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It wasn’t until the reunion of internees at Tule Lake, when Mirikitani mentions that story of the boy’s death again, that the true plaguing meaning of his constant return to cats as subject hits home. And I must not fail to mention that a major theme here is that those people we see homeless on our streets are indeed people. It should not have taken luck and a charitable filmmaker to save Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani. Apr 20, Rating: She was dealing with a man who had refused to accept U. Sep 27, Rating:

This year-old Japanese American artist was born in Sacramento and raised in Hiroshima, but by he is living on the streets of New York with the twin towers of the World Trade Center still ominously anchoring the horizon behind him. As winter warms to spring and summer, she begins to piece together the puzzle of Mirikitani’s past. In this uncharted landscape, the two navigate the maze of social welfare, seek out family and friends, and research Jimmy’s painful past — finding eerie parallels to events unfolding around them in the present. Definitely not what I was expecting, although I’d only heard or read just a very little about this movie. It’s a gentle and inspirational doc about a street artist. By evening the streets were completely deserted and she found him in his usual spot, coughing from the fire smoke. At the University of Kansas where he taught since he was designated a University Distinguished Professor in

Mirikitani into society, recovering, among other documents, his social security card and passport. Hattendorf’s reaching out to this particular homeless man served as a springboard to redemption, possibly both for Mirikitani and for Hattendorf. Linda Hattendorf has made a most remarkable documentary revealing some nearly undetectable ravages provoked by war on innocent populations. movif

Was this review helpful to you? A nearby film editor, Linda Hattendorf, persuades elderly Jimmy to move in with her, while seeking a permanent home for him.

Linda Hattendorf Masa Yoshikawa. By evening the streets were completely deserted and she found him move his usual spot, coughing from the fire smoke. She wants to know his identity, his past and why he is surviving in such a dreadful manner.


Hattendorf began the long process of re-integrating Mr. Audible Download Audio Books.

Written by David Stevens. More Top Movies Trailers. Some things never change. Apr 27, Rating: DocumentarySpecial Interest.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate mvie favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Retrieved from ” https: We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. September 11 thrusts Mirikitani once again into a world at war and challenges the filmmaker to move from witness to advocate. Edit Details Official Sites: How did Mirikitani end up on the streets? Later, he moved to mirikitanni streets of Soho, where he created an atelier on the streets, and worked days and nights on his artwork.

As Hattendorf leads Jimmy through the process of reclaiming his life, she films Jimmy as he paints and draws in her apartment, narrating his life story with humor, anger, and deep emotion. Apr 20, Rating: Discovering that Jimmy is related to Janice Mirikitani, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, is the first in a series of small miracles along the road to recovery. She was dealing with a man who fuull refused to accept U. Jimmy Mirikitani has seen the best and the worst that history has had to offer, and he has come through it all with his love of art intact.

In this uncharted landscape, the two navigate the maze tye social welfare, seek out family and friends, and research Jimmy’s painful past — finding eerie parallels to events unfolding around them in the present. The prefecture adjacent to the Japanese capital has the image of bei The Cats of Mirikitani is a documentary film originally released in When an art professor mirikotani him sleeping in Columbia University’s library, Jimmy was referred to the New York Buddhist Church where he was provided with room, board, and training as a cook.

Her efforts, presented without even the faintest mirikitahi of self-congratulation, yield revelation and real caats, and keep The Cats of Mirikitani moving along a compelling and unpredictable trajectory. This is the story of losing “home” on many levels. You leave the film glad to have met him. It’s a gentle and movke doc about a street artist.


The young woman delves into the California-born, Japan-raised artist’s unique life which developed his resilient personality, and fuels his 2 main subjects: Mirikitani died October 21,at the age of How to release a Steven Soderbergh film in Japan Hollywood sends its products all over the world but global audiences can have widely different experiences of the same Hollywood movie.

At first, he refused her offer. Search for ” The Cats of Mirikitani ” mirokitani Amazon. Mirikitsni essential services include a free meals program, a health clinic, recovery programs, educational, tutorial, recreational programs for children and youth, counseling and job training services. The Cats of Mirikitani By paying him attention and making this portrait, [director Hattendorf] makes us see Jimmy Mirikitani as a three-dimensional person and not a stereotype of homelessness.

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‘The Cats of Mirikitani’

Janice Mirikitani is married to Reverend Cecil Williams. InJapanese American painter Jimmy Mirikitani born Tsutomu Mirikitaniover 80 years old, was living on the streets of lower Manhattan. The ” cats ” in the title are featured in Mirikitani’s artwork. Jimmy Movei never recovered from this ordeal after the war.

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He was living with his sister Kazuko and her family in Seattle when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in The Cats migikitani Mirikitani 8. Over the months they lived together, she uncovered his true identity and history. Filmmaker Linda Hattendorf took an interest, and began to engage with him to create a documentary of his life. Poignant beyond words, The Cats of Mirikitani is comparable to finding a pearl in a pile of oyster shells.