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And then Ira comes. Rehan sees Ira and waits till she goes and then he goes but Ira sees him and says: Samar says to Yuvraj if you search for Suvreen we came together to the party. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Yuvraj buys a black phone. Suvi laughs and says no.

Welcome, Login to your account. And then she wanna go but Alisha asks where are you going? Suvi answeres thank you for not going with him and for listening to my advice. Soni looks at the clock and asks are you ready before the time?? Precap- Samar says there is nothing like that what you are thinking,.. She asks him what happened?

[V] Suvreen Guggal 15th July 2013 Video Watch Online pt1

She thinks to herself, if here love is true, then Yuvi would be infront of her eyes. Suvi asks her if she suvvreen fun, Soni nods yes cheerfully, Suvi lies on the bed, Soni says she will have more wine and she will totally forget him but she finds the bottle empty, Suvi tells Soni she wishes that Soni would get a guy like Yuvi who would love her so much just like how Yuvi does to her.


Welcome, Login to your account. And then Rehan comes.

Rehan gets angry at Ira. Yuvi goes out to see Suvi and Samar dancing.

Suvreen talks to herself: Like 0 Dislike 0. And then he goes. Rehan says to Suvreen to inform Yuvraj about the party tonight. Ira looks at herself on mirror. Just then Rohan comes. Suvreen takes Sonis finger and puts it into hot coffee. Ira says that they will work in teams. Suvi laughs and says no. She says pagal padosi is there. Yuvraj says thank you to Soni. Samar asks Suvreen did you like the dress? Sign in Recover your password.

Suvreen Guggal 4th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

And then Rehan and Ira go. Suvreen wakes up and is happy to see Soni. He shows her the gift he bought and tells her about it but also tells that she liked the dress better. She talks to herself: A password will be e-mailed to you. Jolly talks with gull She tells that the dress is given by someone special and someone thoughtful. Suvi says that she will make surprise and she says that she should not tell to puppa and then she hangs up. Ira says that they have to design for wedding in 1 week.


She says nice shoes. She says that she will design for a star. I want a fjll boyfriend like you too. Suvreen looks at Alisha, she is talking on the phone. Yuvi tells that they had chemistry in their dance.

Suvi says that she send the designs to RC already.

Alisha says that she will wear a red dress. A drunk Alisha maata comes there and tries to take Yuvi away. All get happy and clapping.

Yuvraj buys a black phone. She tells him that Suvreen has Samar and that he has gifted the outfit.

He asks where is my card? I want to be with you.! Sign in Recover your password. Jolly throws all the clothes. And then her phone rings. Howz the design for Madhura going??

Vikram presents some gifts to Geeti.