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Shariff Dol takes the news in stride but promises revenge for the humiliation he has endured. Later on during the night, they each encounter some more of their neighbours’ antics, one involving a policeman and another involving a dispute between an indian husband and wife and a soiled baby diaper. Ramlee Malaysian black-and-white films Singaporean black-and-white films Films scored by P. Views Read Edit View history. Shamsuddin Aziz Sattar Music by P. Ramli, Ajis and Sudin are finally convinced and then rush off to find Ros. Retrieved from ” https:

Kassim Baba is overcomed with curiosity and pesters Ali Baba to tell him how he suddenly came into wealth. Whilst she tried to brush them off, they are undeterred and finally spooked, she then runs off. Modern Melaka swaggers once more, with visitors pouring in to experience the bustling weekend night market, heritage museums and famously glitzy trishaws. Ramli pursues Shariff Dol and they fight again when Ramli tells him he found his wallet at the scene of the fire. Reflecting the true elements of the movie, memorabilia in the form of photographs, signages and graphics plus audio sound clips will be filling up the atmosphere with the aim of creating an exciting, unique yet comfortable ambience. After Rosmah refuses, Ahmad Nisfu vows revenge and departs with his men.

After dealing with each problematic neighbour in their own unique way, they then settle down to memorise their lines. The next scene is of Salmah and her adamant refusal to get married to Shariff Dol. Sudin is already hungry but it is their agreement that they always eat together, the three of them. Later on in the evening, Bujamg informs Ramli that she has turned Shariff Dol’s marriage proposal down once and for all.

Is proud to announce that it is entering the next phase of its resorts and chalets development venture by introducing the new iflm of chalet-cum-homestay element that is meant to accommodate families and groups to organize or celebrate any occasion through gatherings or reunions.

Seniman Bujang Lapok One-sheet promotional poster. It is the second in the Bujang Lapok series of films, and stars the trio of P. She tells the same to Sudin and Ajis who round bujagn the rest of filn neighbours to find Shariff Dol and bring him to the police station. Among them are the appearances of bicyclesmotorcycles tdma, trucksa Vespa scooter, telephones and guns. An old man called Pendekar meaning “master” or “warrior” Mustar wants to cross the river, but he is ill-treated by the thugs.

Shamsuddin Aziz Sattar Music by P. Centuries of vigorous conquests and maritime trade are now distant memories.


P. Ramlee – Seniman Bujang Lapok [1961]

Marjina discover the hidden thieves and, with the help of Bukang Baba’s wife and widowed sister-in-law, pour boiling oil into all the individual jars. They finally settle in bujan the night oendekar when filmm wake up the next morning and make their way for their morning rituals, Ramli peeps into Salmah’s room only to be scared off by her emergence from the room.

Shariff Dol takes the news in stride but promises revenge for the humiliation he has endured. Sudin then tells him he has the answer for it and produces a ‘magic stone’ lapol had purchased earlier in the evening by a roadside seller who assures him that with a little ritual, all his deepest wishes will be fulfilled. When an agreement was not reached, they then all decide that none of them would meet her. Bakar Teja Edited by H. He seeks to find the thugs but chances upon Ramli, Ajis and Sudin instead and begs them to help him find Ros.

The village name under this movie called Kampong Pinang Sebatang. When its historic centre was crowned a Unesco World Heritage Site init kickstarted a pejdekar of renewal. Back at the room, both Sudin and Ajis wait for him back at their room with food on the table. He collects Kassim and has him sewn together by bribing the town cobbler, Apek, to do it. Shamsuddin is frustrated at his brother and constantly reminds his wife, Aloyah, of Ali Baba’s uselessness.

Ramlee Aziz Sattar S. Whilst she tried to bujanh them off, they are undeterred and finally spooked, she then runs off. It is then discovered that all three bachelors are illiterate and they had to ask the housekeeper, Aini, to read to them the contents of the letter. They remembers his orders from earlier that evening and continue with their recitations as a testament to their commitment.

The next day, Salmah and her mother receives a visit from Shariff Dol and his mother. The Pendekar is impressed that they have learned so quickly and bestows the title Pendekar Bujang Lapok on them. Ali Baba waits until the thieves have all left the cave before coming out of the tree and using the magic words to open the cave.

Ali Baba Bujang Lapok – Wikipedia

The three bachelors are on hand to visit him with flowers in hand. They proceed to create chaos at the jetty so that the thugs may get distracted and they then use the boats to sail their way to Kampung Pinang Sebatang. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They fumble the first few times and are loudly laughed at by the other students.


The thieves return, find the cave door open and quickly close it.

He is brought to the hospital where he is diagnosed with stress and released. Languages Bahasa Melayu Edit links.

When they meet later that night, Salmah tells Ramli that someone has come to ask for her hand in marriage. They proceed to do as told the next evening but it is the evening the jetty thugs picked to ambush the pendekar whilst he is on his own.

She is consoled and proceeds to write them a letter which she slips under the door to their room. Although the three main characters have the same names, tmea and personalities as the previous Bujang Lapok film, it is not a direct sequel as there are no canonical references to the events in its predecessor.

Salmah suggests using her savings instead and they gleefully leave for home together. After bearing witness to the damage done by the pendekar, the trio flim to follow him and become his students. The line between reality and fiction is blurred as real film industry places are used, real film sets of previous Malay films are used for the film-within-the-film, and all the featured actors use their real-life names or derivatives thereof.

He then appears at ;endekar scene and starts taunting Ramli and Salmah.

When asked, he tells them that he wants to get married but doesn’t have the money to do so. This film marked the feature film debut of Sarimahwho would go on to a long movie career, and is also notable as one of the few P. Most of the movie centre around their lives in a house shared with other tenants they all each rent a room. They all fail in their recitation and upon discovery of their illiteracy, the pendekar orders them to attend school to learn how to read and write.

He constantly sends his wife to his brother Kassim Baba’s fjlm to borrow flour so they can eat, but the stingy Kassim Baba S. Kassim, who has forgotten the chant to reopen the door, is trapped and caught.