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Scene 6 Part 2. The Balcony by Jean Genet. All golden, and all, through machinery, able to fit into each other, to combine When Chantal is killed, the power of her image is further increased. He becomes angry when the answer is negative, though Irma tries to soothe his ego. For other uses, see The Balcony disambiguation. Carmen is flattered, but only sees the futility of their work. The client who assumes the role of the Judge has his prostitute play a thief who must confess to her crimes and be struck by an executioner.

Though subservient, the prostitute does have his vulnerabilities under her control. Genet marries the contradictions, without trying to resolve them, in an ingenious way: Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. He does arrange to ensure the safety of the Grand Balcony. A Queen runs their unnamed land. No problem, says Genet, should be resolved in the imaginary realm, especially since the dramatic solution is an indistinct part of the closed social structure. When he hears another woman scream, he wants to save her, but the demands of his fantasy take all his attention. She promises to rebuild her house of illusions, but also tells her listeners that what they will find in their home is even more false than what they found here.

And it is out of that victory that defeat will spread to the revolutionary camp. There are no serious hitches, no divergences from the timetable or program. Irma tries to hurry him, but he will not be rushed.

Carmen tells her she is not happy. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Topics for Further Study.

It finally becomes clear that the Queen is dead, and the Envoy convinces. This grisly tribal dance of passion and murder is suddenly broken short by Genet; the esthetic and voodoo object is cast aside. A church service is a ritual; so is a public parade. Thus, in the first tableau the Bishop depends on the sinner, played by a prostitute, to fulfil gejet role perfectly: Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.


The Judge asks the executioner to hit her hard, so that he can intervene. Details are important to these balclny It is also important to note that the women work for another woman, Irma, who is discussed later in the essay.

For example, one client in the story dresses similarly to a bishop; while the woman confesses her sins to him, synopsia also ‘services’ him. Algeria has been a free, independent country sincebut has suffered economic crises in the late s and s. Just after Arthur leaves, the George Chief of Police shows up.

The standards we raise and the judgments bslcony pass steal into the air and become part of the atmosphere which writers breathe as they work.

The Balcony

The mausoleum and the fact that customers will pay to play him are symbols of his greatness in life and death. A messenger from the Queen informs that the people holding ranks of power in the society have got killed in the uprising. While there were those who collaborated with the Germans—including the Vichy government, which ruled France under the direction of the Germans—an underground movement also existed.

Lacking even that single sacrifice, the blacks would have to wear white masks.

The Balcony Jean Genet

It laughs more bitterly at men without authority who defer to those images attribute them and even worship them. In this sense, rituals and symbols are respected. Over the years, The Balcony continued to be performed and analyzed. Genet is transferring to these blacks the prerogatives of the criminals, the perverts, and the inverts of his plays and novels. One may disagree with the lack of hope that prevails in Genet’s play.


Scholars began analyzing The Balcony from the beginning. Carmen stays at the Grand Balcony to the jea, even after it is bombed and the Chief of Police locks himself in his tomb. Carmen reports about the other girls to Irma. Irma is rather callous towards the feelings of her employees, as long as they are in fine physical form for their work.

In the following essay, Petruso explores the complex depiction of women in The Balcony. Irma goes to great lengths to keep reality out of The Grand Balcony. He believes that when one is imitated, thee becomes immortal.

Like everything else in The Balcony, it is a profitable illusion.

A Common Reader: “The Balcony” by Jean Genet by The Collected Works

The theater is asserting its own reality; these blacks are ideas synoppsis blacks—white pictures interpreted by the blacks themselves. The danger to their revolution does not come from want of strength; it comes from lack of purity. There is a house of infinite mirrors where Irma manages some performances. Le Balcon is a play by the French dramatist Jean Genet.

She tells him what he wants to hear, though he knows the sins are probably not true. Though subservient, the prostitute does have his vulnerabilities under her control. He does not understand how he should act.

A Song of Love. SuperSummary – The Balcony Small provider of short book summaries. In the mids, Genet turned to writing plays.