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Season 5, Episode 8: The Gota tribe was dominated by an alliance of six led by Sherri, opposed by a minority alliance of four led by Reynold. Season 16, Episode 9: Love Is in the Air. Season 36, Episode 1: I’m very happy I did it.

Season 28, Episode Corinne plotted with Malcolm about blindsiding Phillip, and they planned to gather a majority voting bloc comprising Corinne and Michael plus Malcolm’s new “alpha male” quartet with Erik, Eddie, and Reynold. Sleeping with the Enemy. Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise. Season 10, Episode 1: While the four were enjoying their visit, Dawn was livid that she missed out on her loved ones’ visit back at camp because of Brenda. Season 17, Episode

Five Awkward Moments from Past Survivor Reunion Shows

Old and New Bonds. Eruption of Volcanic Magnitude.

Sherri, Cochran, and Dawn ultimately were the final three players. Season 11, Episode 5: Malcolm, now on the Sudvivor tribe, aligned with fellow athletic males Reynold and Eddie to avoid being picked off at the merge. She yelled for Brenda to come help her and threatened to rehnion if her teeth were not found.

Season 7, Episode 3: Season 33, Episode 9: Sherri Biethman tells Zap2it she was not surprised at all that he received all the votes — but she was surprised by the jury’s animosity towards her. Watch Movies Feb Season 22, Episode Season 17, Watc 3: He also voiced discontent on how the pre-jury contestants were completely left out in favor of featuring the show’s previous contestants, like Rob Mariano and Rudy Boesch.


Season 35, Episode 8: Day 29’s tree mail announced the Survivor Auction. She wanted them to abandon the vote against Malcolm and instead vote for Michael as the safe vote. She Obviously Is Post-Op!

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Sherri was not deemed any threat at all to win, and was thus completely safe. Season 20, Episode varamoan Season 7, Episode 8: About to Have a Rumble.

While the advantage gave Cochran a huge lead into the puzzle assembly stage, he squandered it as the other three caught up to him, but he was able to recover and beat out Dawn for the final Individual Immunity.

Last Episode, 13 March While off at the lagoon on day 26, Dawn accidentally lost her retainer, which contained her bottom teeth. Season 3, Episode 9: New cast and lots of twists revealed!

They continued the challenge for eatch hours when they agreed to share the reward note and to make up their own fourth stage of the challenge by lifting their left foot off the top of the a-frame. Season 16, Episode 3: Season 16, Episode 6: Season 21, Episode 8: The EMTs take his blood pressure and it’s low though not super lowbut the doctors tell him he’s not going back to camp.


On Sunday, the season ended with an unlikely final three: The Truth Works Well. Every five minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope.

The Favorites discussed voting out Julia or Matt, who was suggested to be a target by Cochran to break up his alliance with Michael. The castaways would stand barefoot on wooden slats on an a-frame that was floating out in the water and try to remain balanced on top of the a-frame. Retrieved February 27, My Word Is My Bond.

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Go Out with a Bang. Season 2, Episode 9: Season 15, Episode 3: Brandon asked to step off the tribe mat to address Gota. Season 27, Episode 2: Season 19, Episode 9: