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Do you want to marry her? All the girls busy in preparing their selves to attend the party, especially Klenting Merah. She would always be loyal to her husband even though she have not heard whether her husband still alive or had died in battle. If you do not want to, first you must massage my shoulders, ok? To able singing like Mrs. And unintentionally, the prince got shoot because boncel was bringing a gun,. Then boncel announced it.

One day, the Prince and his guard was looking for an animal in the forest. Stork was then flicked its wings and clothing should be washed Klenting kuning turned into net. Maybe the people who want to register. Just regard me as your adoptive mother. Do you want to be my son?? Equipment also cleaned the kitchen. Boncel then continued the announcement. Karena hanya si bungsu yang tidak dicium Yuyu Kangkang, jadilah Ande Ande Lumut memilih si bungsu sebagai pendampingnya.

Beberapa tahun kemudian, seorang pemuda tampan bernama Ande Ande Lumut mengumumkan bahwa dia sedang mencari istri. If you are a woman, please you come and join, because a young man is looking for a mate to be the companion of his life.


Naskah Drama b.inggris 2

Would you call the other girls in this home, so the announcement enables to be heard by all the girls? Gelas kimia rakayt ml, 2. Adoptive mother had allowed, but she accidentally put chicken shit into the back of the Klenting kuning. Yuyu Kangkang menawarkan jasa untuk menyeberangkan mereka dengan catatan diberi imbalan bersedia dicium olehnya setelah diseberangkan.

Although she refused that draka, she kept forcing Yuyu Kangkang to help her cross the river. Sayang, mereka tak pernah bertemu lagi.

What’s the matter, mother?

Everyone has the right to register not abstinence beautiful or ugly. Surprisingly, the crane was able to speak like a human and her legs gripping a whip. Suddenly came a big goose. Ande-Ande Lumut, my son, there is the other girl, ugly girl.

Then why are you here? But my mother sad.

Tek Kang-kang crossed the lake with the Klenting on his back body. Can you shut up?!? The stork gave him a stick. But u will be asked one requirement that is to kiss your hand. But no one he received as his wife.


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They lived harmonic and happily. Where is he now? Is this really you? Maybe the people who want to register. He came to the public places.

You should first test. We’ve been around the whole Village. The kitchen appliances are also cleaned. Or you wanna get married Pangeran: Just tell us the announcement that you brought! Bahasa InggrisNaskah.

Raden Panji very disappointed. And go Klenting Kuning screen boat. Do you already know where my wife is now? Actually, she really would go too to that teeks, but her step mother and sister forbid her.