav ahjussi actors anchoring the show as well To balance up the good and bad in Yeok was not easy but YWJ nailed it. Chandler , You make plenty of sense. He offers his hand. Like those lines “yeongansun gave up his people for his power whereas yeok gave up power for his people”. I guess I just expected them to do more with her. Follow Kjtamuser Blog via Email.

Scholar Kim tries to argue against the sudden personnel movement but the King is certain it can be handled smoothly. Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful teary-heart wrenching recap! The next day he vows never to go back but later hears that she is pregnant. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Everyone has a good laugh. Thank you thank you thank you so much for not killing him:

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So yay for him. I suppose one could argue that given the ability, the power, shouldnt one consider using it? And she has been confused over him for quite some time now, but what Guan Jun did overshadowed all of that for so long.

But to each their own. I had a brief moment fugitice anger at the fantasy dream sequence that could have been seen as teasing us with what could have been, and that really hurt. Specifically, show that EG stopped the taxi, ran back to Maru and found him crumpled on the path.

Ok I I swear I will probably calm down and stop calling for her blood by Thursday. I think he died and EunGi is still running the company and taking care of small bro. Joon Jae says after she left he was able to hold onto enough of his memory but it did start to fade. She asks how dare they come gloat about their wedding, and assumes Terry is purposely asking Guan Jun to be part of the wedding party to goad him.


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I know Mu-myung is more valuable alive than dead, but damn it makes for an unsatisfying end to a fight. Looking forward to read some more. She leans in to kiss him. The King takes DY on a surprise date out to their favourite tavern in the city but they get stuck in heavy rain and have to stay the night in an inn where they finally consummate their relationship. Did they cut out the airport scene where DH is in the bear outfit? Thanks for recapping this He stares at Sim Chung.

OR Cos of the fantasy element in this, what if, those who love her, not just romantically, but true friendship etc, what if the memory erasing doesn’t work on them because of that? So much tecap reading all your comments.

In the process of learning to care, respect and love each other, Joonjae and Chungie were able to appreciate more of the world they live in and the people that inhabit it. He was handsome, fresh, fugitiev and wonderful.

Da Hua speaks up and apologizes for not discussing with Mom before accepting such a big decision. On the contrary, remember the bromance in Sang doo? P You also take care Twin!

After Xiao Fei opened her mouth I actually visibly cringed. Those bonds she had with not just Joon-jae, but his bros and mom. Maru puts Eun Gi in a taxi to send her off.

Thank you for being beautiful from start to finish, Seven Day Queen. Do Moon looked so freaking sad after Jung Hwan chided him. Thanks for the recap! What can I say? I epispde miss you. Except then, another figure enters the room: Aha, it is Ho-Kyung! JJH was as wonderful as always. Was disappointed mid series when things were left unresolved when HJJ’s father passed away. Yoon Kang goes back to his ransacked residence and encounters the joseln slave orphan boy who has recovered from getting run over by a horse.


Anyway I did’nt have high expectations for this drama just gave it a try for the writer and the star cast. They also insist she be handed over to them for questioning! Aw, Jo Jung-seok would be so proud. So, bravo to her, even though she and Yeok had to endure the long years of separation.

No words can describe how perfect this drama is. There can never be a better love story. Joon Gi is my nu 1 bias, and I love him, almost everything.

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I don’t care for the villians, but the mytical components regarding mermaid lore and also, the connection to the past should have been used more effectively I recqp dam Ryung and we should have seen more of him But that being said, despite all flaws I enjoyed the drama.

I’m so happy Jung-hwan didn’t die! Such a stress reliever to watch this show! His smile to EK means, he actually remember her. All they really ever wanted was a situation that allowed them to be in the same space at the same time, josson the drama did a fantastic job in weaving its plot so as to make that feel impossible.

Plus this couple, where will I get such a couple again that fully trusts each other. I lost this thrill feeling…. That and a bunch of other hints. Even so, the writers really messed up this drama.

But those are not really a big pro so it alright.