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Or go there now and watch Sky Sports News. Christmas promos with the cast. James is slaaaaaaaacking hard, hes got alpha wannabe syndrom. Even though James didn’t pull, he still wasn’t a b1tch about it. James dun goof’d with kicking out the chick that was keen for his D. Reminds me of my self. Should air the first one next Tuesday 23rd.

Watching Charlotte is hilarious to me because shes so cute and innocent but you see complete female logic in how they fall for players. Hollys got some of the ugliest tattas ive ever seen, great cleaveage, just crappy tetty titties. Better than most episodes of Geordie Shore. Is there going to be a second season? By the way, a friend of a friend met Jay in a club locally and got a photo next to him. Jay got to be on that Roids – Id be very suprised if he wasn’t unlike Gaz who just has low fat genetics. I’m from UK and disagree entirely, -Geordie Shore girls are so fuarking annoying it makes me rage holly has the mental age of two and is overweight bish I raged last night at magaluf, girls get so jealous when the boys bring back girls who are clearly fitter and say they are dogs when they clearly aren’t and are better then them easily.

Jersey Shore is a million times better. Greg and especially James failed miserably They yeordie actually fuk instead of just talking about it too. James is a tremendous phaggot, he is a good looking guy like no homo I see no reason why he should not be pulling left right and centre like Gaz and Jay. Brahs I know you are looking to see the reunion show but I cant stress enough how shiit it was.

James looks like he’s been riding srs Can’t wait for the WKs to battle each other over that Bish next week lawd. The dude is an idiot, he had it on a plate. He was relatively lean during the normal season, not ripped, but lean.



Geordie Shore | Season 16 | Episode 1

Link for new episode once its sezson Just watched the first Magaluf episode. He’s right, he’s short and doesn’t even look like he lifts. Would not say that Jay looks natty though Whoever uploads shode first ep will be repped like a king.

Gaz is a sound wingman. The girls they show on TV are just straight up attention whores. Just sucked at pulling. And it’s not just the photo either, they weren’t on uneven surfaces or whatever.

There is nothing more then going out to bars trying ot grab chicks. Looking forward to Gaz and Jay beings legends again.

Also I saw them filming geordid magaluf when I was there, spoke to greg and got a photo with charlotte, my mates got one with holly. It would be epic, I would apply for the gang banging partlmap.

Her boyfriend was a phaggot at first but got better at the end when he finally sore a pair and left her. Or go there now and watch Sky Sports News. Sophie – Not great looking but actually a pretty sound person. I think your friend means Gaz, jay is over 6’0” He’s not over 6′. JS is x better.

Holly was too annoying.

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle | Episode 1 Extended Preview

I don’t know what’s happened to him but he definitely looked bloated in Magaluf. Gaz is the soundest lad tbh, straight to the point with the ladies, no b.

Nope, thats the summer special in Spain. They actually pull girls on this show, and the 2 blondes that were pulled this syore were mint, especially Gaz’s girl. Vicky lost all my ratings spitting in Jays face. Had a word with Gaz in the pisser, apparently he shagged Charlotte 1st night and some Essex bird the 2nd night srsmight be in the background of the 2nd episode.


Sophie was a pretty ugly bird but a nice girl. That was quite funny, though.

By the way, a friend of a friend met Jay in a club locally and got a photo next to him. WTF was that all about he wasnt a camera man. Not sure if you brahs are taanmer but Charlotte and James now are still a year younger than Vinny was in the first series of Jersey Shore and he’s the youngest one there, Taanler only like 19 Probably to do with differences in drinking age.

Typical stupid bitch trying to act emotionally tough and resilient but all she wants to do is fuk his brains out and be his GF.

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Usually they are streamed live on here http: Jay is cellteched out of his mind. Greg is slightly better than James though I’m convinced James is on dat phaggy timehe just doesn’t have the killer animal instinct.

What geotdie is it in fuking england? Can someone translate this? Why do they always get munt bishes. Yeah both episodes are great.

Deep, i bet you could write a page essay on the politically correctness of pong if you put your mind to it Epic 2 episodes, hope to see more of them in the future. Got slow ass download speeds anyone else got same prob?