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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is a great surprise. The character is written so well and you are marvelous. Thank u for recommending it..!! SZ please recommend another drama like thalkiyan! For a woman who had hoped to be both a mother and a father to her twins, had sworn to love them double, and had helped them nurture rose-colored dreams of a happy ever-after, Bibi failed to deliver. Sabina and Sagar are just magnificent!

Agree also SZ her breakdown scene was so well executed and shot, The whole cast is doing great and especially the kids , wow they are just fantastic! Now this is called great story telling! To say that her hosts are stunned would be an understatement. I also absolutely loved the bgs! A huge thank you to the crew, they were amazing. Baloo is not allowed inside their homes except for work- he is considered dirty- not because of his appearance but by virtue of being low-born. We blame Appo for being the cruelest, but she is the one who stayed in touch with Zoyee while she was off to boarding, and i am sure she kept in touch with her after that as well.

I even warned the producer of possible financial consequences. It was just so amazing! A pleasure as always to hear from you and I am flattered and humbled that you have been following my reviews — much appreciated!

As a child she was playful and lively, but the girl we see today is quiet and troubled. He is like the pebble that is thrown in a very murky still pond that causes ripples all across.

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I am now a huge fan, and can hardly wait for her next project. The novel won Booker Prize in Mikhail Zulfiqar, who Im not that big of a fan of as of yet, was unrecognizable!

Draja at one point of time she just seems tired with it all, even her twins, and often drifted away into her own world of illusion.

What a beautiful 1st episode and your review says it all.

There was only so much she could do before collapsing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments all throughout the play.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

I loved the ambiance, the mood it evoked, the way he was able to intertwine the past with the present ever so smoothly, and the performances that talkhiyzn was able to get out of all his actors. Thank you ever so much — much appreciated. I used to cry when watching the drama especially these last few and stor cry again reading your reviews…. Children are beautiful blessings, and their childhood will never come back.


And no chai in the chai cups was too funny. However I adored the way this character was pulled off.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Talkhiyan is the story about the Silverwood residents told through the eyes of Zoya, who was also part, but never really a part of Silverwood, just like her mother Bibi and her fraternal twin Jugnu. It highlights a stereotypical mentality of men that live by their ancestral pride and deep-rooted notions of a caste system. Even minor characters — Aayi who could say so much with an arch of her eyebrow or turn of the corner of her lipsKamo, Baloo though I really wish his scenes with Bibi were better were a pleasure to watch.

What i like so much is simplicity in showing things. No, Bibi, much as I hated you and loved you and all else in between, you were never a failure. Sadly though he turned out to be a sleazeball, wanting to use Bibi for his own nefarious motives.

I am gratified that they took the time to read my reviews — much appreciated. There are so many things about which I want to write in so many ways.

Hina Bayat is fabulous as the deliciously evil Appo. Looking forward to the forthcoming episodes and reviews!! Enjoyed reading your review, and agreed to it and specially life being full of Talkhiyan. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. It depicts the frustrations of a mother, wife and daughter who are provoked by society.

I am reviewing it currently, and the 9th ep just aired yesterday. Member feedback about Hina Khawaja Bayat: From hereon the narrative moves between the past and the present as Zoyee looks back on her growing years.

Talkhiyan ~ Episodes 6 and 7 Review

I really enjoyed stor one too. They all were so well sketched and portrayed that it ended up being a story of each one of them.

Thank you so much for taking tallkhiyan in the discussions, for feeling so strongly for each character, for listening to and understanding and sharing the struggles, dreams, failures of all these characters… And for not judging to harshly, but rather understanding their failures as humans and understanding that we all start off with the best intentions, but sometimes life throws obstacles in our paths which throw us off course and and change us so completely that we are only left with the echos of whom we once were….


She just sunk her teeth into this role and was so evident that she had so much fun doing this! Talhiyan those that have watched it, I would love to hear your take on it. Abdul Hayee 8 March — 25 Octoberpopularly known by his pen name Sahir Ludhianvi, was an Indian poet and film lyricist who wrote in the Hindi and Urdu languages.

I was amazed by the creative input that came from each individual. SZ thanks for all the beautiful reviews…you captured everything perfectly …your way sotry words is just brilliant!

Bibi tries to start all over again and promises to make a new life for her children. As Zoyee walks in towards the house, all is silent and there is a general air of abandonment. The lush Bhurbhan setting, the intriguing story and strong lineup of actors, an exciting blend of experience and youth, made sure that that I did not even think of touching the remote. Similarly, when the kids are waving their hands in front of their partially blind grandmother and then later when Jugnu asks his grandmother falkhiyan her blindness were both memorable moments.

Your review took be back to silver wood and among the inmates of ita very articulated review indeedyou deserve a big pat on your shoulder! Again, thank you to Khalid sb, BeeGul, and Razi sb talkhiyam giving an unknown girl a chance and trusting her enough to take on this responsibility. I love stories that truly transport me into another world, and thats exactly what Talkhiyan did.

I still remember wtory the first time i stumbled on the review of Talkihyan and it was speaking volumes about the serial that i decided to it a go and with in the next fifteen minutes i was so caught up in the beauty of this serial that till night i was totally taken aback by the experience of this phenomenal journey.

Mehak Khan, a newcomer, is effective as the older Zoyee. Agree also SZ her breakdown scene was so well executed and shot, The whole cast is doing great and especially the kidswow they are just fantastic! Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on it.