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Julia found out that Sarah and her family used to live in the appartment before her husbands parents bought it after they were arrested. Julia and Bertrand’s relationship reminded me of Sophie and Victor from Letters to Juliet — although I would still pick Victor over Bertrand view spoiler [because even though their relationship broke down, at least he never cheated hide spoiler ]. It made it hard to root for them because they were just so unlikeable. Feb 23, She keeps the key, thinking that she will be back within a Paris, July Georges Birt as Richard Rainsferd. They hid there all the time, locked themselves in, and it was like their own little house. They are already well known, but the book gave birth to some of my thoughts.

I love that this book helps us remember. Reading this was chilling, suspenseful, devastating, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. View all 32 comments. Kristin Scott Thomas interview. Also, she failed to ever completely draw me in. Sarah’s Key takes us from Paris to Brooklyn to Florence and ultimately to the centre of the heart – showing that even the truth has its cost. In modern-day Paris, a journalist finds her life becoming entwined with a young girl whose family was torn apart during the notorious Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in It made me feel awful and guilty and pissed off, but it made me FEEL.

I agree with Katie on this one. Refresh and try again. Vincianne Millereau as Nathalie Dufaure. Sarah and Rachel fall asleep in a dog house at a farm where they are discovered by the farmers, Jules and Genevieve Dufaure.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Videos About This Book. Second, the modern, parallel story that every single WWII book published in the last few years seems to have. Arben Bajraktaraj as M. Russian anthropoids captured power in the Soviet Russia, invented concentration camps and, killing over a million innocent people yearly.

It brought tears to my eyes.

Read the book first, but do not dare miss this film. Sarah’s Key saraah two parallel plotlines for a good portion of the book, that of Sarah Starzynski and that of Julia Jarmond, the reporter who stumbles upon her story. The second situation is fictional, yet meant to stand in for the many personal horror stories of that time. Guardian News and Media Limited. What a selfish rosnnay.

This was not the Germans, this was the French.

Elle s’appelait Sarah

Cut back to Quinn with his hand over his face. Marco Florio as Italian Waiter.

Wil je meer weten, dan kan je altijd even contact met ons opnemen. Robert Rotsztein as Voice 4 Man. Highly recommended, and now I’m going to track down the film.

Edit Storyline One of the darkest moments in French history occurred in Paris when French officials rounded up over 10, Jews tatianw placed them in local camps. Because of the two stories exchanging each other every 2 or 3 pages, I kept being excited, I wanted to keep reading to know what happened.

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Hier lees je alles over hoe wij omgaan met je privacy. It is a journalist’s quest to dig up the lives of others and unleash the truth, but this film show the price of these actions.


Gilles Louzon as Camp Officer 3. View all 5 comments. Fuck you Sarah’s Keyyou manipulative sonofabitching asshole. Rrosnay when I think that I have seen every Holocaust movie around, another pops up. I wanted for Michel to get out of the cupboard and find Sarah. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? Her father-in-law tells Julia what he knows so she will quit prying.

She paints a wrenching portrait of the inhumanity of the death camps, the incomprehension of those sent to their deaths and the willing participation of average people in the brutality. Children hidden and raised as Christian children, childre 3. She stops corresponding with the Dufaures when she gets married and has a son, William. Sarah was further raised by the Dufaure family.

It was interesting learning about the French police involvement in the round up of Jews in what was the first deportation of women and children.

I’ll tell you why.