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Meanwhile, Gold and Valentine are ordered back to the scene of the housewarming when another domestic dispute breaks out, but are later forced to step in when the youngest child of the householder is kidnapped by his absent father and held to ransom. The office of constable can vary significantly in different jurisdictions, a constable is commonly the rank of an officer within the police. Metropolitan Police and station coat of arms from the Sun Hill set. Zoe Henry and Dean Gaffney guest star. After the key witness for Sun Hill arrived at court to give evidence, even after intimidation by the Devlins, Jason changed his plea to guilty. Subsequently, this episode would later be re-written and re-titled and broadcast during Series 23 under the title of “Blood Money”.

Adam Deacon and Bobby Lockwood guest star. Meanwhile, Perkins is tailing ex-con Max Little’s son, Taylor, after Max informs him that the boy has been running errands for crook Barry Green. Adam Deacon and Souad Faress guest star. Tribute to members of the Metropolitan Police Service at the end of the final episode. As Manson organises a press conference, De Costa confirms that all of the known local paedophiles in the area have alibis, and inconsistencies in the father’s account of his whereabouts start to look suspicious. There are also a number of independent Reservist Fusilier sub-units based across England, whilst the Fusiliers traditionally recruited in specific counties, today as an English regiment the Fusiliers recruit nationally. Bryant decides to accept a position with the Safer Neighbourhood team at Barton Street.

After an argument during a drinking session, Young and Smith had a one-night stand.

396: Connections – Part 1

Thailands Office of Witness Grts maintains a website, the UK has a nationwide witness protection system managed by the UK Protected Persons Service, responsible for the safety of around 3, people 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The sergeant class was deemed to be half of a knight in military value. Indonesian Police investigators from the criminal investigation unit. The original Australian three-season box set features an image of Sgt Bob Cryer. Valentine and Hardy pull an elderly drink-driver who fools Hardy with stqbbed ‘little old lady’ routine, until Valentine discovers a long list of previous convictions.

Hunter and Masters investigate when Cindy turns up at the station having claimed to have found a young girl wandering alone in the park, but Hunter is concerned when her story doesn’t add up. Views Read Edit View history.


As Nixon and Hemmingway organise a search party, Smity Costa and Perkins begin trawling through all of the known sex offenders in the area.

Filming began in Marchrunning until June that year, the series was due to contain a total of twelve episodes, but only eleven were completed, due to industrial action by technicians at Thames Television. The first series was transmitted on the ITV network at 9. Meanwhile, Perkins investigates the assault on Fletcher, but convinced that Hinckley was behind the assault, Fletcher turns up on his doorstep and gives him a friendly punch in the face.

The programme originated from a drama, Woodentop, broadcast in August Mercer soon becomes a prime suspect for murder, but with both the police and a former arch enemy on his trail, it boils down to which of them will find him first. Meanwhile, whilst out on patrol, Casper and Fletcher find a man collapsed in the street, and soon discover that he has overdosed on a similar sample of morphine to that found by Webb earlier.

Fletcher is forced to fend off an accusation of assault after his attempt to break-up a fight between a man and his girlfriend outside the local nightclub goes horribly wrong. Micah Balfour and Oscar James guest star. The original Australian three-season box set features an image of Sgt. The above DVD artwork is taken from the most recent Australian release and it features an image of Ch. The programme was established infollowing the assassination of journalist Veronica Guerin by a drugs gang she was reporting on.

When Pete Larson found out, Smith was abducted at gunpoint, beaten up, bound, gagged and driven in the boot of a car to an empty warehouse.

Smithy gets stabbed! | Episode | The Bill | What’s on TV

When Sergeant Bob Cryerwho had also served with the Fusiliers, encouraged him to pursue his ambition to become an armed police officer and gave him the highest possible grading, Smith submitted his SO19 application. Later, she confronts Aldridge, who claims the doctor paid him to keep quiet about the fact that he is sleeping with an under-age girl. She changed her mind about testifying several months later, but this meant she would have to go into witness protection stxbbed, and she asked Smith to move to Australia bbill her.


Young discovered that Kent was working in eipsode police under a false identity and that Dunbar was an undercover journalist. Fictional character from British police procedural television series The Bill. However, Smith’s colleagues found enough evidence to arrest Matthew Devlin for kidnapping a little girl in order to intimidate another witness against Jason, who faced other charges.

When Paul Marquess took over as producer inas part of a drive for ratings.

Richard Handford Paul Marquess When Smith emerged from his office, all he saw was two men fighting. He restrained Stone with a headlock, only realising that Stone was a police officer when he displayed his warrant card to Smith. An image from the final opening credits of The Bill. Nadir and Hunter investigate an apparent protection racket following a tip-off from Nadir’s informant.

Smithy gets stabbed!

Burnside Murder Investigation Team — Detective Inspector Neil Manson suspected that Samuels had just got in the way of a revenge attack on her boyfriend Marlon Reed, by a man he attacked, Bkll Morientes. However, when he collapses, Kapoor discovers that he has serious head injuries.

In Smith left Sun Hill because he felt that the many new rules Superintendent Tom Chandler was introducing prevented him from enforcing the law. The series was later re-issued staabbed two half-series boxsets in Australia, released on 7 Marchthe above DVD artwork is taken from the most recent Australian release. Meanwhile, Perkins’ day goes from bad to worse when he ends up receiving a beating whilst trying to protect Max Little, before investigating a dodgy translator representing a Togoan national who has been accused of theft by her employers.

Meanwhile, Smith geta PC Nick Klein were frequently called out to the home of Frank Kennedy, an elderly man whose house was continually being vandalized by youths.