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As it turns out it was pretty much just a clipshow until the last 20 minutes or so so I skipped most of that. How can they possibly pick up the main story now? Whether time is slow or fast depends on perception. Well at least Kirito will have an opportunity to save her in Alfheim based off what I saw at the end and in the OP. Something seemed really off in this episode Yes No Report this. Well there’s hardly a more fitting word than horrible for this. Except what you said was totally off.

I understand complaining at the trolls who watch the show just to post on here and bitch about it. Nothing amazing in the underwater dungeon either. Fairy Tail TV Series I went back to check it and, ya it clearly shows him duel wielding axes images below. Save Asuna from that creep!! Personally it makes my skin crawl. I thought that’s pretty common for anime

Now Sinon can realize she actually saved people aswell, and not just killed a man.

You see one thing with his cousin and start ranting before something happens. Shinsekai Yori has no characters. Wonder how long it’ll last though. The fight was fucking cool.

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The events that occured in episode 10 were very traumatic for both of them and trauma brings people together. Weep and you weep alone. The episode was great fun to watch, but sure, it had some things to complain about if I have to look for them. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I mean, recap’s good and all when you’re actually specifically looking for it, but to have so much of it?

Klein you should find some new friends man. I was wondering this, but then I realized it was Kirito who did it, so I wasn’t really suprised.


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It seems not especially after watching the latest episode of Shinsekai Yori. To be wrought with guilt over taking a life for years and having said guilt affect her self-esteem, and then to finally understand and see in front of her eyes the life that she enabled to continue on living which in turn allowed another to be granted life, through them she will finally have the will to save herself.

After a brief 4 episodes, the remainder of the SAO season 2 focuses on an entirely new guild known as the “the sleeping knights” guild. Japan who is so restrictive with its guns, and no one ssord that a teenage girl draws a weapon in the middle of the day at a crowded place.

It might just be cause I watch the last three eps in a row but I feel the animators are really picking up the ball now, with sworf pacing, it really flows nicely and the story is awesome! The rest of the episode was fine, and at the very least it looks like Shinon’s character development is something this show finally DID get right.

A good way to review before season 2.

Wtf Kirito, you don’t talk with the guys you met in SAO? Read this about the ln jump Starting off its 2 years and, they jump to the 76ish floor and, the main story starts up. But again, I could be asking too much. episose

Kirito being the playa he always is, and no rpisode but Klein gives a fuck. They’re doing great with Magi and Space Brothers, so maybe Budget limitation, and Shinsekai got the worst of it? Damn it, now I’m even more excited for season 2: Personally I feel that SAO season 1 was better because the second half completely fed off the first half of the season. Loved the way how Leafa reacted towards the end of the episode, getting jealous at what those two girls were doing and trying to get closer to Kirito.


This episode i found to be onnline especially watching it right after episode Aaaaaaand the main villain is a rapist. I really miss her, Klein and Liz. Karen Kohiruimaki always felt out of place in the real world. The opening honestly throw me off with the style of the great tree but damn.

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I think the ability is more like Tobi’s from Naruto. Whereas those noobs in the orange clan probably hadn’t even begun to level any of their things at all. Dont take what FailAtLife says seriously. Which i think is way too soon Asuna was so beautiful there, liz tried to did some tsukkomi and poor silica onlije her chest, sasuga sugu no oppai!

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Even Klein is part of Kirito’s harem. Visit this blog That I’m working with my friend http: Considering the success of both animes not so much for AW because of prejudice, immature, imbecile and ignormuses, who hate the fat MCthere could be a SAOxAW crossover.

Sakuya and Lou confirmed for harem. I found the cousin romance awkward. He got shot, but got saved by that devise.