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After traveling down inside an abandoned train station, they learn they must stand in one spot on the cold platform overnight, holding their briefcases, until their train arrives. Retrieved 21 November December 09, In: Retrieved from ” https: Raphy 6 of 10 votes. Lavin then tricked each team that there was no train, and a transit worker mentioned to Lavin and each player that they were trespassing, with no time penalties assessed.

Battle of the Bloodlines occasionally promoted as The Challenge: The first stage, which contains four checkpoints, takes place on four stories of an old CIA facility in Berlin, Germany. The teammates eating the bugs put their heads in their cases, while the other team members are having snakes dropped into their cases. College basketball reigns supreme”. They are each instructed to pick a veteran, which will then send that veteran’s kin to the other person’s team. Brianna says they will try to stay optimistic about their placement in the game. Visby Big Brother U. When Camila finds out she and her sister are most likely headed to elimination, she voices her upset to her fellow cast members.

The winning team also earns the right of bllodlines the team has at least one player of the matching gender to compete in The Pit against the challenge losers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Battle of the Bloodlines” Premieres on Wednesday, December 2, at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tje time penalty is assessed if a briefcase touches the ground, and if the player holding the briefcase needs sleep on a bench, they must trade places with their teammate.

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The Lost Season T. Retrieved November 4, BloodlinedBMX rider. The challenge starts off with one of the team members choosing a rock, red means you are eating, blue means you are waiting with your head in a case.

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The Challenge: Bloodlines recap: Blood Brothers |

This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat Dirty 30 Champs vs. They advise him to get medical attention at a clinic, saying he may have broken some bones.

Cara Maria and Jamie make it to the finish line first. This is going to be interesting. The second stage begins with “Job Detail” — each player is required to wear business suits, and must carry briefcases required to complete the final challenge.

Battle of the Exes II. Views Read Edit View history. Later, in “Row Hard,” each player has to paddle 10 miles through the Spree River, until the reach the Olympiastadionwhere puzzle stations await each player at a “Coded Entrance.

thhe Stars season 3 Final Reckoning War of the Worlds. Challengers in gray cells indicate the bloodlines that team received after the other team chose a veteran. Mike 8 of 8 votes.


Cara Maria and Jamie were the captains. Oc of the Bloodlines after all! Retrieved December 10, Mitch 6 of 10 votes. Lavineach player was set up to face either CT or Zach in the “Hand it Over” pit elimination, in an endurance competition.

Week 2 — Bad Blood Posted By: The cast takes their limo and meets up with TJ at the Spree River. Jenna and Brianna worried about competing against men on the canoe challenge during the “Bloodlines” finale. Retrieved January 20, Battle of the Bloodlines together! Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 3 “Camilanator: He gets ready to attend the elimination round anyway. Nany 8 of 9 votes. In the next stage, “Train Delay,” each player must hold a briefcase and stay in a designated spot in a subway tunnel.

The Real World seasons. An ambulance is called and he is taken to a hospital. Battle of the Bloodlines.

The Challenge: Bloodlines recap: Bad Blood

The red team must also pick a female team from the losing group to send into the pit. Bodrum, Turkey e;isode Berlin, Germany. Jamie 6 of 6 votes.

One player of the designated gender will represent their team in the Decap. Tony rightpictured with his brother Shane, was injured during episode 3 of “The Challenge: Stockholm The Real World: Jenna 4 of 7 votes. Back at the puzzle, Jamie gets frustrated. The first checkpoint is “Barrel Roll,” in which each player must roll six barrels up a hill, prior to collecting their team tokens.