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In series 6, his storyline is told by Charlie on how his father put in care in the day he was born. Tommo meets Sasha outside The Dumping Ground and tells her they can live together with his brother. Bailey runs away to his dad and they go to a football match, however, Jimmy is chucked out of the match by a police officer Jon Regan. Frank and Tyler look into Peter’s plans when their archaeological plan flans and realise that Peter and Janet will gain a luxury house for the development. In “Who Are You? In “Wardrobe” Ryan blames Joseph for staying behind with him and Kazima because Ryan wanted to cheat in the card game by making Tyler pick Finn but Joseph asks Finn that he likes dinosaurs as they both got along in “One Giant Leap”, as the wardrobe got delivered as Kazima and Joseph are trying to move the wardrobe in the house but when Joseph checks inside he gets locked inside as they start to chase after the wardrobe, later they lose track as Joseph escapes from the wardrobe using Ryan’s grandfathers’ medal as to make him move the wardrobe as Kazima emotionally gets happy that Joseph is found and later Ryan patches up with him.

Luckily there had been a sighting of him on a street nearby. Fiona and Mike talked to May-Li and explained when happened, May-Li confronted Jay confused about why he was lying, but Fiona told May-Li to pack her things and go home while they deal with this. Aileen was eventually offered a job in business, and as the years went on she became a very successful business woman. She starts to think about her mother and when a little boy in the park questions her ‘Where is your mum, haven’t you got one? Mo explained that he did this to stop the fostering party and prevent Carmen being fostered by the Brantstons, calling them “nasty people”. He decides to lie to Mike telling him that May-Li hit him on the arm really hard.

The Dumping Ground —. They came to arrest Bailey to question him about the window incident.

Jody in Wonderland

At lunch, Johnny is in a bad mood and decides that no one is groind to eat and a food fight breaks out. When Tyler finds out Sally hasn’t been taking her bipolar medication, he asks May-Li to take him home. The custody sergeant tells Carmen her rights now she is in custody and takes her fingerprints.

They scrapped this plan when they tasted the ice cream and were disgusted with the taste.

Frank uses all the food money on the machines and when Frank wins, he asks the manager why no money has come out of wonderlamd machine. Family Sons Johnny Taylor. The following morning, Mo wanted to give his grandmother’s pearls which Jody and Elektra had stolen to Tee, but could not find him, so he went to ask Tee for help. Alex wasn’t a very popular person in the Dumping Ground to begin with, as he is already known as a thief by the others dumpping he has many angry outbursts, especially when Dumpong announced she was leaving to live with her dad in Denmark.


Mike then gives Joseph a colourful coat from the lost and found, saying he could wondefland it been as it’s in the lost and found box. She reveals that the police might have found the body of her brother, Razz, who had been missing. Carmen and Tyler sneak into the house and go to Jody’s room, which is filled with stolen, expensive goods.

They end up locking Max in the attic and trick Maz into the kitchen before tying her up. She departed in series 5 during the episode Farvel.

Mike met Bailey at the vets, and explained to him that Bailey was going to have to be brave and say goodbye to Mischief. Alex Walker[11] portrayed by Connor Lawson[12] made his first appearance on 3 March in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode Belief. David explains the reasons why he had Mo removed from his parents, which is that he found Mo left alone in Peter and Caroline’s flat at 18 months old.

It consists of thirteen, thirty-minute episodes. The doctor tells Faith and Mike Connor Byrne that the x-ray has shown no damage to her hip. Later, Bailey cleared the misunderstanding that he didn’t mean to insult him but to have a laugh.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Sasha returns from her mum’s after finding out she is pregnant, so she tells May-Li she wants to be fostered and May-Li and Mike tell her she has been matched to potential adoptive parents. Which is quite hypocritical, been as how Mo was when he first arrived at the dumping ground. During his first episode, Ryan deleted an email sent to Mike concerning both mental health and himself before destroying the computer keyboard.

But when Tyler and Ryan arrive, Ryan starts to tease Sasha by saying she’s starting to turn all pink and girly. Cold, alone, frightened and hungry, Alex learnt quickly to take care of himself as everyone else in his life so far that he’d ever trusted has left him.

Planning to expose Ryan for who he really is and knowing Ryan, who didn’t celebrate his own birthday as he hates birthdays, Tee plans a birthday party for Ryan. And that she was sad that her mother was ignoring her after she testified against Kingsley in court, and expressed how she felt about her mum and the way she treated Jody. Abi volunteers Bailey to work at the local dog pound. So he left with Mischief to go and live in America. In the episode “Sasha Bellman P.

Later Mike rang the insurance company to get the window replaced, but when he let it slip that it wasn’t an accident as he also thought it was Bailey, and he did it wonderlandd purpose to get back at Johnny was told that if it was not an accident it’s criminal damage.

Sarah visits The Dumping Ground and she is impressed with Elektra, but she breaks the news that Elektra is ineligible for the programme as it’s designed for those who need to make a positive change. Mo visits David at the hospital when he is awake and Mo reveals to David that he knows Caroline and Peter are his wonerland. Mike promises to keep an eye on things Chanelle and Tyler, but Andy isn’t satisfied.


Bailey takes on responsibility of a dog, Mischief Sageafter he blames himself for the death of his homeless owner Mal Dai Bradley and he wins Mike and May-Li round upon training him. The following day, Rowena and Lizzie return and speak to the kids, however, they agree to stay wonderkand.

In “Breaking in” Toni was upset as since there weren’t enough tickets she wouldn’t be allowed to go to a theme park with Billie and the other dumping ground ni.

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But she was struggling to control her anger during that time. Carmen reluctantly agrees to share her room with Kazima, however, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima’s behaviour and orders Kazima to leave. Edit Did You Know? Gina realises that Hattie would be better off in a care home. In “The Lurgy”, when Mike was ill he kept ringing Fiona asking her to pick up some stuff from the chemist. Gerry is the father of Rick Daniel Pearson. Archie struggled to sell the carrots as no one was interested.

Tyler is delighted when Sally wants him back and he visits his mum for a meeting with his social worker. Tyler tells Mrs Underwood that he can’t get fostered as he has promised his mother, Sally Diveen Henry. He prefers to be alone and sometimes aloof yet he is strongly caring and has a strong sense of integrity; he doesn’t like opening up or feeling vulnerable, as he opens up his feelings to Finn and Charlie.

He needs help, and the Dumping Ground kids are there to help him.

In “Cat’s in the Cradles” Mike want to sell the old piano because it’s old but Taz dumpint to as she reveals in the end her mum and dad has taught her how to play the piano and she also mentioned that her dad stopped playing the piano as her mum died and its shows that she misses her parents and her dad put her into care because he couldn’t cope raising Taz alone and in the end Tyler, Jody and Floss supported Taz to keep the piano as it changes Mike’s mind because Taz is shown as a talented pianist.

Sasha allows Jody to make the movie, but Jody finds it womderland when some of the others refuse to cooperate.