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To the right of the first pulley wheel where the second lift is , there is a ledge that Mario can hang on and go across. The Legend of Zelda: Make your way across the 3 of these platforms and on to the other side. Drop down to the lower ledge with it and drop it by the high wall. Cross the spinning beam and do another back-flip on the platform at the other end to collect coin 8. Even worse – he’s doing it from a cork in the waterfall at the top of the level! From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

At the start of the episode the young Noki gives you a diving helmet and points to his grandfather at the top of the cliff. So screw up your nerve, aim at about a 45 degree angle toward the wall on the right, then jump and wall kick up to the ledge. This episode’s objective is to race against Il Piantissimo. There is an alcove in the second wall-maze that Mario uses to climb up to the area where Gooper Blooper is fought in Episode 2. Spraying the blocks on the wall reveals the Blue Coin. Grabbing the first few coins will be easy, but when there are only 1 or 2 left it can be very tricky to get them.

When you start the episode, the old Noki tells you you need some underwater training to deal with the water pollution in the bay. There is a small ledge where you can go round the corner and then there is another shaft that you can wall kick up. Let yourself sink down to near the top of the sunken city and you’ll see the coin.

Hop over the platforms but watch out supeer the fish that jump between them since they will knock you into the toxic water it they hit you. Use it to reach the next ledge – then hover over to the next one.

Drop down sunshne the lower ledge with it and drop it by the high wall. Doing so will cause a column of light to appear at the pier of Delfino Plazaand staring up into it will transport Mario to Noki Bay, similar to the method used when entering the Tower of the Wing Cap in Super Mario Stand on the hanging platform and spray water into the cracked jug in front of you.


In fact you don’t really have to dive at all since if you swim close to the underwater opening it will suck you in. Mario must make his way across the water and up the cliffs to defeat Monty Mole and uncork the waterfall. There are quite a few ways to reach it though.

Super Mario Sunshine Hold It, Shadow Mario! The heavier vase pulls you up to a grassy ledge so jump onto it and follow the arrow until you get to the end.

For this one you can also to a back-flip into the wall and wall kick just once to the ledge. There is whale graffiti here which you can spray to make a ledge, but it isn’t particularly useful at the moment. Guides Cheats Sunshlne Forums. Follow this rope to a third staircase Cgo up one step and follow another rope to the left to a staircase D above the one with the young Noki.

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In Noki Bay, the first episode, HOW DO YOU BEAT IT..

Look away from the cliff ,ario see a spiral staircase made of sea shells and hover out to the lowest step. Coin 3 is high above this ledge, so do another back-flip into the wall plus wall kick maneuver to reach it.

To the left of the players starting point is a coastal area where a large ruin is embedded in the cliff. Climb up the sea shells and then go sumshine all the ramps, I may be thinkin of the wrong place but if its when you have to unplug the waterfall I’m not wrong.

Hop from there to a red ledge.

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Sign Up for free. I have 3 questions How do you beat yoshi’s fruit a. Spray your way up the ramp, dodging the balls of goop rolling down it, and at the at the top spray the octopus graffiti on the cliff to create a new ledge. But a partly cleaned tooth will gradually get more and more dirty if left alone, so it’s better to concentrate sunshihe one tooth at a time when you can. Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home.



If you’re getting low on water by now then you may want to follow the ledge on the left to a puddle where you can get a refill. From the area where Mario finds the Gold Bird for the Shine Sprite in Episode 9, Mario must jump off and aim for an area where 8 squares can be seen on the wall.

You now come to a revolving platform with 3 planks above it. Before completing Episode 4the water in the bay is polluted and will damage Mario if he tries to swim in it. Red Coins on the Half Shell In this episode Mario must enter the warp zone from episode 6, and collect the 8 red coins within.

Noki Bay (Location) – Giant Bomb

Coin 1 is near the top where you start the level. Mario must traverse the ruins in this episode and upon reaching the top has to spray a golden bird, causing it to turn into a shine sprite.

Spray the pink and yellow graffiti away to create two new ledges. Aim at an angle a snshine to the left of the corner, jump and wall kick twice to land on the ledge above. How do you unlock noki beach???? Towards one corner of the bay, a waterfall can be found, beneath which appear to be the ruins of an older set of Noki buildings. Why are you reporting this question? Synshine don’t beat yourself up over it, as he doesn’t give you another Shine for beating him twice.