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According to Deadline Hollywood , Freeform has picked up the show for a fourth season. He pointed out that Jude and Connor is not used to being this far apart. Go Hollywood’ lands strong premiere ratings”. Retrieved July 21, Here’s everything fans need to know before episode 11, “First Impressions”: Brandon and Callie panic and argue when they learn their secret may have been exposed. Callie’s adoption reaches a critical stage while Lena and Stef continue to have marital issues. What is more, Brandon is scared that their parents will learn of the truth.

Stef Teri Polo will also be in a clash with her wife Lena Sherri Saum regarding her serious medical issue. Lexi is back in town, which throws Mariana off-kilter as she had become close to Emma while Lexi was away. Austin would be leaving the show. The wait is finally over, with the Season 3B premiere set to air Monday at 8 p. During the midseason finale, they gave in to temptation and slept together. Brandon said they will be more upset that they would not be able to adopt her now. At the party, Brandon goes through his phone and discovers that AJ had been phoning his brother and lashes out at him. Callie and Brandon agree to a truce by agreeing not to bring their new significant others home or to family functions.

Brandon tells his mothers that Cortney has a child. Jesus is happy to see her, but not as much Mariana, who leaps up to hug her long, lost best friend. In the heat of the moment, AJ kisses her but pulls back and apologizes.

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Go Hollywood’ lands strong premiere ratings”. Callie, after learning that her app may cause problems for other foster kids if they speak out, shares her own spoilere, asking others to do the same. Byerly added that there will definitely be challenges and perhaps some trust issues come season 3B.

Callie Fosterx Mitchell and Brandon David Lambert will hit a rough patch in their relationship in the upcoming episode of the hit series “The Fosters.


He gave his boyfriend his blessing, vowing to make long distance work. Views Read Edit View history. The Fosters season 3 poster. Lena, demanding an apology for his racist seaspn, tries to convince her mother, Dana, to tell her father but feels conflicted after learning Nate’s new girlfriend is black.

‘The Fosters’ Season 3B Spoilers — Callie/Brandon, New Love Interests | TVLine

In the end, AJ presents a sloilers to Callie. Robert is still uncomfortable. In the official synopsis released, Mike Danny Nucci will discover something about his foster son, but he will be in a dilemma with what to do with the information. Callie and Brandon are separately interviewed by the social worker, where they accidentally provide different answers.

Videos have taken the place of Jesus in the lives of some Christians, says John Piper Should Christians be minimalist? Brandon immediately regretted what transpired, however, when the court decided that the family could finally adopt Callie. Meanwhile, Ty asks AJ to run away with him since he knows that the police have found a trail. List of Seaosn Fosters characters. However, Mike doesn’t want to hear it and Brandon leaves. Hoping to impress Mariana, Nick turns to Jesus for advice on planning their first date.

Callie learns that Jude is spending time with a quirky teen they met at a foster youth dosters. Callie’s speech also made Jude realize that Connor seasom to be in a home where he was accepted. Jesus attempts to learn the identity of his birth father. American b3 drama TV series “The Fosters” is going to be packed with drama and emotions when it returns next year for the continuation of season 3. Jesus tries to get to know Gabriel at work better.

‘The Fosters’ season 3 spoilers: Brandon confronts Callie for being indiscreet in episode 12

Meanwhile, both Callie and Brandon dislike AJ spending so much time in Brandon’s room and witness him stealing a valuable object of Brandon’s. Earlier in the episode, Connor’s father had caught them getting a little intimate, resulting in an awkward moment between Lena and Jude as she gave him “the talk.


Jude and Connor promise to maintain a long-distance relationship and admit they love each other for the first time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He added that his character will try everything to make it work but Connor also has to step up. Callie dismisses his apology and kisses him back, all the while Seasno is watching from the kitchen window.

She confronts Mariana, who apologizes.

Do not reproduce without permission. After an impassioned speech to a judge, Callie is officially adopted by the Adams-Foster family. In the promo video released, Brandon is seen telling Callie “That’s how a secret stops being a secret, when you tell people. Jude confesses to Connor that he prefers keeping their relationship a secret. Meanwhile, the moms find a pregnancy test in the trash and believe Callie is pregnant with Brandon’s baby.

Callie and Brandon agree to a truce by agreeing not to bring psoilers new significant others home or to family functions. Lena feels that Stef is ignoring their issues by cancelling therapy and hiring a plumber who may like her. Mariana is over the moon, but Jesus and Emma share a worried glance. Stef uses her police skills to catch the driver. Watch the promo for “The Fosters” Season 3B premiere below: Jesus is upset after his plans for a low key birthday are overtaken by Mariana, who plans a huge dance party instead.

Seadon Callie’s 17th birthday. Celebrities share importance of placing their identity in Christ, not the world. Instead, she made an impassioned speech advocating for the rights of all foster kids. They’re both really working at finding their own happiness aside from each other. In Case You Missed It.