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While I think this is more due to the director’s preferred approach and style, I cannot help thinking as if I was watching an old music video by Rizal Mantovani which also happens to be involved in this movie. One of his novels described that a west Sumatran woman who married to non-west Sumatran could live happily. Memimpin Majalah Panji Masyarakat Magazine. In , Indonesian literary world was shocked by big news about Hamka. The couple kept living in Deli because they loved the place and the community who came from many various places in cultures in Indonesia. I don’t know what was wrong.

This event caused thousands of people killed. Di tepi Sungai Dajlah By the river of Dajlah , Notify me of new comments via email. Hamid and Zainab could not be united because of the strong tradition in Minangkabau. Despite the fictitious story and characters, the background of this movie is actually based on the real historical event, the sinking of the Van der Wijck ship, a luxury Dutch liner that sank in the northern coast of Java island in 28th October Himpunan Khutbah-khutbah The collection of sermons.

Hamka was against polygamy which was most common tekks in Minangkabau. Keadilan Ilahi The justice of God This event caused thousands of people killed. The most obvious example is the pictorial of Zainuddin’s house as a very big mansion with many candle reks, a big dinner table, complete with butler and housekeepers.

Generation 45 was taken because at that era, Indonesian literary works had specific characteristics in supporting Indonesian independence from Japanese colonialism.

A promise from a young man and woman deeply in love. Generation 66 Generation 66 was taken from the year when Indonesian Communist Party PKI tried to coup the official government but they failed. Pevita Pearce appeared lovely and elegant, shines with her stunning beauty throughout the movie. Mengembara di Lembah Nil Wandering in the valley Nil That is the climax and the golden moment of this movie.


Speaking from a Christian Chinese Indonesian perspective who fancies western movies and exposed to Western cultures, this movie is much better than Nicholas Sparks’ love birds.

Hamka as an historian Another role of Hamka was as an historian. Again, I see good acting performance from those outside the main characters, as Jajang C.

As an ulema, he was very active in giving explanation about Islam through books, radio, TV, and other xer. So powerful, epic and breathtaking, and you will know it by your heart.

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The very best and pride of Indonesian cinema. Empat Bulan di Amerikasecond edition They supported each other. Tengglamnya are commenting using your Twitter account.

One of his novels described that a west Sumatran woman who married to non-west Sumatran could live happily. His language style is very sentimental, makes the readers sad. An excellent direction from Sunil Tenggelamnyya acted as the producer, who made a movie so beautiful, poetic and touching, and at the same time feels so extravagant and epic, with the story stays true to the novel and well capturing the main spirit told by kapl writer in criticizing the certain customs and traditions in the Minangkabau society at that time, such as ethnic and social status discrimination, and forced marriage.

Lembaga Budi The institution of virtues All of them became bestseller.

Hamka as a journalist As a journalist, Hamka founded a publisher with his friends. This was his first work.

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck

Memimpin Majalah Mimbar Agama Magazine. He played many different roles in Indonesian history.


As an ulema, all of his novels were full of messages about Islamic teachings. This is the story about a timeless love and love unrealized.

Hamka: A Great Indonesian Artist

The dialogue was really cheesy. This is a great Indonesian period romantic drama, a truly instant classic that may not come once in every decade. Revolusi Pikiran The revolution of thought The last positive thing I can say about the movie is the material itself. After tnggelamnya independence, he used his ability in speech to deliver Islamic messages. It was printed in Arabic. Sayid Jamaluddin Al-Afghani He got his doctor honoris causa from two universities.

Most of his works became the bestseller books in Indonesia and Malaysia at their eras. The portrayal of Zainuddin, as a vab indigenous people living in s Surabaya under Dutch occupation, is the most disturbing aspect of the movie. Actually, Hamka was known by Indonesian public as an artist especially a novelist. At the other end, when Zainuddin bursts out all of his emotions and angriness to Hayati near the end of the movie, after years of holding bitterness inside of him, Herjunot strikes and hits us right at heart with the way he says all that, showing us that even though Zainuddin is a good man, but he is also just a human being with heart and pains and emotions.