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He just wanted a holiday, give him a break. For those that expect top level graphics, they will not be found here as it often is with many lower budget movies. I will go as far as saying it is not even a thriller. Member feedback about Nick Gomez actor: The accents are appalling Monsterwolf doesn’t like mercenaries. Along with a few lame attacks in here that are too dark to see, these here are all that hold this one back. Unscrupulous oil company boss Stark Robert Picardo orders his workmen to blast an ancient Indian artifact with C4 explosives, unleashing Monsterwolf, a vicious, shoddily-rendered, CGI animal spirit dedicated to defending native Americans in their time of need.

The accents are appalling I hope everyone else enjoyed the picture as much as I did even with my discrepancies. More Londons can only mean good things for Syfy Original Movie fans. This is a average action horror movie. I wondered how bad it could be. Any abita beer would have been more appropriate, Bud light at the least. Other then that I have really nothing else to write about.

I do have an in general intense dislike for Syfy’s movies, so I was expecting Monsterwolf, judging from its somewhat cash-in title, to be of poor quality. Needless to say, I have insomnia.

It was nice to feel like SyFy actually cared about making a good movie! Though the special effects are far from great they are masterly handled to the point that it mkvie a very minor thing.

Not only can she act but she is also the main reason I liked this movie. The special effects are surprisingly good and the actors are competent. The shorter ones are a lot of fun, from the ambushes on the litterer in the forest as the phantom attack sets up the failed barricade and eventual attack inside the trailer, while other fun shorter attacks include the ambush on her home as holding it off and finally getting away are quite fun and the trap at the police state gets some suspenseful stalking to go along with the great kill.

The characters are very good. I think my favourite bit is when the villain tells the Indian chief that his views are “unamerican”! This one also works in the big finale as well with the creature having some fun with the guards before being taken out in a fine display of action that ends this one on a positive note. These are just a little too long to make much of an impression on the pace here.


The film for Syfy doesn’t look too bad photography wise, but while the effects are not as shoddy as you would expect they are largely inconsistent with the design of the wolf throughout being rather hit-and-miss.

Whilst a bit on the heavy-handed side, the screenplay by Charles Bolon displays some ambition in linking the horror of the Deep South town going on a monster hunt, with the ecological horror of Native American land being destroyed by big business.

Her mother was of French, Hungarian, and Syrian descent. The other big flaw here is the per-usual CGI on display for the wolf, which is constantly way too blurry and out-of-focus to get much going here for what it’s trying to show since this blocks out a lot of the detail that could’ve made it look a little better, along with all the usual problems here with the special differences, size changing and inability to connect with anything around.

And I sure as hell didn’t like Monsterwolf, yet another crappy, low budget SyFy production sent to test the patience of horror fans. The acting is pretty good in this one. Plot Summary During a secret, illegal drilling operation, an oil company called Holter Ex accidentally releases a vengeful Native American spirit wolf in Crowley, Louisiana. This is so expected that it’s not nearly as detrimental as it should’ve been. The acting isn’t that good, leading lady Leonor Varela is alright actually but the moronic script doesn’t do her any favours.

Okay, finally got around to posting a “31 Days of Halloween” movie from Syfy!

A Syfy Channel Original Movie: Monsterwolf

However, the way the movie is written, these political undercurrents are quite gratifying. Member feedback about Lorenzo Senatore: October 13, Monsterwolf. The frustrating thing for me when I typically watch these movies is that it is pretty clear that they don’t care if the movie looks good, don’t care about the effects, don’t care about the acting.

Can’t believe this work of art missed out on any nominations. As to be expected here, this one really gets fun here with all of the attack and confrontations throughout here, which again comes with the long, involved action scenes and the quick, shorter ambushes which enable the plot to keep such a steady pace.

Monsterwolf – USA, – HORRORPEDIA

Then, referred to a French filmmaker b I hope to see more quality movies like this from SyFy as I was a little concerned about the future of the Saturday night premieres after some of the recent releases. Curious about viewing it,I was happy to stumble on the movie as part of a triple DVD Sy-Fy Channel film set this year,which led to me at last facing the Monsterwolf.


Now, I am not overly familiar with Indian lore and legends, so I have no idea whether to be skeptic or embrace this idea. Member feedback about List of Sci Fi Pictures original films: Shoot the Choctaw chief to stop a lawsuit against Holter Ex?

This here was quite a fun and exciting Sci-Fi Channel offering.

Sign in to vote. Gee, I wonder which major event inspired this movie? I did like the idea very much, but the story here is executed in a ridiculous and predictable manner, complete with some inane ideas such as how the guns monstfrwolf handled and the whole back-story involving Maria.

This one turned out to be above average for that network. Worst of all, perhaps, is a truly amateurish animated sequence that tells of the Indian legend of the Monsterwolf.

There was a film set near his home town that he would frequently visit, directors would often use him as an extra. Italian cinematographers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. We have all heard it before.

I find this one somewhere in the middle. The quality is not all that bad, but it is not Blockbuster movie level which it does not need to be. In other words I can believe that intelligent origlnal can exist elsewhere in the universe. Rainey-Dawn 16 April You monsyerwolf really have you writers and production staff research and visit mot just the area but also the people and culture of that area to increase the illusion of reality.

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Esteneo June 20, at 2: Leonor Varela Palma Spanish pronunciation: Being from the area that the movie was filmed at, I’m insulted that the actors refused to learn a Cajun accent instead of sounding like a redneck hillbilly from northern Louisiana. Laura June 19, at 9: Other then that I have really nothing else to write about. Laura June 20, at 9: External links Monsterwolf monsterwklf IMDb