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War of the Worlds is the new name Edit: My girl Day might get to a final! Hunter Barfield 7th Place: Excited for Cohutta to come back. That is unless Da’Vonne is eliminated and we need her back. May 16, – 4: It looks as if filming has just started and additional Challenge spoilers will emerge in the coming days.

My girl Day might get to a final! And I could see if they were just American to start. Skip to main content. DQ in redemption for fighting Shane. Don’t like his ass anyway. Oct 30, 9. May 29, – 7: May 9, – 7:

It will be revealed once it airs. The cast departed from Miami 3 hours ago. Everything else was in pairs for the most part. I do think that Day might make it for the long haul.

That is unless Da’Vonne is eliminated and we need her back. We’ll probably learn the country in the next day or two.

TJ wasn’t even at the final. WOuld have preferred them over Jasmine and Jemmye. On the guys’ side, things are little more open, but Zach, Frank, Jordan, and Leroy are pretty much confirmed. Speaking of the twins, Julia Nolan has been added to the elimination list.


The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 (Cast and eliminations Spoilers)

Fwiw, Callenge has been at the location for the past 2 days already. Wrestling over water 2nd redemption – Huntet Barfield and Aneesa Ferreira. They got two guys come back on the last redemption to even the numbers after Nelson DQ, since they didnt skipped any guys elimination and there wasn’t a replacement. And Frank, he’s easy to make fun of for being such a douche. April 27, – 8: Oct 30, 3. I am glad Ashley’s musty ass has already been sent home. Georgia Harrison All credit goes to Vevmo.

Nov 3, May 3, – 2: If you dont want to know any type of elimination or DQ spoilers dont go below this post: Oct 30, 1.

Jasmine why does she keep getting on this show???? This vevo be a blessing or a curse.

Member since Feb posts. Why can’t we just have another dual or something.


September 9, – They had to skydive and Jordan had a crash landing and actually did the whole bevmo with a leg fracture. She has connections on both sides of the fence!

The Challenge Season 33 SPOILER THREAD | Lipstick Alley

Alica had to back down the night before departure over health issues: Johnny has been removed from the eliminted list for now. May 8, – 6: This season is stacked with Johnny’s minions. I feel like the amount challente hookups will be crazy this season with all these new people and mixed teams.

Apparently the big surprises are Cohutta and Kelly Anne. There better not be a damn redemption house either!