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What you’ll often find is you have enough new stuff to do to probably fill the time it took you to do about one third of the planet you thought you just completed. Just don’t tell me you were happily surprised when you ran into them and enjoyed the whole thing. If I had to guess, it will not be fixed in a way that will allow you to progress it. You can also do this at any point during the prelude if you want to skip ahead. My Scoundrel is looking forward meeting his wife. Vent your frustrations or tell me how much of an idiot I am for caring in the comments below!

So we are not missing them when new one are delayed. Your class quest is exclusive to your class, but the planetary story arcs are shared between all classes in your faction on that planet. I keep coming back to check the news.. Warning clicking on link will give you referral not an answer. This is my second character because of a mission bug. If you get stuck, there are guides online for almost every achievement in the game.

The way you’re ambushed by these NPCs honestly feels like BioWare designers and writers are trolling you with these things.

Neither my Sorcerer nor my Assassin used him back in the day for anything. After Knights of the Eternal Throne comes Iokath. If you are just beginning your adventure in Star Wars: The first expansion in the game is called Rise of the Hutt Cartel, a story focused around the beautiful but unstable planet of Makeb.

Andronikos this is a Sith Inquisitor companion.


SWTOR Solo Story Order

After Tatooine your next planet is Alderaan, a beautiful planet most well known for getting blown up in the Star Wars movies. Republic players will speak to Major Brom, in a side room on the main floor of House Organa, and Imperial players will speak to Lord Serjay Thul, in a side room on the right-hand side of the main floor of the Thul Palace. I say OK then I start a new character. This is my second character tsris of a mission bug.

They purposely nerf one half and massively OP the other, requiring their player base to chase gear each change. Hi, Is there any update? Agree, I have friends running sorc dps in NiM and holding their own.

Voss has bonus series which can be started at level 60, and is meant to be done after the main Voss planetary arc, near the obnus where you load in. At least a simple answer like: While completing planets, there are some secrets you might want to find before you move on to the next planet in the storyline.

This quest is started by speaking to a droid with a quest symbol near to where to load in to the area. Page down once or twice.

Quesh is one of the few planets without serles bonus series. Oh, one final quest to finish things off here, right? The planet of Ossus, which was introduced in the Jedi Under Siege update, is a prelude story leading up to the next expansion. It will take you minutes to read what is coming in next patch for ESO.

75th Legion Forward Camp

Since the ending of the chain is luckily on youtube and the reward is only 5 common crystals it’s not a big deal. Want free stuff in Star Wars? We just tell them that they’ll understand when they eventually get there, only for them to comment that they don’t see what the big deal is once they do.


If you want to continue playing the story-focused part of the game, you can always start another character from level 1. The fourth planet you will visit is Nar Shaddaa, for both Republic and Imperial players. That Heroic was introduced then, not at launch.

The Ossus storyline returns to the days of old where there is a different taria on Republic side vs Imperial side, so players will get the most of the story by playing on a character of both factions.

Not sure what to think of Andronikos.

Look did not say it was done correctly. That Heroic was a royal pain. Besides, I am a terrible liar, everyone can see when I am lying – my lips are moving. This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you’ve clicked on.

In contrary ist a great game which I play day by day with friends. Right I forgot about that one because I just plain outright refused to even start it for the last 2 years or so….