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In Tokyo, Ando tries to explain to Hiro how to teleport. Tim Kring Directed by: He says his wife will be fine and she asks if they can keep Matt out of it. She tells him to snap out of it and they need to go to the Department of Justice, but Nathan notes that the last time he tried to go public, his brother came back from the future to shoot him. A small group of heavily armed individuals was planning to murder her with a van full of explosives, and one of their RARU tactical teams was able to divert her mysterious attackers before she was even aware of them. Mohinder notes that a number of powers manifested during the last eclipse but dismisses it as a coincidence.

Bennet is telling the truth. Seeking revenge for the death of her father , Elle fires lighting bolts at Sylar, killing him repeatedly. Claude and his friends, Abigail and Lee, carry her to his place and he begins to show Elle the source of her problem. However, Sylar is already there, having killed her father. However, she is pulled off the assignment, much to her frustration. Nothing there is beyond hope, nothing that can be sworn impossible. Win passes to see Furious 7 first in Boston or Hartford. Angela tells them that Arthur has the formula and explains that she and Peter have seen the future.

I’d like to see how that works. Matt violently attacks Peter, pushing against the wall, saying that he can’t be trusted.

She flees to the van and is forced to listen over the surveillance cameras as Gabriel opens up Trevor’s skull. Later, she objects to their mission, noting that they could have saved Gabriel rather than manipulating him into killing again. Artwork of Isaac Mendez Mythology.

Elle has no recollection of the tests, and Noah suggests the Haitian had a role in causing Elle to forget her experiences. Meanwhile at Primatech, Claire asks about her grandmother and Matt and Daphne show them Angela’s hospital room. Log in No account? Sylar back in action and it feels, oh, so good. Arthur addresses Tracy by name and shakes hands with her.


This episode was watched by Elle later comes into her father’s office to ask for her position back, only to find him with the top of his head cut off and his brain removed. Ando says they have a lot of work to do. This knocks Sylar out, but also disables security for the entire facility, allowing the prisoners to escape. She is told to befriend him, and Gabriel develops an attraction to her that suppresses his hunger.

They team up and head out to the Pinehearst building in a plane. Elle is shot in the thigh in the ensuing struggle. Win passes to see Furious 7 first in Boston or Hartford. I’m rewatching the show and I’m getting closer to Elle’s death episode: Sylar falls to the floor, regenerating his injuries. He forgives her for turning him into a monster and convinces her to forgive herself for her crimes, wanting to take away her pain without killing her.

The car rental salesman comes out with a gun, and Elle implores Sylar to make a choice – to be a hero, or to be a monster.

Noah insists that saving Gabriel wasn’t their assignment and they have episide follow orders. Sylar proceeds to engage Noah in a fist fight but Noah eventually gets the upper hand, slitting Sylar’s throat as Elle watches.

Heroes – Elle and Sylar suck face

Arthur asks Tracy to step outside so he can talk alone with his son. A few drops of blood and a lock of hair [2] [3] [4] fall to the floor as the episode ends. Elle Bishop is a fictional character who appeared on the American psychological thriller science fiction series Heroeswhich aired on NBC from to Elle is introduced in the episode ” Fight or Flight ” as an agent of the Company, an organization whose primary purpose is to identify, monitor and study those individuals with special abilities.


Pages using deprecated image syntax Good articles. Elle attacks Abigail, who deflects Elle’s electrical blast with her ability ; the electric bolt hits Lee when he enters the room.

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Likewise, Sylar is able to absorb her power. Views Read View source View history.

Daphne claims she came to help, but ‘Daphne’ tells Matt not to believe her. During this time, the Company made Peter Petrelli their willing prisoner and in those months he was held, Elle seems to have developed a cute crush on him.

Hiro finally gets the sword and teleports himself and Ando to sylad future New York, where they see the aftermath of the explosion. Her father reprimands her for her mistakes; to redeem herself, she attempts to re-capture the now powerless Sylar for the Company.

I found it very hard to feel suspense in this episode when they showed us everything that was going to happen in the sketches in the very beginning. Noah and Sylar fight, and Noah drops his gun, which rolls towards Elle.

I still don’t get what the writers were trying to do there. So it’s hard to know when one starts to influence the other”. Archived from the original on May 9, Kristen Bell as Elle Bishop. The character Elle was created long sular Bell was cast; however, Kring noted “when you do cast an actor