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He was running scared. Raden Panji very disappointed. Klenting Abang, here it is. They would dress up as beautiful as possible to make the Handsome Prince, Ande Ande Lumut fall in love with them. My body was tired. Happy Thank you Yuyu Kang-kang. Ande Ande Lumut then asked her to adoptive him to announce that he is looking for potential wives. Do you mind it?

I heard that your son was looking for a girl? You are a good woman, friendly, elegant, and always smiling. I’m confused, please one by one. Just try it mom.. Then why are you here? Kleting Kuning sebenarnya adalah anak angkat, yaitu putri dari Kerajaan Jenggala, yang kelak dikenal sebagai Dewi Candrakirana.

Every day, she always cried alone. Without any further due, Klenting Kuning soon back into the house and getting ready to go to Dadapan Village.

Ande Ande Lumut

Nidya Milano lumuy April at Day after day has passed. Okay, I agree to fulfill the term. Thank you, Si Mbok. Where is the boat. Mom, please make me up.

n-Buah Ketikan Naskah Drama dalam Bahasa Inggris

Finally, they get married. Klenting Kuning collected the dirty clothes and went into a river. Nidya Milano 17 April at Klenting Kuning is Draka princess. Only this your chance to meet your prince. You better take care of all your work at home.


Naskah Drama b.inggris 2

The story was classified as a myth that contains messages moral values that can serve as a guide in daily life. All the girls busy in preparing their selves to attend the party, especially Klenting Merah. My doughters are not yuyukangkangsweatheart. The waited day was coming. I will do it. There are also two girls and a woman join the contest, Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau.

Naskah Drama s 2

So, what do you think? Demikian pula di majalah-majalah kisah ini ditulis ulang. He knew that all that girls definitely gave repayment by kissing his cheek. And unintentionally, the prince got lumutt because boncel was bringing a gun, Pangeran: Yuyu Kangkang menawarkan jasa untuk menyeberangkan mereka dengan catatan diberi imbalan bersedia dicium olehnya setelah diseberangkan.

If he is still alive, please meet me with him, God! At home, Klenting kuning have completed all the tasks with the lukut of a magical stork.

The first is Klenting Merah. She wandered until reached the house of a widow who has three daughters, Klething Merah, Klething Hijau and the youngest Klething Biru. Mother and second daughter was surprised to hear the answer Ande ande Lumut.

He met with a widow who was picking up the woods. She wants to propose you.

Until one day ……. Then, YuyuKangkang crossed them to another side of the river. She still remains confident though her appearance only wore a shabbily dress and her smell was also not good. Finally I found you Diajeng.


That is so expensive. Click here to sign up. Will you take across me? Do you want to join the contest too? Mbok, I want to tell you the honest thing.

The next day Ande Ande Lumut asked her adoptive mother to announce that he was looking for potential wifes. Do not look someone from outside, but look at their heart and soul. If you are a woman, please you come and join, because a young man is looking for a mate to be the companion of his life.

Unknown 15 April at Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. In the meantime, at ande-andelumut home, mbok rondo was introducing her children to ande-andelumut. And the fact is I was the prince of the kingdom Jenggal a, raden panji asmarabangun.

And there was not even a single boat seen around there.