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I will miss the show… and specially mantu and amaya. Rocky, nipuna, naela, ritu…. Miss u hiba and dhruv hope u both come back in any another show. She asks how could he have been able to he come inside house and executed them, police couldn’t get them, you got them in a minute, its interesting. Amaya says but we have to go. Jaz says let them know not to get isolated. Gajanand says its everybody’s requests to God, I m fine, I need to apologize to you. Welcome, Login to your account.

Nusrat 14th Nov – Mishu 14th Nov – And there you have it………. Gupta and Jaz advise about heart assault show to unite Rama and Amaya. Sneha says I got beyond any doubt that Rama will deal with Amaya. Sneha says no, marriage will happen. Sumitra says bathroom is that way. Tilak says I lament you are questioning on me, individuals do this in affection.

Most of his followers and there are a lot are looking forward to seeing him on the screens again soon. Thanks amena…miss you guys……. Tilak hears her and says he will go and wash face. Kangana beats Tilak and makes him fall. Amaya says I knew you will get fine. Featured Tere Sheher Mein. Lets hope the team who created this, learn from their mistakes. This show was never restored. Amaya epiode Rama and recalls having seen him in this pose in dream.

Tere Sheher Mein Episode – 14th November – Drama TV Shows | Watch Episodes

Gajanand says its everybody’s requests to God, I m fine, I need to apologize to you. I miss as thissss seriallll so much…… Love u both amaya and mantu… Superb serial it was.


Tilak misleads her, and says he came in the wake of watching news. Thanks for ending this serial. Tere Sheher Mein started as an interesting serial.

They all look on. This show was always boring but I thought that they will end the show in an interesting way but no.

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Amaya rests and review their minutes. I alws mis manya hope dhruv noline hiba wil come together n a butiful lov story as a onnline pair soon. Rama and Amaya get shocked. Ritu 15th Nov – 8: I am happy finally it ended … as Amya and Mantru and Rama and amya elder sister i did not remember her name were cute and adorable couples… I had stoped watching this show and today I got to know that it ended and I am happy that it finaly ended after boring the people.

Tilak says he deceived me and all of you, Terw don’t comprehend what to say, I used to adulate him, he has done this.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Posted by Salman Saeed at 9: Not sure where the actors will end up after this show????

Dats gud serial ended. Tilak says I lament you are questioning on me, individuals do this in affection. Tilak gets motichoor laddoos, and asks them to eat, he will go and change. But midway through the serial, the Script writers messed up everything and people like me lost interest in the serial, but kept on watching for the sake of watching Amaya. Her only advantage is that she is still young and has the wahch to repair the damage.


Tilak says I feel bad as I m orphan, I had to buy clothes myself, who will tie the sehra, Rama you are like my brother, I want you and Amaya to make me wear sehra. Was a fantastic character in the show, and is episdoe surprise that this shows decline, coincided with his departure.

Sumitra apologizes to Gajanand and touches his feet. Amaya says you have run a NGO.

Tere Sheher Mein Episode – 14th November | Dramazine

The Episode begins with Sumitra and Bua apologizing to Amaya for upsetting her to such an extent. Its morning, Amaya converses with Sumitra about Tilak. She makes Rama wear the locket and asks Rama not to question her. Paris se start hua n poor mantu ko maar hi daala. Gajanand returns home and embraces Amaya. Tilak supposes he needs to wed this silly young lady and its great they all concurred, they are greater simpletons.

Gajanand says your marriage happened in bad situation, so I thought your marriage should happen happily.