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I hated the childishness the creators gave her character. Siddiquis daughter and Mr. Ek Baar Phir with a brand new plot, starring Avinash Sachdev. It’s so cute watching their scenes! He comes up with a plan to study the Welham boys so that they know what they are up against. Moving on, let’s get to the daily update.

She says that she is happy coz they are together. I also like that it is not all fluff. As all of you know, they are primarily dancers so expecting them to know how to play basketball is a bit much. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As I mentioned earlier, it is all speculation. He is more concerned about Taani misunderstanding him and his intentions. Yuvraj says did you forget it??

Even though Kasautii was about the relationship of Prerna and Anurag, Komolika always managed to steal their thunder. Karan Singh Grover at Jos Restaurant. They are smart suveren dutiful as their name suggests.

Sign in Recover your password. Tanhaiyan is an Indian romantic web series which aired on Hotstar on 14 February with all episodes. She is innocent and naive.

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It showcases how Suvreen faces difficulties and finally becomes a fashion designer. Swayam and Rey as usual have their bromantic moments! Armaan knows that Riddhima has feelings for him but she just does not want it to be known. They both take a ballon and wish something. Their friendship has blossomed over the course of the show. She also tells Swayam and she will be coordinating with him and not Rey.

Writing the will and testament of the Mughal king court in Persian— Hence from now on we will not be seeing suveeen on screen all the time. The gkggal are impressed with them. She always wears sheer saris. The boys finally get their revenge on the Welham boys for their dirty pranks. Just in case all of you were wondering, the D: First off, Merry Christmas to all you fellow D: The Welham boys also pull a dirty prank on the St.


She never questions authority until the Dutiful Bahu or Beta give her courage to hold her head up high. She couldn’t let a baby get in her way. Although I’ve been a loyal Rey and Kriya fan, its about time Rey moved on with his love life. How to burn guggal dhoop at home published: An example would be Devyani Bhramanand Jhakkar from Maryada.

Yuvi greets Pappa G.

India is a constitutional republic governed under a parliamentary system. The name India is derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindu, the latter term stems from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which was the historical local appellation for the Indus River. Here’s a video of Urvashi in action. And back to YuvReen. Rey is like the bookends of this episode – he appears in the beginning and in the end. Swayam and Rey share a bromance moment after which Rey leaves.

Of course, Prerna comes to the rescue of the Basu clan and Anurag is finally able to get Komolika out of the picture. The middle is all about Swayam and the boys. On the day of inauguration Yuvraj proposes marriage and she happily accepts.

Swayam’s father is supposedly an all-rounder. From the moment he meets Anjali, he falls for her. Taani calls Swayam and figures out that he is upset.


Rey as usual is a auvreen to her and tells her that she doesn’t mean anything to him. She also tells sufreen they too will have to stay in the dorms with the Welham team. He is also upset that because of personal reasons he cannot help the boys with their basketball practice.

She gives her hand to Yuvraj. The boys vow to be good hosts to the Welham team.

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Later that night Taani thinks about what happened. He first gains the trust of the household, then he begins to strike. We first see Komolika styled like the picture above. So her plans a special proposal for Suvreen along with Lathi and Manu.

And how was it you ask? It works both ways Rey. I say we’ll all get to see the new Sharon either by the end of this week or the start of the next week. It’s funny that he feels insecure around RC.

Anurag’s mother secretly wanted Komolika to be her bahu and when she saw her after she ‘grew up’, she made episoed desire known to her son.