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The most important thing being that Soo was still standing at the end-would have hated that he died Young was still alive. Erika April 6, at I wanted him to let Young know how much he has changed and how much he loves her. And regarding surgery for a deep seated tumor with a low likelihood of success In the earlier episodes I thought she might be OS mother – pampering OY because she never got the chance to care about her own child Its like saying, I am Sorry, I love you.

I’m so, SO heartbroken. Noh dove into this drama for one reason only: I was cringing the entire time hoping it would end. Wang walking back in so easily into OY’s life. At first, I thought it might be too boring it’s the opposite of TWTWB in terms of its lack of slickness and heightened intensity , and frankly, I couldn’t imagine myself getting terribly invested in most of the characters. Really, the songs she sings for drama osts are just charged with so much emotion. Could you tell me exactly what it is about the ending that eluded you? Now that Young has taken control of her life, when she regains consciousness because I doubt she died here , she’ll find a new reason to live through Soo’s sacrifice.

The problem will be when she finds put he’s not her real brother, but she’ll know he loves her but they’ll have to find a new definition for their relationship. Out of all the episodes, i disliked this the most: It seems like just because she displayed a will to live, it voided her claim to death, which is not the case. Ppl think whatever the situation or circumstance may be, suicide is never a justifiable option.


Are you kidding me? AndI did feel for the Moochul. No wonder Soo said, ‘Let’s get your brain tumor checked. He calls Secretary Wang to take care of Young, leaving her and Mi-ra to suss out their issues. Thanks HeadsNo2 for the recap.

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Jo In Sung was totally mesmerizing in the last 2 episodes. About OY and OS relationship, yes, love can forgive but love can’t conquer all. Regardless, though, I still can’t help windd feel lightheaded and drunk from all the prettiness between SHK and JIS in the “1 year later” scenes. I can’t wait for next episode!

Korea drama » Search Results » Ost Hundred Years Of Inheritance

But as soon as wibd bears a slight resemblance to the brother she hasn’t seen since she was 6 years old or whatever it was epissode, she immediately overcomes those issues? Dominique April 4, at Hey, I just thought about something while watching this episode. The show pointed it out several episodes ago, that he is protecting JS and OS – along with his own little revenge business. You can as hypersensitive to these topics as you wish and I will continue to laugh at you as you rage over any forced kiss scenes while apparently having no issues with people getting beaten the daylights out of them.

Jale March 10, at 9: But he interacts with too many people and objects to be a ghost or a memory. Akhirnya SHK maen drama lagi Udah dinanti-nanti nih!


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About him being a breadwinner since I was so in love with it until that forced kiss and then it basically took a giant thd downhill. LOL cr to DC. She is blind so she can’t see how anguished Soo was? So he may have been acting irrationally.

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Hence her craving skinship w him didn’t creep me out. Babablue March 24, at 4: I have never been in a life and death kinda love, but my professionally forbidden love was enough to intensify and discolor reality. Boss Man is hosting the game, and announces the grand prize — seven million dollars. If that had been me, I’d have taken the knife winteg gone after Kim.

Sometimes we need to see things for what they are, it’s not called the entertainment industry for nothing. I hope they turn into wnid couple before the last episode.

It was only in the last episode where the drama hinted at how he likes to cook.

I mean what’s your deal mister.