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No more words needed, we’ll just let the images speak for themselves. Some features on our site e. All filters can be combined with each other. Currently, the flow map blends in a copy of the complete Sand shader branch, I guess there are more clever way to do that. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. The terrain has been made in World-Machine, too. Ie if you create a floor using the Landscape tool in Cinema – can you paint on to this?

Indigo for Cinema 4D 3. But this was supposed to be a pure shader test. Join our team in Berlin and let’s boost digital 3D plants in architecture, visual effects, and games. Its there in all these utilities, mograph, forrester, surfacespread etc. Then, you sign-in or create a Laubwerk Account to order your free download. I like the way it creates a single object for each layer which im hoping cinema will cope with better than lots of single objects. Just attach a tag to your trees and override any distribution setting you want with other values, making the tree distribution different from the rock distribution.

Regarding the render time, I have no idea. The details are here: Get all the details here: We have a sale!

How you handle large amounts of grass in your scenes?

And to conclude this, keep in mind that there are cases where multithreading makes things slower. I think currently the biggest limitations stem from Cinema 4D itself – at least for the time being.

If you want to do the same, go ahead and get the Plants Kit Freebie www. The easy and efficient way to distribute Laubwerk Plants and any other object on terrains. Some trees in foreground would solve the problem of detail Thanks for file. Highlights of the Plants Kit suefacespread. No more words needed, we’ll just let the images speak for themselves.


Grass Painter plugin

Export resolution was x, and I applied additional detail with Subpolygon displacement. By the way, writing down things like “This and that will be in next release” isn’t helpful for anyone. The Wire object This little bonus object creates a spline along any number of objects. I could have done the flow map masking more e13.

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A beautiful project on surfacespreaad beautiful place I hope this small “bug” will be fixed any way. Probably an obvious point but you have remembered to check the ‘render instances’ checkbox?

And to top it off Check the cineversity videos. We have made a BeeHive model for another on I rarely do animation, so camera movement is less of a concern for me but with proper placement, culling and maybe a small script to switch meshes when higher quality meshes are necessary should be manageable and speed up the process a lot.

The live stream as well as the presentation schedule can be found at: Hope the third party plugin devs can access the same multithreading code for their scatter engines. Rhodesy on Whoa, that looks awesome. Not wanting to drag this away from the OT too much as this plugin is geared more to precise placement of grass not larger areas but can you tell us if you have found a way around this with the new fast n fur update with proxy?

Respect for Just took a look at the shader… Nice way to show the power of the layers in the materials.


For the rest, since almost everything is CG, Go ahead and do something similar yourself! Hi there today we like to share some recent 3D project done for Strom Architects.

If you are running a Cinema 4D network license server, you will need to purchase as as many seats of SurfaceSPREAD as the number of Cinema 4D seats this is due to technical limitations of the Cinema 4D network license server Render nodes are free of charge. Awesome if it is.

More infos can be found on our website: We are really glad that MAXON is hosting us and the presentation will be held by such an amazing artist. Surfaccespread we go, we want to share a last couple of images that we did as personal project we can’t stop rendering.

Indigo for Cinema 4D 3. Arscom Studio added 5 new photos to the album: Thanks for your replay.

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Must say Im very happy I took part to the contest. Thanks Yves for your excellent job!!!

I made several photogrammetry models including the beach part which was captured with a drone. Very nice render, Frank! These are my renders made for the contest held at 3DAllusions. So, surfacespraed likely it will take another or even more, maybe less releases to completely move to this basis.

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