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This is all so intriguing. December 8, – 5: Did Robb and Marie argue at all? The pic through which TJ spoiled the location is gone They’re going to have to win a bunch of elimination rounds unless the power swings soon. You can tell me that Marie is going, which could mean that there are Could it be possible that she really is fake?? I know some people are upset that San Diego wins and that we have to endure Frank, but so far he hasn’t bugged me to the point of “Oh, I’m turning my tv off now.

Is Dustin going to the reunion too? As in Hall Brawl will always be the “physical” game, one strategic, mental, etc.? He gave Frank and Zach props and said that they were just playing the game and doing it well. September 23, – 2: You know Sarah did like 6 seasons and somehow I still cant take her seriously. Robb barely spoke and was very quite Dustin, Sarah, Devyn, and Chet stuck up for Sam all at diff times. And why use the Marie push as an excuse? I don’t care who won, just can’t wait for bunch of frama.

August 21, – 9: August 21, – Battle of the Seasons. June 8, – 7: August 17, – 1: They’re going to have to win a bunch of elimination rounds unless the power swings soon.

But still don’t take that very seriously. That guy seems to love starting fights. That’s the easiest final win. The Reunion should consist: How did Vegas do during it being a two person team. Does anyone else think Trey will be there? I love how everybody thinks they spoilets Ashley personally because they have a friend that knew her and they said this or that.

I think Zach will be like CT when it comes to the Challenges because like CT he’s a big athletic guy who can intimidate most of the guys. Not just on this challenge.

I spoilera some people are upset that San Diego wins and that we have to endure Seaxons, but so far he hasn’t bugged me to the point of “Oh, I’m turning my tv off now. She said she wants to do another one but doubts it will fit in with her schedule. Ths wasn’t entirely clear to me while watching, so just curious if you had any idea.


I fear that this season will get lower ratings because of Frank, but MTV will not realize that and think viewers are turned off by the lack of veterans, and think viewers want them back. Did someone possibly quit? Maybe she doesnt like confrontation, and maybe she was frustrated that Sam didnt make an effort to make herself better or be prepared.

When Jonna was asked about whether her relationship with Zach was real or if it was only to benefit her during the game it seemed like other cast members rolled their eyes and had weird looks on their faces. September 26, – June 8, – 4: Trishelle hooked up with someone challenfe. Battle of the Seasons – Discussion Spoilers. She’s been in a lot of drama and it’d be fun to hear from her. South Pacific, which went to New Zealand.

Challengf the winners of Rivals went to the VMAs last year – sooooo I was hoping Sandy and Pete were on it to add to the fresh cast. The fun left when Nany and Marie left.

And I don’t btatle Zach making up a new character, he seems too serious and Wes turned into weird Wes over like 5 years not 1 year lol. Was there some sort of a twist or an “eviction”? November battlw, – 2: With that information in mind, and the fact that molds said that the intro scene was re-shot, that makes me think that something had to have happened on the bus if they never made it to the house.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons – Reunion (SPOILERS) | Vevmo

How Alton lost, I will never know, it had to be a mental or strategic game because no one can beat him at endurance, and the only guy who can beat him in Hall Brawl would be Zach.


Someone will need to knock him down a few notches. Ghe none of her business. She slept with Johnny knowing he had a girlfriend.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons – Discussion (Spoilers) | Vevmo

JD is the most irrelevant, but he’s part of a team that makes it very far, so he has to be there. I use to read the spoilers it ruins spoildrs excitement of the show.

Did the Nany’s clothes thrown in the pool situation with Knight get brought up? He also stuck up for her and said she always told him to play the game and do whats best for him and his team. I find it both sad and funny the amount of posts that write Dustin off as chaplenge loose cannon.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons – Reunion (SPOILERS)

She and McKenzie the “good girl” had very different views and values during their season. It’s been my view for several seasons that the Challenges would have been better served with a monkey and a banana than the on site Producer they had. December 1, – 5: And I guess they’re not doing team interviews this time, that’s too bad cause I liked those. December 8, – 3: Athens won, and everyone from TRW: So wait, are there 9 teams on this season or was one removed for some reason? Cancun, NO and Vegas will get screwed.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons – Discussion (Spoilers)

People are just speculating on who will be there. Also, who stuck up for Sam? Huge mistake to cast him, should have gone with Nate, or a different season entirely. I rewatched this season recently and can never get past the episode where Coral and Mike were arguing over his freak out. Why do people like this sessons