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Gandalf was more wise than powerful, and the rare times he did something supernatural were all the more impressive for it one of my favorite scenes in the movies is when he rides out and fends off the Nazgul with a flash of light in Return of the King. Otherwise, you can sit around with me and hope the author of our favorite series doesn’t die before finishing vol. I mean, it was totally worth it for me to read the first five twelve-hundred-page books of the Dragonkingspell Cycle it starts to get good at book six , but that’s nothing compared to how much it tried my patience to read this book. Don’t bother, unless you really need a big book to put you gently to sleep, night after night, for a long time. Noting that Clarke refers to important nineteenth-century illustrators George Cruikshank and Thomas Rowlandson , [iii] whose works are “line-dominated, intricate, scabrous, cartoon-like, savage and funny”, he is disappointed with the “soft and wooden” illustrations provided by Rosenberg. In this reality, a magician king had ruled Northern England for centuries and then disappeared, and two unassuming and scholarly types go their own way in trying to restore magic to England.

This is a page turner but not in the conventional sense. Instead of acting as recognizable archetypes, they were complex, conflicted, and developed as the story progressed. The tone, the slow-building plot with seemingly unrelated characters, wondering how they’re going to end up being integral to the tapestry being woven, all make for a warm, no It’s really hard for me to pull together my opinion of this one, because I loved it and hated it as I was reading. This book is difficult to describe And still an almighty, odd, evil spirit, a faerie, much more fearsome, than either of the magicians, lurks about bringing death and destruction, everywhere. Hardly anything in the first and something pages is relevant. Norrell, however, deliberately keeps some knowledge from Strange.

Phzntastic don’t know why she would try to write like those boring, old, dead authors, they wouldn’t have to make us read them in school if they were good. A nomadic childhood was spent in towns in Northern England and Scotland.

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Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Print audio eBook [1]. In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Archived from the original on 16 April Sandman paying a visit. The narrator Simon Prebble is fantastic, but the book is incredibly boring. This poor book, it’s in rough shape.

I think the quip from the Washington Post on the back cover sums it up for me: He seemed to dislike the question. Strange instructs Drawlight to deliver messages to Norrell, Childermass and the bloomsburyy community within England before dismissing him. Book on CD performed by Simon Prebble 3. The first adjectives which spring to mind when describing Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell are large, weighty, cumbersome, brickish, dense and leaden.


I found much of the tale to be philosophizing about the character of England, and the distinctions between the north and the phantsstic tedious as they are somewhat non-accessible and lack relevance to the non-English. His obsession with Stephen, was particularly odd, and I never felt like I understood it’s connection to Norrell and Strange. Retrieved 8 September The only other creatures in the belfy are the rats and I should think that if anyone is going to eat anyone else, the rats will eat the Frenchmen.

Clarke paints the sheer pomp of upper-class British society in phantastiic contrast to the wild underworld of the fairies. Page Number to update.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Retrieved 11 March Feeley explains that Romantic poet John Keats ‘s “vision of enchantment and devastation following upon any dealings with faeries ” informs the novel, as the passing reference to the “cold phantxstic makes clear. Certainly worth your time if you’re at all into living in books for a while. The book alternates between boring and interesting, finally on the 9th day we have wrapped it up.

I think Susanna Clarke is a very gifted writer. They were cute at first, because the book is written sort of like a history book from that period. Emma now Lady Pole lapses into lassitude. Average vote of 4. We all want to believe that magic exists and that somewhere a magician is just waiting to develop the skills handed down from Merlin. It became the p In the beginning was a preface, and then an introduction, followed by some exposition, and then an opening.

I actually think the author is a good writer and if the book was half the size and if the plot line had gone somewhere, this could have been a great read.

Hugo Award for Best Novel. Archived from the original on 3 May What is so wonderful about magicians, wizards and all witches other than Morgan le Fay is not just their magical powers, but that they possess these in spite of being low-born. I have very liberal ideas of authorship. Curious how everyone who entered knew instinctively where he was to be found. This is an immersive book, you will get involved in the world that the the story weaves around you.

Things fell together, more through lucky mistakes than any skill and I’m not quite sure whether I mean the author or the characters when I say that eitherbut the main mysteries and the main hopes that we wished to have resolved just weren’t. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout. While many claim the title none have the true power of magic. I stumbled across this show on BBC America and rather liked it. One of my favorite parts about the magic in Lord of the Rings was that no one ever really did any.


But all is not what it seems. I think I would listen to Simon Prebble read his grocery list! I can recognize that the book is very well written, and very clever. Always the Raven King. Want to Read saving….

Time ‘ s Best Novel of the Year. One can read along at a great pace and be surprised by the arrival at a chapter milestone, partly because the style mimics the pleasant conversational tone of a 19th ce This is an extremely odd book that has a certain flavour of fanfiction and which for some readers will be addictive like sweet and salty indigestible pseudo-snacks, offering a kind of ersatz tastiness without anything satisfying.

It never got good for me.

The Bloomsbury phantastics: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke | eBay

If there had been a severe editing blloomsbury done we may have had a pacier story and about half the length. This is a fictional tale of a fake history of fake English magic earthed by the handy lightening rod of historical events which actually did take place c -principally staffed by political characters who helped make the Napoleonic Wars so historically memorable.

But the story meanders bloojsbury, not really going anywhere for long stretches, and often as not ending in a dead end until the plot finally gets going in the last quarter of the book or so, eventually coming to a barely satisfying resolution.

My complaints about the book revolve mostly around its epic, meandering story, which did not have to be 1, pages. On those grounds I’m theoretically many things; theoretical spy, time traveller, adventurer and more if we’re basing it on the books I like to read. We are told that they have their own kingdom and are quite powerful yet