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I had just basically fooled myself. Matt believes The Kid and Wormwood have destroyed each other and rejoices, leading to Sam and Charlotte believing the Kid is dead. It just didn’t live up to my overwhelmingly high expectations, which wouldn’t have been met no matter how good the book turned out. I feel kind of bad for her but it’s still adorable, I mean her POVs where she’s trying to impress him are just. Maxie and the rest of the kids have got problems of their own — as Paul continues to cause trouble. I hope The Hunted, out in September, is much better than this mess.

Oh man, I’m nervous to find out what’s going to happen next in The Hunted! Book 3 follows another crew, who are doing something at the same time as the final events of book 2 are happening. It could all blow up at the first misunderstanding or shove. And considering that ending The kids manage to take control of a sightseeing cruise boat moored in the river. I felt that it was hit and miss in parts. The new religion attempts to make a banner, but the maker misspells Agnus Dei as “Angus Day”, leading to the religion being renamed again. Ugh, I can’t even write a proper review.

Mar 14, Trisha rated it really liked it. The Holloway Crew, weakened but still functioning, have now travelled across London and reached the Natural History Museum.

Meanwhile back at the Museum: Human Charlie Higson definitely does not shy away from the blood, gut and gore of this series but he also gives so much life to the characters.

As they make their way through London, Kyle smashes open a zombie’s skull, and the group fail thhe notice a mass of moving grey slime that emerges from its head. Turns out the deformed kids at the warehouse think the disease comes from a lost tribe of deformed people from the amazon rainforest.

Use Google translate, to translate the review into french. While spying on the Fear, he spots a group of three kids who don’t realize how large The Fear are over one hundred sickos. The next morning, the trio start a small fire as a distraction, allowing them to escape.



The Holloway crew are survivors. I’m a huge fan of The Enemy series by Charlie Higson but I’m sad to say that this is my least summarry out of all the books so far.

I do think that The Dead is still my favorite. He attempts to flee on a gimpy leg, but Bluetooth ultimately catches up with him. There was a stink of blood in here, and human waste, rotting flesh and fresh meat all mingled in a foul stew.

Higson brilliantly twists history lessons around a zombie tale. After not being able to determine which of them is the Goat, Matt imprisons both boys, thinking it is a test. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Ed holds council with David and Jordan, with Ed and David deciding to move to North London away from the oncoming fire.

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It was great ploot the Holloway crew again and having them team up with Llot and co at the natural history vharlie was great. The Haven – Are You In? But the problem with doing this is that you can’t guarantee that it will be in use by the time the book is published and I can’t say that I’ve heard any of my students really use this word plus it is really going to date the book These characters fill my heart with huge love and pride.

Then again, I also was pretending that DogNut wasn’t dead but he was apparently. The Young Bond books have, to charie, sold over a million copies in the UK and been translated into 24 different languages. There is a good balance of the current plot, like what each crew it up to – and fallrn overarching plot pertaining to the disease and why people got sick and are now zombies.

I’m not shocked by horror in books much!!! On after what I understood, she is in love with Olive? Lots of action, running, fear, and humor. I did miss Ed and his team but he did show up for the infuriating ending where small Sam misses Ella and then everyone who went with Ella to the countryside dies and we are left wondering if she did.


Chapter 90 gives a summary of the over-arching plot. Sorry, I can Higson ramble.

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I find these series are always very fast paced and The Fallen is no less than this — a definite page turner right from the beginning. How can a series so incredible end up with a book like this?

The Sacrifice is a post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel written by best-selling author Charlie Higson. View all 6 comments. In that time, I built up lots of hype, was excited that the original group of kids were back, hoping for them charli return with a bang.

A group sets off, and they explore until they find a Tesco truck full of non-perishable food, with a partially decomposed corpse inside.

The Fallen

After escaping from David and The Palace, the Crew arrive at the museum. Glad you found my review useful. Not as much amazing character development in this one, but there was a lot of action that I really enjoyed, and there was also a lot of Achilleus which I really enjoyed, chralie we d Ah this was so good sukmary my god it’s so nice to get back with the Holloway kids and oh my god I can’t believe I have to wait so many months for Book Six to come out in the US because OH MY GOD.

Matt foretells that the Lamb will look like a blond boy and will have a darker shadow another boy, nicknamed “The Goat”who must be sacrificed so that “The lamb has no shadow” and is capable of cleansing the earth. Matt’s group eventually reveal their true intentions- they plan to figure out which of the boys is the “Goat”, and sacrifice them so the “Lamb” can cleanse the earth of the Nephilim Matt’s name for the zombies.

Achilleus trying to understand and hang with the geeks was priceless.