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We participated in interesting symposia, shows and exhibitions, met new people and promoted the original digital restoration. The lecture was a great success, during which we presented a 4K anamorphic version of the trailer. After several weeks of hard work of our team, we finished the process of digital restoration of this great Polish comedy. Our work included upscaling PAL footage, removing interlacing, de-noising and grain management as well as taking care of the online. Did you know that in addition to providing top tier post-production, we also produce? You are welcome to look through our complete offer available here.

The Greeks considered Kotys to be an aspect of Persephone. The film was a great success at festivals, and recently went on general release. The director places the audience in a claustrofobic room and leaves us there exposed and incapable before the uncompromising narrative. Keep your fingers crossed! The film is about two small time crooks Kebab and Horoscope, who pretend to be marketing specialists in order to save a small carpet shop from going out of business. Fixafilm was responsible for its digital restoration.

This time, we were asked to remaster the feature film Scrubbers from The grading suite will be equipped with 42″ Dolby reference monitor and Nucoda FilmMaster set. Meanwhile, in Texas, a group of friends form the punk band SGW, their existence seemingly detached from reality: Only many years later did it become possible to publicise this episode and the message left by Siwiec: We were thrilled to be able to work szuvlandia on this project and are looking forward to the next one!

More information about the film can be found on its official website and on the Studio Munka website. The Lithuanian Film Centre commissioned fiilm to do image remastering, colour correction and mastering work on this incredible film, and we thank them fiilm trusting us!

Kingsajz King Size 1988 science fiction film

And a ruthless plan how to They included the films directed by outstanding Polish artists working with the Studio, that is: Japanese audiences will also be able to watch another of the director’s films “Violated letters”, which was upscaled by our team to HD. As of Marchwe invite you to our new offices at 36, Wita Stwosza Street.

See you in Gdynia! Soon we will be able to enjoy Drawer-Land Szuflandia in a new audio and visual quality! Low-key government official discovers that the central system that control the lives of people has made a mistake.


This journey, intended to help uncover her Bosnian roots, proves to be a turning point not only for her, but also for our hero, who has disassociated himself from his past. Reviews from thrilled critics comparing Daniel Grove to Quentin Tarantino leave us feeling even more satisfied to have been involved in the project.

Olgierd is one of the dwarfs that were lucky enough to gain access to Onlihe, but the ruthless leader of Drawersland wants to keep all the dwarfs in the small form threating any of the Polo-Cocta drinking dwarfs as traitors. The 39th edition of the Gdynia Film Festival occurring this year will feature four films on which we worked.

Olo follows her wanting to get the vial with Kingsajz but Ala doesn’t trust him at their first meeting and just shows him empty szufladnia with a hole in it.

Our task was to remaster and perform colour correction, under the supervision of Creators. Our congratulations, and we are looking forward to fruitful cooperation! Thank you for the given trust! Thank you for your support!

Fixafilm also did some highly complex colour-correction for this project, requiring additional procedures to age the image and ensure the best possible experience and compositing of several dozen greenscreen shots. For more info on the film – click here. Jerry premiered at the 36th Debut Film Festival in Koszalin.

We will be working on the post production including the DI, color correction and the theatrical masters. At the time of its release it was banned by the Polish Communist government. In the second half of the documentary, Parajanov presents the historical centre of Tbilisi, where Hovnatanyan used to live and the director himself grew up. Society tries to pressurise our hero into remarrying. As part of this szufandia, for the second time, we are pleased to offer our image postproduction services as a filmm for the winning film.

Kingsajz – Wikipedia

Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Made inthe film was a huge success in Soviet-occupied Lithuania, where Herkus and his heroic struggles with the Teutonic Knights came to symbolise the fight against the Communist regime.


These last few days we were busy with of our newest feature project – a MD4 production – ‘Kebab and Horoscope’ directed by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, cinematography by John Magnus Borge. Hundreds of thousands of letters, photographs, reports and recollections buried deep underground in metal boxes — such was the legacy they left behind in the hope that the world would not forget about them and the crimes that had been committed.

There were plenty of emotions, tears, reminiscences and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, as well as lots of laughter! Our editor, Irek Grzyb, was also responsible for polishing up the final edit. After editing, we also did conforming, ACES colour correction, grain management, online, mastering, as well as deep archiving. Alma is looking for alternative methods of treatment for her beloved husband.

Ryszard Kotys

Thank you and congratulations to our filmmakers! None of it was used in the final cut or prepared for editing and restoration. Drawing an analogy with the Scandinavian East India traders in Canton centuries before, this film questions the shifts in the worldwide business landscape and their outcomes for the developing countries.

Classics of Polish documentary film making from underwent digital image and sound restoration, films like “Fan”, “Hamadria”, “Europa II”, “Kostka cukru”, “Sztygar na zagrodzie” and many others.

Kingsajz King Size science fiction film – Science Fiction One

Our team was joined by our representative for Asia and Pacific region – Peter Richards. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Journalist Olgierd Jedlina seems to be obsessed with the themes somehow connected szuflandka the dwarfs and not the little people, but dwarfs as in fairy tales.

The director gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the world of the nouveau riche, humorously revealing their complexes, arrogance, blunders and snobbery. In Drawerland everything is miniature and mediocre and above ground everything is king size.