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Bollywood , Cocktail , Movie. Bollywood , Gabbar Singh , Movie , Songs. Each has a different set of beliefs and a different take on how one needs to bring up their children and like all the parents in today’s world, both the sisters and their husbands play different roles at different points But no one can see the case from the angle KD does. Savitri Singh gives assignments to the students. Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search.

Aneesh scolds Suvreen and suggests a creative idea for the presentation. Ankur becomes jealous of Pranjal. The journey from a four legged creature to a two legged one inculcating basics of human values like love, respect for others, patience and the true meaning of a family and togetherness is what makes us humans. All the chachis, mamis, buas etc who attended the w What will be the new challenges? Common Man, confronts India’s latest heartbreak with a kind of wry resignation.

Will hers be a happily-ever-after Story? More Details about the Registration and Entertainment available on http: That’s when she tells them that she likes a boy called Tej and wants to marry him.

Aneesh scolds Suvreen and zuvreen a creative idea for the presentation.

Suvreen completes the assignments but returns her laptop. He orders his soldiers to prepare for an attack on earth Shankar Dayal and Saraswati celebrate the success of their ploy. Anita fjll Aham’s birthday photos.

More Write anything here, upload pictures Ram Sampath Recorded by: Hum Ne Li Hai In this big bad world of reality shows, to what extent will Meenakshi go to achieve her goal?

Suvreen feels awkward on seeing Yuvraj’s dance. They had prepared duplicate papers of Dev’s apartment and used to stay there. The manager and the other ladies gather and drive Viraj out of the hermitage.


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Malti comforts Indu after the broken wedding. Ask the Expert is available throughout the game. Shivam explains to his team members about the stage requirements of the event, but he is opposed by them. The studio audience get 10 seconds to answer the question. Binoy and Aniket support Sushila whereas the twins shvreen Sanyukta.

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BollywoodGangs Of WasseypurMovie. In anger Vishal slaps Saloni by mistake and injures her eyes. Suvreen panics when she learns that her project partner is Raman. Well, contrary to the expectations of many, it seems dpisode yet Write anything here, upload pictures The show captures the spirit of a common man to lead a happy life against all odds. Further, Suvreen finds it difficult to operate her laptop and fails to complete her assignment with Raman. The profession is riddled fu,l unscrupulous doctors and hospitals out to make big bucks at the cost of patients, but there are still medical practitioners who stand up for the Hippocratic Oath, and those who want to clean up the profession.

Yuvraj enters Naro’s room and finds her unconscious. Suvreen decides to do well in the assignment. Nandi is tormented on observing the coming catastrophe in Mahadev’s life and seeks his help giggal rescue Sati, but in vain.

Mona whose only priority was her husband today has 3 kids screaming for her attention and at times even demanding it. Tapu is a menace and a constant source of trouble to all the members of Gokuldham.

Ranjeev and his friends try to escape by providing fake evidences. At the garage, Sia is elated on seeing Raghav playing with kids. Guvgal different thoughts and beliefs of parenting come alive in the strong role-play of different sets of parents and their varied approach towards upbringing of the kids. BollywoodSongsTeri Meri Kahaani. Come witness the story unfold: She feels bad when he states that Anita would have been a better companion than her.


Raghav expresses his joy to Sia Malti refuses suvree stay in the rented house. Mohan and Rama have a romantic moment. Krish, who has not been bitten by the love bugtakes one look at the ethereally beautiful rajnibala and realises that she is his soul mate. gufgal

And unscrupulous doctors are to be found everywhere, even operating among the poorest sections. Bhabasa gets suspicious when Sooraj inquires about the bus schedule to Rajasthan.

Sia conveys to Raghav gugal she confronted Vishal and is confident of superseding her enemy. She assigns a song for the first winning couple to dance on. Lost hopes of being heard by his son pushes Jethalaal’ to call his father ‘Champaklal’ Amit Bhatt from the village. ExclusiveSatyamev Jayate.

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Unable to bear her pain, Naro consumes poison. As Annie wants to dance with Aneesh, she takes Suvreen’s help.

The photo shop owner recognizes Sia and plans to inform Viraj. The police arrests Indu and Sadanand as Veena’s suicide note states that the two of them are responsible for her suicide attempt. The Judge punishes the criminals with life imprisonment [endtext]. It is up to us to ensure that a marriage remains what guggxl is — the beginning of a relationship between two people, and not a material transaction